Which Non-Profit Community Centres Over Charges?

Which Non-Profit Community Centres Over Charges?


International Scotland was alerted yesterday evening that some centre’s in Aberdeen which is said to be non-profit can charge disabled groups and the like up to £400 for a let and must comply with the centres own rules that it’s event visitors must use its own catering facilities and the only way the event Booker can generate income is by selling tickets?

If this is indeed correct why is centres allowed to operate as non-profit within Aberdeen City Council owned buildings and get away with what must be day light robbery given all centres in Aberdeen pays no utility bills or fees.

Its time ACC releases all community centre incomes for the year so we can see everything in transparency.

If councils are not aware of said incomes how do they know members of the public are getting a fair deal?

In these dark days of austerity every council penny has to be accounted for yet not for community centres as it seems perhaps some centres don’t need as much financial help as others.

Does not sound like, not for profit to us, do any of our readers have comments the wish to voice on this subject matter?

We know many City Councillors loves this blog, not perhaps they can come out of the shadows and come clean on their views regarding what centres should charge for event lets in so-called non-profit entities?