The better toblether campaign brings in the big guns.

graphic of stolen sea
Scotland’s stolen sea area by Westminster!

The better toblether campaign brings in the big guns.

The better to blether campaign against independence for Scotland brought out some of their big guns last night on Scotland Tonight STV.


They have now proven they really are out of touch with the Scottish referendum question, but things take a more serious note when you realise they No campaigners see the independence vote as a joke, why I hear you ask – well we heard that Kermit the muppit is against the “YES” vote, and then we were mentally assaulted by Mr; things are fantastic and the people love me and what I have given them, and this new purchase will be the best in the World the same as everything I do is the best in the World – you guessed it; the one and only D.Trump.



I would be the first to appreciate what Mr Trump has done in Scotland, but I wish he would tell the truth and tell all his imaginary wonderful people and his own imagination he is in it for the money.



He is against the “YES” vote, or as he put it; it’s nothing to do with me BUT I heard that the people would pay more tax –
/Quote from Robin McAlpine ;;Despite the mantra that tax cuts resolve economic concerns, writes Robin McAlpine, it’s only the rich who ever benefit./;in the Common Weal!



I say to him and any other imaginary self proclaimed advisors out there; let the people of Scotland decide on their own – keep your comments to yourselves as it is absolutely nothing to do with you – for over three hundred years Scotland has been treated to some of the most corrupt and evil ploys to keep Scotland within the union – and why? because Scotland is undoubtedly a cash cow to those who weild power in London.



You don’t need to be a mathamatical genius to work this out – for those who have the “YES” vote just ask yourself, can you remember any time in your life when Scotland has been visited by so many imaginary self proclaimed advisors from South of the border – using any excuse they can so that there is a possible chance to comment on the Independence vote.



I still wonder why anybody in Scotland would ever use a NO vote – why would anybody in Scotland vote against independence, our National Health Service is still intact in Scotland, no thanks to Westminster, in fact if the vote goes to NO, then it’s bye bye to the NHS as we know it, and it will be bye bye to free prescrition charges too – that reason alone is reason enough for a “YES” vote.



If there is a NO vote then you better hope you or your family never ever get sick or involved with a road traffic accident – in this awful scenario you better have a good insurance, and we all know insurance just loves paying out money – NOT! or should that be avoiding paying out money.



How about voting negative and then try and vote in someone whom you think will be good for your family – forget it; they don’t even need to count the Scottish voters, we do not matter South of the border – which has been obvious for years and only pushed into the light because of the Independence Scottish Vote on the 18th of Sept 2014.



If your still undecided about “YES”, you can always ask Kermit the muppit according to the Scottish Television evening political programme.
Something learned there; did you know Kermit the muppit was a Tory? Very strange for a wee hand puppet! Unless you consider all the muppits in Westminster are puppets!