Inchgarth Suspended Coffees

Inchgarth Suspended Coffees.

International Scotland highlighted the problems of this initiative at inchgarth community centre last year it seems inchgarth wants to have another prelaunch as can be seen below.

Inchgarth Suspended Coffees
Inchgarth Suspended Coffees

Most other countries have got rid of this stupid idea that is open to mega abuse!

The community centre has changed tact they are now claiming to give one a suspended coffee its an act of kindness so why don’t the practice what they preach?

If Starbucks or Costa was going to offer suspended coffees one can understand their prices because they have to pay for all utilities, electric, heating, staff and rates for their standard pricing.

Inchgarth has none of these overheads moreover they charge almost the same price as coffee retail outlets therefore their costs around 17p per cup (cost price) means they are getting over 800% profit on one cup of coffee yet they want users of the community centre to pay for another coffee to give to the notional have not’s  meaning they make 1600% profit on you feeling better about yourself is quite unbelievable and BAA wonder what all the fuss was about!

It gets worse inchgarth has the most expensive coffee of all 51 community centres in Aberdeen, fact, most don’t charge a thing, that’s right its free to everyone not just the poor!

For example Kaimhill learning centre next door offers free always on hot water in all their rooms why cant the best resourced centre in Aberdeen provide the same?

Inchgarth claims to give is an act of kindness (please help inchgarth double our profits even more) inchgarth also states there on a first come basis, how does that work, how does one jump on a bus or walk 3 miles or more hoping to get a free cuppa the whole thing is just plain emotional profiteering and complete nonsense, what proof is required to get a free cup of coffee please explain this to our readers?

For every suspended coffee purchased inchgarth can give away over 8 free ones not one yet inchgarth is said the be the biggest, most resourced centre in Aberdeen so why do they need to make 1600+% profit when they have no costs over their initial cost price of 17p.

Costa coffee retail can only muster 37% clear profit per cup at best, that’s over 19 times less than inchgarth!

This does not take much working out the reason why inchgarth has spent over £100,000 of other peoples money to invest in so many cafe’s builds within the inchgarth community centre over the last several years.

You might think it would be a good idea if inchgarth was a charity but its not, its meant to be a “not for profit organisation”, yes its hard to believe it, that’s what most people think to!

Great idea but badly executed!

They should practice what they preach and follow most other community centres and offer free coffes and tea to all their centre users all the time, why should they be allowed charge the full retail price in a community centre, FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE not for the manager and chairman.