Scotland deserves a better deal!
Scotland deserves a better deal!



UK Government paper “badly misrepresents” academic research

The latest anti-independence report from Westminster has been heavily criticised by an academic who says his work has been manipulated by the UK Government to inflate the cost of setting up new public bodies after independence.

Professor Patrick Dunleavy’s research into the cost of reorganising Whitehall policy departments was wrongly applied to the question of independence, with the UK Government multiplying a figure of 180 public bodies by the £15million figure estimated by the London School of Economics academics.

Prof Dunleavy told the Financial Times newspaper that Westminster’s analysis was “seriously misleading” and that the Treasury’s figures are “bizarrely inaccurate”. He continued “I don’t see why the Scottish government couldn’t do this for a very small amount of money”.

The FT reports the flaws Prof Dunleavy identified with the UK Government’s claims: “First, not all 180 bodies would be major departments; second several departments already exist in Scotland and would simply need to be enlarged; third, his estimate applied to the “chaotic” way in which the last Labour government established new departments, not to a planned, orderly transition.”

The UK Government this morning backtracked on their ludicrous claim and instead focused on suggesting that that setting up a fully independent government would cost £1.5billion. However Professor Robert Young, whose work this figure was based on, told the FT the figure was not his, and was instead extrapolated from entirely separate work on Quebec.

With yet another of their fantastical scare stories exposed as nonsense, the UK Government is looking even more desperate as they try and make independence seem as difficult as possible.

A Yes vote can put an end to austerity

A new report from the Scottish Government shows how Scotland can choose a better path with independence, and move away from Westminster’s austerity obsession.

Scotland’s fiscal position is forecast to match or be better than the UK’s in the first year of independence (2016-17).

While the UK plans just 1% increases in spending, an independent Scotland could choose to deliver a 3% growth in public spending in 2017-18 and 2018-19 while still delivering sustainable finances. This would deliver an additional £2.4billion of additional resources to improve public services and create more opportunities in Scotland.

Looking forward, the new report also highlights the crucial need to grow Scotland’s economy by using the economic powers of independence – no policy change would mean rising levels of debt and unsustainable public finances.

This is why independence is vital – we can use new powers to create more opportunities here, allowing more of our young people to stay and build careers here and encouraging more Scots who have moved elsewhere to come home.

That means a more productive economy – and a brighter economic future for Scotland.

Child poverty continues to soar

New research by charity Save the Children shows why Scotland must be independent – so we can choose a different path from an increasingly  unfair system which will see five million UK children face being “sentenced to a lifetime of poverty” by 2020.

The research shows that Westminster’s welfare changes and the cost of living crisis are plunging more and more families into poverty.

A Yes means we can choose a better way and give our children the best possible start in life, instead of condemning them to the bleak future a No vote offers.