“Common weal” explained perfectly.

There was a time, when good people were outraged by injustice, no matter their faiths, or politics.

There was a standard of decency for which millions fought, and died.
We inherited the world borne out of their suffering, and sacrifice.

The world where it was written into law, that the government provide for the welfare, and common good of the people whom they were entrusted to serve.

The welfare state was brought forth, not as an act of charity, but as an affirmation of our demand to be human. “To care”.
In the entire history off our nation, the welfare state was our finest hour. For that was what the heroes of the world wars fought, and died for.

For us, and all of our children.

In the space of 4 days this insipid “coalition” of rogues killed that law.

The government, no longer has a legal obligation to provide for the people.

The welfare state IS dead the UK is just another corporation now.

Want proof? our own poor are dependent on food banks.

There is no legal obligation on any level of civilian authority to provide for them.
The UK, Serves no specific purpose beyond the preservation of the elite.

70% of our laws are defined by the European parliament, its foreign policy, and defense dances to an American tune.

The remainder is Scots law, and the Westminster cabals hold on social security, and fiscal policy.

If you intend to vote NO, in the coming referendum, then you are the fool, the elite believe you to be.

If you want to preserve your humanity, then stand up for the “Common weal”.

If history proves anything. It is that you will inherit the country you create.

The UK is over.

It has reverted back to the 1930’s. the poor cut off, and the spoils divided among the elite.

The future is Europe, and the right to choose what country we want to live in, and like our own grand fathers, and mothers, make it happen.

Wake up, you have slept, and dreamed that you were free.
Oh, and BTW, you’ll still be paying more or less the same levels of tax in the BTUK, but the poor and unproductive.

will be abandoned.

I doubt they will all lie down.

If you do decide to become the better together people.

Then get used to this.

I hope you have the stomach for it in Scottish cities.

Westminster will of course protect you from us, by taking away the last of your rights, and institute draconian laws against the “terrorist” poor
All you people, indigenous, or no that have made Scotland your home.

Bear this in mind. Your vote is not just a number. It is an historic power. How you yield that power will determine the fate of the poor, and vulnerable among us.

It will define, the values of a nation, both within, and without.

You are the most important people in Scotland. Please remember who we are, and how we got here. How many of our forebears would love a vote, and how would they cast it?


The author of this is Karl Wood who placed it for distribution on another website – we feel he has described our Country’s needs perfectly.