Tesco Guide Prices.


Tesco Guide Prices, any of our many readers know what this means?

Tesco has now joined the many thousands of high street rip off merchants by giving out miss-leading information on prices.

My son was wishing to purchase new head sets Turtle Beach x12 for his Xbox 360 and found that Tesco offered them as the cheapest in the country at £32 online so we tried to order them online and pickup at store next day, surprise, surprise it never worked, so we called our local store at Woodend, Aberdeen yes sir we have them in stock on the shelves.

Went in yesterday and they were in stock at £40 asked for customer services who stated that guide prices were only for main Tesco stores only and smaller Tesco outlets can charge what they like? What?

We asked how customers were meant to know which store was a main store and was told only Tesco staff knows the answer to this question which left us gobsmacked!

Nowhere on Tesco’s website does it state these important facts,

If your after a deal at Tesco’s in the future CHECK which store has the goods and at what TESCO GUIDE PRICES are before you make the trip?

Shame on you Tesco, sort it out please?