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What Westminster does

Please note; I did not write this excellent piece – but thank you to whoever wrote it.

It is a reminder of what we are being walked into with all around being devious and telling whoppers.


What Westminster does:

– They want us all to work longer, and want you to pay more into your pension- yet the state pension in the UK is one of the lowest in Europe.


– They over-tax companies thus restricting foreign investment, costing the UK jobs and keeping employment down.


– They want new laws to “snoop” into our personal affairs- yet wish to allow greater secrecy for the royal family; and recently brought in a new “gagging law” designed to disable criticism of the government in election years.


– They want to introduce another £25 billion in cuts, regardless of the fact that they say we are now “out of recession”


– They want to drastically cut back on public employees and services.


– They wilfully allow tax avoidance at the very top, through loopholes and “off-shore” banking- costing the UK billions a year in lost earnings.


– They over-claim “expenses” and even if they get caught, rarely have to pay the money back or face legal proceedings.


-They use public money to buy and “flip” properties- JUST staying within the law. (Laws THEY write)


– They do NOTHING about the serious levels of inequality that now pervade the entire country, but affect Scotland the worst with 1 in 5 living below the breadline.


– They REFUSED the “Devo-Max” option to be allowed in the referendum.


– They LIED about the cost of setting up an independent Scotland- multiplying by 12 fold the actual cost.


– They blame the poor for the stress the UK economy is under saying the welfare bill is too high- yet 80% of welfare is spent on pensions.


– They have said “90% of all Scots are scroungers”


– They want MORE fracking in the UK despite the fact that it is a serious danger to the environment and is banned in many other countries.


– They REFUSE to create an “oil fund” and currently the UK and Iraq are the only two oil-producing countries in OPEC that do not have this facility.


– They have privatised the NHS in England, thus threatening the funding for the NHS in Scotland.


– They refuse to publish important documents relating to the referendum saying they are “internal memos” despite having paid over £300,000 of taxpayers money on them.


– They want to replace Trident, even though the majority of people do not want this, and even the American administration has said they would rather have a strong “conventional” ally.


– They refused to deal with the bankers, and in fact still pay out massive bonuses to them- despite the fact that they continue to lose money.


– They actively encourage bias in the mainstream media, and “gag” opposition voices.


– They have LIED about Faslane, exaggerating the amount of jobs that rely directly on trident- the figure according to the MOD is 520.


– They have LIED about shipbuilding on the Clyde, saying they do not award contracts to “foreign countries” but have awarded a contract in Korea.


– They hide Scotland’s true wealth by applying certain taxes/ collecting revenues in England, making Scotland look poorer than it is.


– They REFUSE to ask the EU for “clarity” on Scotland position should we become independent.


– They have lied about Scotland not being “allowed” to use the pound- even though we OWN our share of ALL UK assets. On-shore revenue accounts for about 10% of UK GDP, and Scottish oil another 10%, so it is hard to see how (or why) they can/would refuse a currency union.


– They “talk down” Scottish oil- even though it is the BIGGEST single sector in the FSTE- 100 index, and in 2012 created £22 billion in revenue.


– They ENDORSE political censorship by disallowing the true voice of the Yes Campaign and its supporters to be heard across the land.


This is what Westminster “gives” Scotland, and that is not all of it by ANY stretch of the imagination- they give us a lot more than that.


That is the REALITY of Westminster.


Please think about this when you vote.
Westminster simply does NOT serve Scotland.





The NHS has been deliberately underfunded by the Westminster millionaires in power – in order for it to be broken up and Privatised – you must vote YES on Sept 18th 2014 to avoid the exact same story in Scotland.


The Westminster millionaires do not need Scotland’s money they just believe our money in Scotland belongs to them and they will do anything to get their hands on it – how else are they going to finance their pharmacy companies?

How else are they expected to send their children to private schools?


Yes of course, off the back of YOUR children who deserve better, so if you must vote then vote YES for them to give them an equal chance for the future in EVERY walk of life.


With a YES vote there will be no division with any children for the rest of their lives –
With a NO vote there will be a massive class distinction for the rest of their lives.


Your children will never understand unless you have the courage and sense to vote YES.


After the 18th of Sept 2014;;

If you really believe that after the referendum vote in September the 18th 2014 that Scotland will be a better place with a NO vote – I would suggest, check out all the actual true facts (not from the media,press or MPs), check out what your ancestors would have voted for, and finally check out your conscience, Scots from all over the World will expect the Scottish people have strength and courage to vote YES – we will not let them down!


Voting NO means going nowhere fast – are you willing to turn your Country into a Country with NO one having NO sense where everything means going nowhere fast – after all that is what the status quo is, ie; NO means going nowhere – staying exactly the same and knowing you are destroying what we already have, such as the NHS, free education for our children and grandchildren, free prescriptions, free bus pass for needy pensioners, a NO vote will remove what we already have and more.


1/* In Scotland at present; nobody can deny our Scottish kids who are educated in Scotland do not need to find thousands for their education. (this is fact!) perhaps you are one of those parents who have more money than common sense?


2/* In Scotland at present; nobody needs to find money to pay for prescription charges. (this is fact!) millions of people cannot afford prescriptions!


3/* In Scotland at present; needy and lonely pensioners can travel free on the bus which gives them a chance to keep in touch with their friends and at the same time save a little on their heating bills for the Winter months.(this is fact!) Do you grudge a pensioner having friends?


Points 1,2 and 3 above will no longer be available with a NO vote, perhaps a YES vote will bring much more to Scotland’s people?

Are you one of Scotland’s people?

or are you just another NO voter with no or little conscience?



Scotland pulls off the greatest Coup in the history of UNICEF fundraising by getting the worlds 1.5 billion TV audience to text first to 70333.

The world saw almost 40,000 scotts at Celtic Park get their mobile devices out and give £5 to help the poorest children of the world and all if 71 nations of the commonwealth games do the same UNICEF will be helping millons and the Scottish games will be remembered for hundreds of years to come.

Scottish people are some of the kindest and friendliest peoples on this earth and most generous.

Scotland showing the world the way ahead!






It’s a sorry state of affairs the U.K. citizens are struggling! – we are being systematically abused by our own government, a government by the way which Scotland’s people did NOT vote for, and never would.
I say abused and I’m certain this is correct – ordinary families with baby’s and young children are being forced to go to food banks because their standard of living means they are a burden on the State – the last time food banks were used was after the second World war in 1945, this is now in mid-Summer so you can only imagine what is in store for the Winter months for heating and hot water – very few of us can afford a £39 breakfast allowance but Westminster MPs can – some families do not have £39 left to feed themselves for a week – the MPs have just awarded themselves an extra 11% pay rise so they will not wonder how they are going to heat their homes this Winter, why? simply because they obviously do not care!
The wheels of the NHS bus are falling off with patients who can pay being manipulated to the front of the sick queue. Stories and rumours are rife about very ill patients being forced to wait while paying patients with not so important problems are going first.
One example which sounds unbelievable was passed to me today; an old lady broke her shoulder and has been given pain killers to tide her over until the 29th of July when her own Doctor comes back from holiday – the x-ray showed up a broken shoulder – this is an example of the things that are happening today, ie 19th of July 2014. The old lady was advised by people to go to accident and emergency, but like most of the ageing population; she did not want to become a bother and she had heard it may cost her money she needs to heat her home.
A little research will reveal that in 2008 the public sector contracts in the NHS amounted to the staggering 9.6 billion, yes I said billion.
You would be forgiven if you always thought that the NHS was for everybody and anybody who in the event of an accident or sickness and needed medical attention could walk into any surgery or hospital throughout the U.K. that help was at hand for nothing as it had already been paid for in our taxes.
Remember that huge figure of 9.6 billion in 2008 for Public Sector Contracts in the NHS has now escalated to the colossal and unbelievable figure of £101 billion – no longer do we wonder what is happening to our NHS, it is a treasure trove for greedy shareholders who have interests in the private health care schemes. So this means that in six years time we can expect the health care schemes will be up again to the assumed height of around £1 trillion, is there a Doctor in the house – I need smelling salts!
There are at this present time(July 2014), over 200 parliamentarians who have vested interests in private health care and although the majority are Conservatives there are cross party members in there also.
The profits in these NHS private health contracts is obscene and the NHS was never intended to be run for profit, it was solely for the benefit of patients who needed help in their trials of sickness and ill health.
In 2010 the U.K. NHS was voted the best health service in the World by the World health organisation.
The U.S.A. was found to be the most expensive – per head of population I think that the most expensive in the World title will soon be stomped on by the U.K. greed, and the best in the World title will also vanish, again because of the U.K. greed.
It is not to late to have your voice heard – simply go to the website below and vote the way you want your NHS to be!
Scotland can show the way in an independence vote for yes – the longer we can keep these greed merchants at bay the better – the National Health Service is for everybody and was intended to be free to use and to be treated, let us try and keep it that way, in Scotland at least.

Please take the time to sign the PETITION if your reading this from England, Wales, Ireland, or Scotland – your voice will be counted!


Just some of the groups and organisations who support this petition;

All these groups and organisations cannot be wrong about the destruction of our NHS;National Association for Patient Participation,British Medical Association,Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health,Royal College of Nursing,General Practitioners Committee of the BMA,The College of Emergency Medicine,The College of Social Work,Action Cancer,Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE),Aware Defeat Depression,British Geriatric Society,Cancer Focus Northern Ireland,Family Doctor Association,Gransnet,The National Council for Palliative Care,Pallant Medical Chambers,Penumbra,The Rainbow Project,The Lullaby Trust,Royal College of Nursing Scotland,Royal College of Nursing Wales,Scottish Association for Mental Health,See Me,Kids company,





The former Defence Secretary, Michael Heseltine, has admitted blocking a potential oil boom off the West coast of Scotland in the 1980s.

Story from the Sunday Post;

The Sunday Post revealed last year that declassified documents appeared to show the Ministry of Defence forced oil firms to withdraw applications to drill for oil in the Firth of Clyde, fearing exploration of the seabed would interfere with nuclear submarines travelling to and from Faslane.


Now Lord Heseltine, Defence Secretary at the time, has confirmed it.


Asked by The Sunday Post if it was the right decision he said: “I do remember that. The question is whether it was right for strategic or defence reasons.


“Briefed as I would be on Britain’s national security issues, the implication is that someone should’ve said: ‘Yes but the politics of this are unattractive so you should override the strategic defence interests of Britain for the sake of some poll in some local community council’.


“I would’ve said: ‘You’ve got the wrong Secretary of State.”


“Forgive me, but I was Defence Secretary to defend Scotland.”

And he said it was still the right decision today.


He explained: “We’ve still got nuclear submarines, we’ve still got a defence alliance with America, we still have to defend this country against any contingency – many of which we can’t foresee – so what’s changed?”


SNP backbencher Chic Brodie, who is pressing for the Firth of Clyde to be surveyed again to establish the full extent of oil and gas reserves, said: “These answers from Michael Heseltine confirm the Thatcher Government knew about the oil and covered that up for defence reasons.


“The conspiracy is out.”


But the former Deputy Prime Minister claimed SNP attempts to politicise the decision were misguided. He also criticised the Yes campaign’s commitment to rid Scottish waters of nuclear submarines.


He added: “This is a classic example of why the Yes campaign is not going to win.


“It’s the worst sort of populism, exploiting defence interests on the basis that somehow the English will defend us whatever we do. My understanding of the Scots is very different.


“Here is a hugely proud nation that has played an incredible role in the defence of this country.”


Lord Heseltine was Defence Secretary from 1983 until he walked out of Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet in 1986 after a row over the future of Westland helicopters.


His return to frontline politics in 1990 forced Thatcher to step down, but it was John Major who took over as PM with Heseltine as Environment Secretary, charged with dismantling the hated poll tax.


He added: “I think we were wrong to do the poll tax in Scotland. That was a mistake. But I would point out that it was a Tory Government that got rid of it, largely because I insisted it should happen.


“That does not justify breaking up the UK just because one Government made one mistake.”


Now 81 and still on the front line of politics co-ordinating the Government’s policy on regional growth and devolution to the English regions, he’s convinced Scotland will vote No in September.


“For me, the strengths of the UK are so powerful, the history so dramatic, the achievements so evident in the way we have worked for the last 300 years, that there’s no case for breaking it up.


“Working together, sharing our talents, building on our strengths is of more compelling relevance to the century in which we live.”


He added: “One of my first memories of Scotland — I was eight, it was 1941 and as children we replayed the battles that were critical at that time to our national security.


“My tanks were painted in the colours of the Black Watch, although I come from Swansea.


“It never occurred to me that I was dealing with a foreign country, that these people were foreigners or something like that.


“This was us. Fighting against real enemies in really nasty circumstances.”


However the Tory big beast appeared to pour scorn on Scottish leader Ruth Davidson’s plans for more devolution in the event of a No vote which include proposals to give Holyrood the power to levy its own rate of income tax.


He added: “I’m a sceptic about, in this relatively small island, the idea of varying tax rates. If I was asked, I would say, look there’s more important things to do.”
This man shows total contempt in his answers about Scotland – does he really think we are unable to see through his smokescreen – this is a perfect example of why we need to rid ourselves from the Westminster cowboys.

Scotland must rid itself of these type of politicians who are blatantly using their positions to waffle on, there is nothing he has to say for the good of the country – he should have been put out to pasture about 20 years ago after Maggie got the order of the boot.
One question I would have liked to ask this relic was when EVER did England defend Scotland, or even when would or could that ever happen?
or to put it into perspective – the majority of mini-wars around the globe since 1945 has seen Scottish service personnel spearheaded first.
Story from the Sunday Post dated 29th June 2014.


NHS graphic




The Private Healthcare shocker coupled with NHS destruction and crumbling health care.

An alarming number of the U.K.s Lords and MPs have their hand in the Private Health cookie jar.


There is no doubt about this as anyone can read on

In 2013 reported is 147 Lords and 73 other parliamentarians – and also reported is that the Conservatives have the most to gain it reports a cross party issue.

No longer do we need to wonder why or even how the NHS in the U.K. is being dissolved as we look on.

We can all be secure in the knowledge that at least 220 parliamentarians are getting fat on obscene profits from the destruction of the NHS – remember a recent report complained about people with cancer being a financial burdon on the NHS.

I do not believe that while money is being spent on £39 MPs breakfasts and sick and ill people are being reported as a burdon on the State that the NHS should be put in any private health companies.

No price should be put on anybody’s health needs while ammunition and weapons are being bought before medicine – the NHS sell-off should be halted now, before there is no return!
Full and more comprehensive report can be found at;

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