National Lottery Value For Money?

National Lottery Value For Money?

We have reported on this before, we are not anti-lottery. we are pro-lottery for the good it does for all UK based charities but since the game was changed from £1 to £2 per game the prizes on offer effectively has become a six number only win.

As the table below shows from last nights game matching 5 numbers which is hard enough in any case now gives you only £435 when the £1 old game would give you on average £1800.

The idea of the £2 per game was to double the prizes and the only prize it doubled in effect was the three ball, in the old £1 game matching 4 balls used to give winners on average around £100 now its around £15 more than 3 balls which must be annoying lots of winning ticket players.

The result of this will mean less punters playing the national lottery in the future because the only real winners will be 3 ball winners.

It might be a good idea to take the £1 game back now as this experiment has failed, the lottery was meant to be about affordability yet greed seems to now be the order of the day.

Match 60£0£6,987,524
Match 5 plus Bonus12£23,596£283,152
Match 5552£435£240,120
Match 425,483£49£1,248,667
Match 3406,412£25£10,160,300
Lotto Raffle500£20,000£10,000,000


National Lottery is paying out lots more in prizes is true around 2.5 times more in prizes than when it was £1 game but only for the 3 ball winners which must be hurting profits and thus giving good causes less going forward.

This may mean savvy players will be more keen the play Euro-million more as it perhaps gives players better odds and notionally better odds of winning a prize?

We think they should ditch the £2 per game in favour of the more affordable £1 for the masses, what does our readers think if anything?