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All Samsung S4 devices on the three network started getting their OTA from last night.

Samsung S4 three users needs to only go into their settings menus and go about device>software update> and it should start downloading a file size of 352 mb.

This update takes less than ten minutes to complete.

What does it do, good question, its more responsive in my device and seems less poer hungry but apart from that its been over hyped up but still worth doing as we have not found any bugs yet.

Scotland’s Independence Vote in September the 18th 2014.

Scotland’s Independence Vote in September the 18th 2014.

The vote for possible Scottish independence is something which has been close to many a true Scots heart for many generations. My Father suggested I may be lucky enough to see it in my lifetime. I regret my Father is no longer alive to witness what will now become an inevitable occurrence in his and my Grandchildren’s lives.

For those of us who have been kicking for a few years still remember clearly personal and national injustices caused solely by different political parties who have proven repeatedly year in year out that Scotland needs to be controlled from Scotland.

Colour, creed, religion, sexual orientation, Country of origin etc… do not come into this, we are all as they say “Jock Tamson’s Bairns”.

When I vote yes for independence on Sept18th I will be content in the knowledge I am trying to make a difference for my Grandchildren as my Father before me would also have done.

I think it’s important to say that it will be inevitable that Scotland becomes independent now that it is being forced into the political arena – so the quicker this process is started the better, – I do not agree with the SNP political line that the timescale for setting Scotland independent will take 18 months – it will take years and years, as each and every independence manoeuvre will be harassed from Westminster suits in retaliation towards Scotland voting “Yes”.

Scotland will not change overnight if the vote says “yes”, – nothing will change to begin with except perhaps those poor people who cannot afford the so called bedroom tax – no other changes are likely to actually see, so all these scaremongers who are spouting doomsday for Scotland should be ashamed of themselves.

The number one positive in Scotland voting “yes”, is my beautiful family and all my friends will see what generations before them understood.

Scotland once again is the guinea pig testing platform for independent states within the U.K., if Scotland votes “yes”, then next will come Wales and the rest of Ireland and finally England – the way it should be, and the way it will work better than today.

A true Scot would always vote “yes”, – a true Scot in conscious thoughts cannot vote any other way!

ROKU STREAMING STICK REVIEW exclusive UK 11th Aprl 2014

Roku Streaming Stick U.K. review

Roku Streaming Stick


ROKU STREAMING STICK REVIEW exclusive UK 11th Aprl 2014
Although the Roku stick is due to be released officially on April the 27th we have managed to get our hands on one for a review in the U.K.

The Roku streaming stick is about three inches long – so those TV’s with a recess where their HDMI is sitting may need to have a rethink before buying one of these little gadgets – as well as the approx. three in length you will need to plug into the end of the Roku stick a micro-USB plug to power it up, which will add another 1/2 inch or so. Ideal HDMI position is a direct slot with no obstructions in either the rear or side of your TV. There are of course small HDMI extensions which could overcome or work around these problems.

What’s in the box?
Roku Streaming Stick
Roku standard remote + channel shortcut buttons
Two AA batteries (Duracell)
USB power adapter
Get started guide
IOS & Android apps available
What you the buyer needs;
High-speed internet(like DSL or cable)
Wireless router
A TV with an HDMI port

How it assembles;Power off everything for safety;
HDMI TV socket > plug in your Roku Streaming Stick > plug in to the end of the Roku Streaming Stick the micro-USB and the other end of the micro-USB cable into either a spare USB socket as in certain TV’s or into the supplied USB power adapter which plugs into any three prong plug wall socket and power on everything > then connect to Wi-Fi > start streaming.

Time to use the set-up and read and follow the guide;
during the set-up, step through when the Roku gets powered up the Roku will hunt out your Wi-Fi and then the wizard will request your Wi-Fi password – you do this and you then have to go onto the net and dig out the Roku setup page where you fill in their requested forms and give them your credit card number (just in case that some time in the future you have to pay for one of the many pay-as-you-go channels) and you will be given a password to pair the Roku up(using the remote) with your internet account which you just joined. You have to do this before the Roku begins to play as the Roku stick does not hold anything until after you log into the Roku setup – after this Roku download onto the Roku product all their channels and some of your choices. To explain the channels situation; the internet has lots of webpages dedicated to the number of Roku channels you get and with each of these channels comes a code which you can enter into your page on Roku when you join – the downside is I attempted to add channels galore to my own Roku account but I kept getting the message – not available in your area – so much so I spent around an hour getting the same message, so it makes it crystal clear the Roku Streaming Stick is both in it’s infancy in U.K. and the Roku is not really made for the U.K. and Roku must get their act together and get this massive problem solved. Why advertise the Roku getting 1000+ channels on the box that comes with the gear in it when if you live in the U.K. it’s a tiny fraction of that.

The Roku Streaming Stick runs well and the picture is O.K. I bought the Roku for Netflix and it runs o.k. although it starts very slowly and is not instant. The Roku promises to be better and I would imagine if you liv in the U.S. the Roku Streaming Stick is a bargain at around $49 (£29) which makes little sense when the U.K. price is around £49.

The Roku runs well and the remote is very user friendly and does not need to see the stick to work. Easy to set up and quality shows. Simple straightforward set-up booklet (4pages).

The advertised channels are nothing like the amount in the U.K. Netflix is slow to start up.
There is no sense in the difference in price considering the U.K. only gets a few of the channels and is expected to pay nearly double the U.S. it’s little wonder that the U.K. is commercially known as” Treasure Island”.


Independence Scotland graphic

Vote “YES”, for Scotland’s independence.


We suggested some time ago to readers of this blog that as Sept 18th 2014 got closer we would get lies, lies and Walt Disney lies coming from people whom we have never heard of, all attempting to keep us tied up to a Westminster government who have bled Scotland’s people dry for four generations and have the brass neck to tell the people of Scotland that we are better getting bled from Westminster than bleeding ourselves in Scotland.

The no campaign are full of people who are concerned for their own skin and bank balance and couldn’t care less about the future of Scotland, their rhetoric spouting from their mouths are akin to treason for supposed Scottish people. Another point of aim has to be those who live outside Scotland should realise they have a nerve telling Scots who live in Scotland how to run their Country – from some of the “cost – a –  bomb”, holiday villa’s they live in half the year. Only people who live in Scotland will get a vote, so why are all these” know – it – alls”, slinking out of the woodwork and crawling out from below stones and those brass necked polecats from outside Scotland telling us we do not know what is good for us?

Scotland needs the chance to run its own affairs without Westminster ripping us off for the rest of our natural lives. We need to leave a legacy for good to pave the way for future generations and free thinkers – Scotland is full of them! We in Scotland need to grow up and be counted on the World stage where we know we will excel and be recognised.

A “YES”, vote does not mean an automatic SNP government to run the country – it may mean that another political party will take over, at least we in Scotland will make our own choice, up until now Scotland has been treated like crap by ALL political parties for generations, today’s generation must act to stamp out the injustice Scotland has been under for many years and controlled by Westminster governments for years and years  – we can make our future brighter by cutting out the rubbish, hopefully next year!

A “NO”, vote means things will go on as is, with the poor getting poorer, and the rich getting richer and those in power(whoever they may be!) laughing at the Scots for swallowing more crap and treating us all to another 50 years of England’s World Cup football which sprouts up at every opportunity, – only this time it will be; nah! Nah! Nah! Nah! You stupid jocks voted “NO”, because you just couldn’t do without us!!! Blah! Blah! Blah!…piss take, piss take, piss take… By all means vote no if you have no backbone and want to be treated like crap for evermore.

This blog says;

VOTE “YES” – so that our kids can be recognised as Scottish and be proud of our nation – Scotland does not need a nanny to look after it – the Scottish people are clever enough to know we need this independence sooner rather than later – who cares what political party will be in, it doesn’t matter! Politics is their problem, it’s not ours!!!