What Westminster does

Please note; I did not write this excellent piece – but thank you to whoever wrote it.

It is a reminder of what we are being walked into with all around being devious and telling whoppers.


What Westminster does:

– They want us all to work longer, and want you to pay more into your pension- yet the state pension in the UK is one of the lowest in Europe.


– They over-tax companies thus restricting foreign investment, costing the UK jobs and keeping employment down.


– They want new laws to “snoop” into our personal affairs- yet wish to allow greater secrecy for the royal family; and recently brought in a new “gagging law” designed to disable criticism of the government in election years.


– They want to introduce another £25 billion in cuts, regardless of the fact that they say we are now “out of recession”


– They want to drastically cut back on public employees and services.


– They wilfully allow tax avoidance at the very top, through loopholes and “off-shore” banking- costing the UK billions a year in lost earnings.


– They over-claim “expenses” and even if they get caught, rarely have to pay the money back or face legal proceedings.


-They use public money to buy and “flip” properties- JUST staying within the law. (Laws THEY write)


– They do NOTHING about the serious levels of inequality that now pervade the entire country, but affect Scotland the worst with 1 in 5 living below the breadline.


– They REFUSED the “Devo-Max” option to be allowed in the referendum.


– They LIED about the cost of setting up an independent Scotland- multiplying by 12 fold the actual cost.


– They blame the poor for the stress the UK economy is under saying the welfare bill is too high- yet 80% of welfare is spent on pensions.


– They have said “90% of all Scots are scroungers”


– They want MORE fracking in the UK despite the fact that it is a serious danger to the environment and is banned in many other countries.


– They REFUSE to create an “oil fund” and currently the UK and Iraq are the only two oil-producing countries in OPEC that do not have this facility.


– They have privatised the NHS in England, thus threatening the funding for the NHS in Scotland.


– They refuse to publish important documents relating to the referendum saying they are “internal memos” despite having paid over £300,000 of taxpayers money on them.


– They want to replace Trident, even though the majority of people do not want this, and even the American administration has said they would rather have a strong “conventional” ally.


– They refused to deal with the bankers, and in fact still pay out massive bonuses to them- despite the fact that they continue to lose money.


– They actively encourage bias in the mainstream media, and “gag” opposition voices.


– They have LIED about Faslane, exaggerating the amount of jobs that rely directly on trident- the figure according to the MOD is 520.


– They have LIED about shipbuilding on the Clyde, saying they do not award contracts to “foreign countries” but have awarded a contract in Korea.


– They hide Scotland’s true wealth by applying certain taxes/ collecting revenues in England, making Scotland look poorer than it is.


– They REFUSE to ask the EU for “clarity” on Scotland position should we become independent.


– They have lied about Scotland not being “allowed” to use the pound- even though we OWN our share of ALL UK assets. On-shore revenue accounts for about 10% of UK GDP, and Scottish oil another 10%, so it is hard to see how (or why) they can/would refuse a currency union.


– They “talk down” Scottish oil- even though it is the BIGGEST single sector in the FSTE- 100 index, and in 2012 created £22 billion in revenue.


– They ENDORSE political censorship by disallowing the true voice of the Yes Campaign and its supporters to be heard across the land.


This is what Westminster “gives” Scotland, and that is not all of it by ANY stretch of the imagination- they give us a lot more than that.


That is the REALITY of Westminster.


Please think about this when you vote.
Westminster simply does NOT serve Scotland.