We are being fed a relentless and systematic ‘Toxic Drip’ of bitterness and hatred towards the most popular politician in Scotland whose Government received the most amount of votes from the Scottish electorate at the last Scottish Parliamentary Elections. This ‘Toxic Drip’ effect is deliberately designed to turn us against the man the British Establishment fears the most and whose commitment and determination is likely to help us deliver a verdict the fear even more.

They despise him with a passion and they conduct a sustained campaign of smear and hatred towards him sponsored by the Parliament of Westminster and the British Establishment and it is funded by you the tax payer. They want you to despise him also and turn against him not because he is a threat to you but because he is a threat to them. On a daily basis the Unionist Media feeds the people of Scotland a constant torrent of insults and innuendos about the First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond, none of which have any credence or validity. He is a liar, he is a dictator, he is a bully, he is a numpty or a clown and he is a madman obsessed with his own agenda of becoming a self appointed ‘President’. They are doing this because they believe that if they can discredit the democratically elected First Minister then they can discredit his campaign to secure an independent Scotland.

They want to stop us voting for an independent Scotland because that will spell disaster for all those Scottish Unionist politicians who make a very comfortable living in the Westminster Parliament hundreds of miles from Scotland. They are more concerned about their own well paid jobs than the people they were elected to represent and if they can persuade us to vote No then they will be in line for a peerage and an equally comfortable retirement. Alex Salmond has never been a part of that establishment even when he was at Westminster in the days before we had our own parliament. He was a thorn in their sides and the fact he could not be bought and had no interest in a ‘Knighthood’ and a seat in the House of Lords made him even more dangerous.

What they do not realise is that it is not his campaign and his alone but it is the campaign that has witnessed a grass roots revolution in Scottish politics the likes we have never seen before. There are literally hundreds of different groups around the country manned by countless thousands of volunteers who are committed to campaigning for a Yes vote and they act independently of the First Minister and the Scottish Government. Although they agree wholeheartedly with his lifelong vision of a Sovereign Scotland they are operating separately from Holyrood and the official Yes Campaign. People who neither vote for Alex Salmond or the Scottish National Party are as passionate about independence as Mr Salmond and his Government. Many have never voted for the SNP and never will but they will join the SNP in voting Yes in the referendum. They will do so because they have not been offered a convincing and positive alternative to independence by the Unionists or anything that will remotely address the concerns and aspirations of Scotland or its people. All we have been offered is a continual diet of scare stories and dire warning about what will happen to us if we dare to vote Yes on the 18th of September.

The Unionists north and south of the border have a steady supply of Think Tanks and Experts who advise us that the sky will fall on top of us and all terrible things will befall us if we do not do as we are told and vote No. The best they can muster in way of a ‘Positive’ is a vague but apparently guaranteed promise of more significant powers if we stay in the United Kingdom. With only a few weeks to go they still haven’t managed to agree amongst themselves what those significant powers will be or when we are likely to find out but we just need to trust them it will be some time after we reject independence. The difficulty for those contemplating a No vote on the basis of those vague promises is that history tells us that Westminster and its Scottish Unionist Lackeys are not to be trusted one little bit regarding more powers.

Those same Unionists are furious that the people of Scotland are even being allowed a referendum to vote in and would never have allowed us that opportunity if it was up to them. When Alex Salmond and the SNP were first elected to power in the Scottish Parliament they only had one seat more than Scottish Labour. That Scottish Labour Party and the Scottish Liberals voted against the Scottish National Party Bill to hold a referendum on independence. They argued that there was no particular interest in independence by the Scottish electorate and therefore no need to hold a referendum on the matter. We now know that there is a great deal of interest in independence and that the First Minister and his Government were right to give us a referendum on the matter. When the votes were counted after the last Scottish Parliamentary Election in 2011 the Scottish National Party went from being a minority Government to a majority Government with a truly historical increased majority. It was because of that historic majority and only because of it that the re-elected Scottish Government was able to fulfill its manifesto pledge and give Scotland the referendum and the opportunity to vote for independence.

Alex Salmond and his Scottish National Party refused to be denied by Scottish Labour, the Scottish Conservatives and the Scottish Liberals and finally put in place a referendum. That referendum is bitterly resented by the Westminster Establishment and those career politicians north of the border whose ultimate aim is that much coveted Knighthood. Johan Lamont, Ruth Davidson, Wullie Rennie and Westminster’s man in Scotland, Alistair Carmichael and the head of the ‘Better Together Campaign’ Alistair Darling are far more interested in a peerage than the poor and vulnerable in Scotland. The Unionist politicians loath Alex Salmond because he is a very real threat to the British Establishment and their privileged lifestyle. He is a committed Scottish politician who is only interested in what is best for Scotland and when the people of Scotland are eventually made aware of the treachery of those Unionists who seek to deceive us then we will all know just how committed he was and how treacherous they were.

You can choose to accept the scare stories and the relentless expert opinions from the endless supply of ‘Think Tanks’ or you can do a bit of homework and make up your own mind. I have carried out my own research and I have not heard a compelling argument that would persuade me to vote No. By contrast I have heard many that persuade me that voting Yes is the only option. Voting Yes to rid Scotland of Weapons of Mass Destruction and voting Yes to give us the powers we need to build a fairer society based on helping those who need it and not just helping ourselves or voting Yes to insure that never again will we have immoral policies such as the Bedroom Tax forced upon us by Governments we did not elect. They say vote with your head and not your heart but my heart and my head say that a Yes vote is a vote for a Positive and Compassionate Scotland that I will be proud to pass on to my children and grandchildren and for all the generations of children Scotland has yet to produce.

Chic Macgregor

If you find this disturbing then think on – during the last debate on TV with First Minister Alex Salmond and the appointed bruiser Alistair Darling it was very noticeable the complete and utter disrespect Alistair Darling had for Alex Salmond and the office he holds of Scotland’s First Minister appointed by the people of Scotland – he used the phrase “him” when he was addressing the First Minister and at no time did he address the First Minister by the title he was given by Scotland – he continued to jab his finger in a rude and aggressive manner at Alex Salmond as if he was scolding a naughty child – Alistair Darling should be shown the same disrespect he has given to Scotland and Scotland’s representative First Minister Alex Salmond.