It’s a sorry state of affairs the U.K. citizens are struggling! – we are being systematically abused by our own government, a government by the way which Scotland’s people did NOT vote for, and never would.
I say abused and I’m certain this is correct – ordinary families with baby’s and young children are being forced to go to food banks because their standard of living means they are a burden on the State – the last time food banks were used was after the second World war in 1945, this is now in mid-Summer so you can only imagine what is in store for the Winter months for heating and hot water – very few of us can afford a £39 breakfast allowance but Westminster MPs can – some families do not have £39 left to feed themselves for a week – the MPs have just awarded themselves an extra 11% pay rise so they will not wonder how they are going to heat their homes this Winter, why? simply because they obviously do not care!
The wheels of the NHS bus are falling off with patients who can pay being manipulated to the front of the sick queue. Stories and rumours are rife about very ill patients being forced to wait while paying patients with not so important problems are going first.
One example which sounds unbelievable was passed to me today; an old lady broke her shoulder and has been given pain killers to tide her over until the 29th of July when her own Doctor comes back from holiday – the x-ray showed up a broken shoulder – this is an example of the things that are happening today, ie 19th of July 2014. The old lady was advised by people to go to accident and emergency, but like most of the ageing population; she did not want to become a bother and she had heard it may cost her money she needs to heat her home.
A little research will reveal that in 2008 the public sector contracts in the NHS amounted to the staggering 9.6 billion, yes I said billion.
You would be forgiven if you always thought that the NHS was for everybody and anybody who in the event of an accident or sickness and needed medical attention could walk into any surgery or hospital throughout the U.K. that help was at hand for nothing as it had already been paid for in our taxes.
Remember that huge figure of 9.6 billion in 2008 for Public Sector Contracts in the NHS has now escalated to the colossal and unbelievable figure of £101 billion – no longer do we wonder what is happening to our NHS, it is a treasure trove for greedy shareholders who have interests in the private health care schemes. So this means that in six years time we can expect the health care schemes will be up again to the assumed height of around £1 trillion, is there a Doctor in the house – I need smelling salts!
There are at this present time(July 2014), over 200 parliamentarians who have vested interests in private health care and although the majority are Conservatives there are cross party members in there also.
The profits in these NHS private health contracts is obscene and the NHS was never intended to be run for profit, it was solely for the benefit of patients who needed help in their trials of sickness and ill health.
In 2010 the U.K. NHS was voted the best health service in the World by the World health organisation.
The U.S.A. was found to be the most expensive – per head of population I think that the most expensive in the World title will soon be stomped on by the U.K. greed, and the best in the World title will also vanish, again because of the U.K. greed.
It is not to late to have your voice heard – simply go to the website below and vote the way you want your NHS to be!
Scotland can show the way in an independence vote for yes – the longer we can keep these greed merchants at bay the better – the National Health Service is for everybody and was intended to be free to use and to be treated, let us try and keep it that way, in Scotland at least.

Please take the time to sign the PETITION if your reading this from England, Wales, Ireland, or Scotland – your voice will be counted!



Just some of the groups and organisations who support this petition;

All these groups and organisations cannot be wrong about the destruction of our NHS;National Association for Patient Participation,British Medical Association,Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health,Royal College of Nursing,General Practitioners Committee of the BMA,The College of Emergency Medicine,The College of Social Work,Action Cancer,Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE),Aware Defeat Depression,British Geriatric Society,Cancer Focus Northern Ireland,Family Doctor Association,Gransnet,The National Council for Palliative Care,Pallant Medical Chambers,Penumbra,The Rainbow Project,The Lullaby Trust,Royal College of Nursing Scotland,Royal College of Nursing Wales,Scottish Association for Mental Health,See Me,Kids company,