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Westminster Fat Cat

Let’s start with the Conservative government in power at present and stand up the culture secretary Maria Miller who continues to report unsubstantiated statements.

Whereas the website show copies of receipts which show true figures,
Ireland’s population of 4.6m (Republic alone) is very close to Scotland’s, so we have to assume Scotland would pay a roughly similar sum. Which leaves us with this:



In other words, an independent Scotland, if it charged the same licence fee as now, would be able to spend THREE TIMES as much on the SBC as the BBC will be doing on BBC Scotland if we vote No, and still have an extra £20m sitting in the coffers.

People taking note of the future of Scotland will remember the BBC in their wisdom stated that it may cost Scotland more when independent – this shows those particular comments to be nothing more than bias and gasbag garbage – the BBC did not consider the research of people close to Wings over Scotland.

O.K. another lie put to rest, so what about this little doozie then;
It was stated by one of these windbag Tories South of the border that Scotland has had every chance to vote for whom they like over the years – now how big a lie is that one, perhaps that same gasbag can enlighten us how when the whole of Scotland with a maximum of 9%, yes that is correct nine percent of the U.K. vote then how can we in Scotland possibly get who we vote for when South of the border always gets and always has gotten 91%??? Voters in Scotland may as well have sat at home year in year out watching the soaps.

O.K. another lie put to rest, so what about simple facts we know but are never mentioned;
did you know that £50 million was wiped off the Scottish budget without consultation and without remorse – well it’s true and again lets point the finger at the guilty in Westminster.

did you know that 91% of Scottish MPs voted against the bedroom tax – it mattered nowt for the Westminster cowboys as they introduced it anyway – is this not further proof that the people of Scotland are being caned by the public school boys without feeling any guilt.

Are you aware that if there is a no vote in September our Scottish NHS is going to go down the pan the same as in England – would it not be prudent for England to encourage our independence so that they had somewhere to go for their unexpected operations and road traffic accidents as it looks as if this is the only way in which they will be able to afford treatment – if we go down the slippery slope that is in the U.S. we are all in trouble – don’t forget the existing American President attempted to copy the U.K. system with regards to medical treatment, this was quickly shot down on Capital Hill by these huge drug company puppets.

Are you aware the Scottish Government decided a few years ago to ban charges for prescriptions – this was a great move!

Are you aware that the Scottish Government does not ask Scottish students to pay for their education – this too was a great move!

The piece de resistance is; did you know or are you fully aware that austerity (firm hardship) will be positively with those south of the border for another ten to fifteen years – that is 10 – 15 years.

If Scotland vote YES for independence this is the only chance the Scottish people may get of avoiding that long term nightmare of 15 years austerity – do we really want to go down this ridiculous road for another year let alone 15 years?

My vote is 100% for “YES” in September the 18th 2014 – I truly believe that you have to be either mad or mentally unstable to vote “no”, now that it is crystal clear what will happen with a negative vote.

If you care whether your children and grandchildren grow up in a caring society you will never ever vote for more of the same – it is blatantly obvious “no” voters do not understand the independence concept or simply do not care about their families or their nearest and dearest or they would be automatic “YES” voters.

Those suits in Westminster only care about their portfolio and have proven to the whole of U.K. and not only Scotland that people do not matter – 13 million out of 65 million are below the breadline – around a million are in Scotland, nobody has mentioned Wales or Ireland so the 13 million may well be underestimated as usual.

Food-banks have sprouted up as life savers for thousands while the likes of Ian D.Smith claim £39 for a breakfast – what kind of breakfast is worth £39? The majority of us buy an all day breakfast for around £1.99, on fact the £39 can buy nearly 20 all day breakfasts.

“YES”, voters; please save us from these evil parasites who are hell bent on cleaning the flesh from our bones – I would much rather be robbed in Scotland by Scottish MPs than robbed from a distance by greedy millionaires in Westminster.