Aberdeen International Airport Trust Fund?

Aberdeen International Airport Trust Fund?

There is still no news regarding who has been lucky enough to who have been awarded the two grants of £25,000 each to either charities or community groups within the local area of Aberdeen International Airport.

Aberdeen International Airport Trust stated at the beginning of October 2013 that they had planned to announce the newest winners by the end of 2013, International Scotland fully supports all trust fund like minded organisations in their efforts to help communities and genuine charitable entities to reach for the skies, (pardon the pun)!

Last years winners got the £50,000 to build a new cafe mark 3 which replaced an equally very expensive cafe mark 2 of course at the time we were told the bulk of the windfall was for the cafe its self but since then we learned that the cafe was in fact funded by a franchise (nothing wrong with that) three doors got replaced and painted and a few toilets were upgraded in what was a building owned by Aberdeen City Council in the first place and if it required these works then there was agreements in place for the council to pay a contribution if the case was argued strongly enough, which never happened according to ACC.

Least we not forget the purpose of last years awards was to make it a dream come true for the local area, no one knows if it really delivered in its aims as the centre manager has already admitted and to be fair hes spot on because the centre already had over 70 laptops and large screen TVs at its disposal so adding 6 smaller screened TVs and 6 Ipads was never going to have the same impact as a community centre that had perhaps none at all to begin with!

International Scotland went on the record and asked difficult questions and in hindsight we think we were right to do so, therefore many charities and groups who badly require these invaluable funds must be hoping and praying this years awards are thoroughly thought through and given for the right causes and will bring dreams come through for the successful applicators and their supporters and users a like, we wait in anticipation to see who will win these latest Aberdeen International Airport Trust Fund Awards and wish all present and future participants our best wishes.

We know there’s a new committee in place this year with far more experience in all things funding matters and have supreme confidence in their decision making skills to make this a fabulous opportunity for two local groups to the tune of £25,000 each and provide better outcomes for all.