“NO”, voters…

I have given some consideration to “NO” voters in the Scottish independence debate and have come to realise with disappointment that there is no point in trying to convince them to change their vote to “YES”, –

why not? I can hear;
The great majority of “NO”, voters are not Scottish , or they have never been true Scottish patriots because if they ever had been they would have been the exact same as the “YES” voters and jumped at the chance of voting “YES” to rid Scotland of Westminster nursemaids and overseers.


True “YES”, voters will always vote yes because they know that to be independent of the shackles of any regime or dictators Scotland has to go it alone – true “YES”, voters are fully aware that this will not happen overnight, “YES”, voters are also aware that the Cameron crew twisted the words in the question “should Scotland be an independent country”, “YES”, voters know this was engineered against us, even at this level.
If a “NO”, vote mysteriously appears, I wonder how many “NO”, voters in 18 months or so down the line say; I didn’t vote “NO”, – will they THEN wake up?
My next point is; “NO”, voters must be contented in their lives with no care for anyone else which makes them selfish – “NO”, voters have not yet been touched by the food banks which thousands of their fellow Scots are forced to endure, “NO”, voters have not been touched with any of the austerity (forced hardship) – I wonder how many would change their mind if they were faced with tight budgets including heating their homes in the oncoming Winter, “NO”, voters must be in rude health otherwise they would see without any doubt that our NHS is the bridesmaid just waiting to be dismantled following South of the borders privatisation annihilation, just remember “NO”, voters; you will be ill and you will need medical attention and some sooner than others.

– I am disgusted to point out that “NO”, voters in particular seem to be ignorant of the awful facts that recently a Law that stood for seventy years since shortly after the end of the second World war in 1945 has been scrubbed and no longer is the Government of the day,( whoever that may be) responsible for every child, woman or man – or to put it into perspective; Britain, ie; England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales NO LONGER have a recognised “Welfare State”, the new Law was brought in, in stealth and took only four days – it was kept quiet and the press never reported it, and it should have been plastered all over the newspapers and voiced on TV, I wonder who muzzled them?, after all we are all now a simple commodity now that United KIngdom is officially a business, – so voters; “YES”, and “NO”, how does it feel to be a commodity?
Are you still willing to rubber stamp the obscene practices coming out of Westminster, which has promised Scotland further cuts – waken up sleepwalkers!