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Well, we knew it was coming, we did warn you months ago – the BBC are going out of their way to avoid anything to do with Scottish voters who wish to vote for Scotland’s independence on the 18th of Sept 2014. It is now quite amazing how many non – voters for the yes/no vote think they know better than people who live in Scotland and have done so for many years, yet we have these faceless and unknown people in front of TV camera’s who are telling us what we should or shouldn’t do on the 18th of Sept 2014 – 99% of these so called experts who are being paraded in front of the media and filling up the different rags are utter and complete strangers who have never visited anything north of Watford gap. Do they really think we in Scotland came down in the last shower?


The latest gossip says that the “YES”, campaign are not allowed to send out leaflets by mail in Scotland – perhaps the Westminster government don’t like the idea of the “YES”, voters suggestion of Scotland wants the mail service back in public hands if the vote goes to “YES”. Another happy rumour says that the “YES”, vote is ahead in the polls.

Enjoy the video of the Protest Against BBC Scotland Referendum Bias;



NO vote will end free NHS for Scots

NO vote will end free NHS for Scots

Clear description of how Westminster is dismantling the NHS brick by brick reaching into the future! Unless of course you have seen the light and intend to vote “YES” in Sept for Scotland’s independence to reverse the NHS Westminster dismantling. I’d like to know, how many people in the U.K. can actually afford an operation for a major illness or an unexpected major operation?





Labour leader now says if its a YES vote England will build border posts really smacks as mega desperation by the NO campaign and shows unionists are getting really scared they are going to use any scare tactics they can think of.

So when the Queen comes on holiday Liz will have to show her passport and might not get in has anyone ever heard of such utter rubbish?

Next the Berlin wall will be taking over from Hadrian’s wall.

The rest of Europe is breaking down barriers and England wants to get out of Europe build border posts between nations, get rid of free trade shows the unionists are not the way forward and are backward thinking.

The SNP has just stated this is nonsense and a non-starter.

The one way to stop this madness is to vote YES!


picture of Westminster

Westminster vultures and suck you dry robots!


Yes rumours abound that Westminster are getting prepared to have their financial cash cow turned into luxury flats. It is also rumoured that a high percentage of the sitting government have already bought up all the shares for the planning stage.

Needless to say all the supposed Scottish MPs will be turfed out along with the Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party, because they wouldn’t know or even act as a support if they tripped over it.

You can imagine how many car parks will have free spaces around Westminster when Westminster gets turned into flats. What will all these Newspapers do when they are cut off at the knees for stories, Oh! well, they will just have to tell bigger whoppers than at present – maybe they too, like the BBC can start writing brain numbing stories about house improvements and buying property abroad – Oh! so important for the working class in Scotland to watch when they find it hard enough getting a week at the seaside every year!

Who will be able to buy these new flats? Probably nobody as they have the brass neck to ask for £35,000 for a standard car garage in London – so for this prime location it will be a small fortune – dare I suggest Scotland may own part of Westminster? who knows? We have certainly paid enough into the “cash cow”, for years and years! and received nothing but clear disregard and crap governments.

After Sept 18th 2014 will you be buying one of the flats or are you like me, you just want to waken up on September the 19th 2014 in a free Country called Scotland! knowing my “YES”, vote had counted – wouldn’t you?



Businessman Donald Trump is fighting with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel over a sign affixed to Mr Trump’s downtown skyscraper.

The 20ft (6m) tall T-R-U-M-P sign was placed 200ft above the Chicago river and is backlit by bright lights.

Mr Emanuel’s office said the mayor believed the “architecturally tasteful building” was “scarred” by the sign.

But Mr Trump has said the sign is “magnificent” and “popular” and argued the city previously signed off on it.

It enhances the building, he told NBC News, and said the building itself was “a great piece of architecture, great for Chicago”.

“Cities love the Trump brand and we are getting tweets, letters and phone calls from people who just love it [the sign].”

The real estate magnate and prolific tweeter blamed Blair Kamin, Chicago Tribune’s architecture critic, for stirring up controversy with his harsh criticism during the sign’s recent installation.

“If this sign was in Atlantic City or Las Vegas, nobody would care – but it is in Chicago, and in a part of Chicago full of great buildings from the 1920s to the 1960s and onward,” Mr Kamin, a Pulitzer Prize-winner said.

None of the other towers have signs on them, he added, calling the Trump sign an “egotistical overstatement”.

Story from the BBC.



picture of Westminster

Westminster vultures and suck you dry robots!




Independence day on Sept 18th 2014 as we all know is the biggest thing to hit Scotland for over three hundred years – isn’t it strange how the media are under a southern strangle hold with nothing getting released before it’s been censured.

The independence vote is a much more serious event than many would have you believe and especially for us Scots – to repeat the media is under a strangle hold and will remain so because there is so much money involved it cannot happen honestly and openly.


Scotland is rich enough to be able to look after it’s own affairs, but the way it is being reported from every man and his dog all reports are bias against independence – we did tell you all months ago as it got nearer the independence date we would get more and more fairy stories and people who are dependent on remaining in the status quo are solely in it to save their incomes and future jobs – the majority of these so called Scots are not interested in Scotland’s future.


We are now getting people from all over the World sticking their noses in suggesting we need Westminster abuse for evermore! What exactly do these people know what we have to put up with?

Another point which many will be unaware about is; the independence vote for “YES” and “NO” have already been discussed and plans have already been drawn up for either result.


We as Joe Public have never been privy to these plans and anybody with a little thought will realise the plans for either result will leave a bitter taste in the mouths of those who vote against the actual result, be it YES or NO.

Let us assume that the vote returns a “YES” for independence, all hell will be let loose in Westminster and many of these so called public servants will turn into half hearted Scottish supporters overnight – the voting in 2016 will be at an all time panic fiasco with snakes in the grass looking to take over their political parties position in the Scottish government, whatever the political party of the day is – let’s hope we do not have short memories!

Let us assume that the vote returns a “NO” for the status quo, all the false promises offered to the Scots before the Sept 18th vote will suddenly be unrealistic and vanish off the table, and the promised 40% – you know that 40% insult to Scotland – how kind was that coming from Westminster? Do you think they understand we can get 100% simply by voting for independence?

It matters little which political party is in power after the independence vote – Scotland is in desperate need to look after itself – we have been abused for three hundred plus years and by our so called neighbours who have suddenly over the last few months are still taking us for idiots and offering us the golden ring of 40% power to Edinburgh.

Ask yourself;
1 / why have the Scots been offered 40% of a possible 100%?
2 / why is Scotland so important to Westminster? and why wait till this time before offering us an insulting 40% instead of 100%?
3 / why do they not simply say; Yes you can have the 100% ability to run your own affairs after all we have been shafting you all for three hundred years plus!

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