I was eleven, and still marvelled at everything around me. Scotland had absolutely hundreds and hundreds of job opportunities for every type of personal future.



Although Scotland had practically full employment for those that wanted to work (ie; ten jobs for each and every person looking for work) it was at that early age I realised that Scotland was mainly a working class nation.



It was at that time my mind was pushed towards the Labour party as they seemed to be all in favour of Scotland’s working class population. Unfortunately the Labour Party took a completely different turn just after the Wilson government (Labour).



Since then Scotland has went into a nosedive towards total deprivation in every walk of life with no brakes on.



Independence in Scotland has to be implemented so that we can step back from the brink of total destruction and remove the deprivation from our inner cities and larger towns, it seems that wherever we go there are boards covering once prosperous and busy business’s.


Scotland has been subjected to continued cuts every year for the last fifty plus years that I can remember.



We have also been told for over fifty years we will have to tighten our belts – from every single political party sitting n Westminster – none of us knew at that time the type of finances those in that faraway place were being paid as it would have been labelled as nothing more than an obscenity – today it is still a disgrace but we have been brainwashed into thinking they deserve it.

We ar now being told that the NHS is being dismantled in England, this is a scary thought considering all of the last fifty years has been about keeping our National Health Service which has always been labeled as the best in the World, nothing has changed, so surely this is good? Most of us have a true heart-warming story to tell about how well they had been treated in hospital or how they remember well the day that their little boy or girl came along – have you seen how the people are treated in the U.S.? or should that be NOT treated?



The NHS in Scotland must be preserved at all costs so that our future citizens are secure in the knowledge that if they turn ill, or are involved in an accident they do not have to worry about where the money is coming from to pay for it.



When I was growing up it was well known that the action party was the Labour party – this can no longer apply, in fact they can no longer complain in Westminster if the opposition suggest anything radical, such as the bedroom tax or forcing poor people to visit food banks. The Labour party in England have turned into a joke.



The Tory party was always classed as the “privatise everything party”, and all there bluster was usually about simple rhetoric which cost nothing said nothing unless their party members were going to make money or they had a seat on a particular board or business. Little has changed for them except they have now been so radical and greedy they have forced the poor and the disabled into a corner into which they cannot get out of. These present Westminster suits would not know poverty if it hit them on the nose – considering they get £39 expenses for a breakfast, surely this tells the intelligent that we are being controlled by out of touch morons. The Tory party in it’s present state are dangerous.



Today Scotland stands on the brink of a solid secure future where people will care for each other (it cannot go any other way, because of where we have been for the last fifty years) and families can be hopeful for the future of their children (this cannot be considered today as it is.) and their grandchildren – we must vote “YES”, to vote any other way in September is not only foolish it is suicide as I have partially explained.



Just remember this before you vote; the “YES”, campaign have been telling the truth all along – they do not need to tell lies, it is an open book and has been negatively written over the last fifty years for everybody to see and research.