The NHS has been deliberately underfunded by the Westminster millionaires in power – in order for it to be broken up and Privatised – you must vote YES on Sept 18th 2014 to avoid the exact same story in Scotland.


The Westminster millionaires do not need Scotland’s money they just believe our money in Scotland belongs to them and they will do anything to get theirĀ hands on it – how else are they going to finance their pharmacy companies?

How else are they expected to send their children to private schools?


Yes of course, off the back of YOUR children who deserve better, so if you must vote then vote YES for them to give them an equal chance for the future in EVERY walk of life.


With a YES vote there will be no division with any children for the rest of their lives –
With a NO vote there will be a massive class distinction for the rest of their lives.


Your children will never understand unless you have the courage and sense to vote YES.


After the 18th of Sept 2014;;

If you really believe that after the referendum vote in September the 18th 2014 that Scotland will be a better place with a NO vote – I would suggest, check out all the actual true facts (not from the media,press or MPs), check out what your ancestors would have voted for, and finally check out your conscience, Scots from all over the World will expect the Scottish people have strength and courage to vote YES – we will not let them down!


Voting NO means going nowhere fast – are you willing to turn your Country into a Country with NO one having NO sense where everything means going nowhere fast – after all that is what the status quo is, ie; NO means going nowhere – staying exactly the same and knowing you are destroying what we already have, such as the NHS, free education for our children and grandchildren, free prescriptions, free bus pass for needy pensioners, a NO vote will remove what we already have and more.


1/* In Scotland at present; nobody can deny our Scottish kids who are educated in Scotland do not need to find thousands for their education. (this is fact!) perhaps you are one of those parents who have more money than common sense?


2/* In Scotland at present; nobody needs to find money to pay for prescription charges. (this is fact!) millions of people cannot afford prescriptions!


3/* In Scotland at present; needy and lonely pensioners can travel free on the bus which gives them a chance to keep in touch with their friends and at the same time save a little on their heating bills for the Winter months.(this is fact!) Do you grudge a pensioner having friends?


Points 1,2 and 3 above will no longer be available with a NO vote, perhaps a YES vote will bring much more to Scotland’s people?

Are you one of Scotland’s people?

or are you just another NO voter with no or little conscience?