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Scotland needs these answers now, before Sept 18th 2014!!!

If on the 18th of Sept 2014 Scotland votes “YES” for independence, then Scotland will have the 100% ability to sort out it’s own problems instead of being governed by Westminster.

I think everybody would agree with this statement as being close to accurate!

Scotland needs the answer to these unanswered question?

If on the 18th Sept 2014 Scotland votes “NO” for independence, will Westminster then pass over to Scotland the whole 100% ability to sort out it’s own problems instead of being governed by Westminster?

If Scotland is such a burdon to the South why are They so desperate to keep us instead of forcing us to stand on our own, it’s not because they like us! In fact the majority of those in the South cannot stand the Scots, so why are they rumours of offering the Scottish people the insult to the intelligence of 40% ability to sort out it’s own problems instead of being governed by Westminster?, when we can get the whole 100% by voting “YES” on the 18th of Sept 2014.

On a footnote; did you know the founder of the Bank of England was a Scotsman?



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What else have they been ripping off Scotland?

When your in the voting booth on the 18th of September 2014 just remember this story borrowed from the Sunday Post on May the 19 2013 – it should never be allowed to be forgotten! – remember this is still happening today!



The former Labour Chancellor, Denis Healey, has admitted his Government played down the value of Scotland’s oil reserves in the 1970s because of the threat of nationalism.

Now Lord Healey of Riddlesden, the Labour peer said tax receipts from oil is the biggest factor behind Westminster opposition to both next year’s and the 1979 independence referendum.

The 95-year-old also claimed the Westminster parties are “worried stiff” about Scots voting Yes in next year’s poll because of the valuable income from the North Sea. Meanwhile he joined former Conservative chancellor Nigel Lawson in backing a bid for the UK to quit the European Union.

Lord Healey said the UK would “suffer enormously” without the billions of pounds of tax from North Sea oil. He said:

“I think they [Westminster politicians] are concerned about Scotland taking the oil, I think they are worried stiff about it. I think we would suffer enormously if the income from Scottish oil stopped but if the Scots want it [independence], they should have it and we would just need to adjust. But I would think Scotland could survive perfectly well, economically, if it was independent. Yes, I would think so… with the oil.”

In 1974 a leading Government economist, Professor Gavin McCrone, wrote a report which stated that Scotland would have had “embarrassingly” large tax surpluses as a result of the North Sea oil boom. Lord Healey’s Labour government decided to keep that document under wraps until it was eventually released in 2005. Reflecting on this time, Lord Healey said:

“I think we did underplay the value of the oil to the country because of the threat of nationalism but that was mainly down to Thatcher. We didn’t actually see the rewards from oil in my period in office because we were investing in the infrastructure rather than getting the returns and, really, Thatcher wouldn’t have been able to carry out any of her policies without that additional five per cent on GDP from oil. Incredible good luck she had from that.”

Asked if he had considered establishing a sovereign wealth fund with the oil revenues to invest in the country’s future when he was in office, he said: “It’s true that we should have invested the money in things we needed in Britain and I had thought about an oil fund, but it wasn’t my responsibility by then.”


Well we told you so should be ringing in your ears if you have followed this story about independence.
Months ago we told you they would come out the woodwork, we told you they would appear out of the blue, we told you you would never recognise them, we told you they would lie like Walt Disney.
The internet is full of people who do NOT have a vote spreading scare stories and looking into crystal balls like fortune tellers and passing on insults to Scots voters under the disguise of “they know best”.
We in International Scotland blog have never hidden the facts that we believe in independence for Scottish People and especially our Scottish children and their heritage.
Why would we want to stay amongst some of the hardest hearted and greedy politicians this country has ever seen, when all we need to do is vote YES and get rid of them for ever.
Independence is nothing new for Scotland as it was independent 308 years ago – Scotland can run it’s own affairs – it is amazing how the majority of no voters are outside of Scotland.
The Government has the BBC and media politically gagged and bias which is obvious to anyone who has been watching the independence debates and comments, if you reckon you can believe in a fair crack at the whip – on this occasion forget it! the outcome is far too important!
What we have in Scotland is a treasure trove for the big money men who recognise places like Aberdeen where the biggest financial business is thriving – not forgetting the Oil and whisky.
If Scotland does not get a YES vote, then we have no one but ourselves to blame – after the vote takes place frustration will boil over between YES and no voters, each blaming each other!
True Scots can only vote one way – to vote any other way is treason.
True Scots can only vote one way – your children must come first, like it or not, you owe it to them!
True Scots can only vote one way – one day your children will ask you, did you vote YES or no!
True Scots can only vote one way – Scots can make their own mistakes, we do not need a political party from another Country to tell us how to live!
True Scots can only vote one way – it’s in your blood!
True Scots can only vote one way – Why? because it’s right!

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