Can anyone in the no campaign understand that the independence is about our futures – that is not yours, not mine, but our future generations.

Before we can have a future it has to be built, and built by those living in Scotland after the referendum irrespective of where they actually belong to and what colour or creed they are.

If after the 18th of Sept 2014 and the result is no then we will all have to come to terms with that result – which may I add will be much harder than people think – why? because there is part of us will always wonder if they had said yes if their life would really have improved.

If the result is yes then those who have voted no will just have to accept the fact that they do belong to the Land of Milk and Honey.

I am not ashamed being Scottish, I am proud to be Scottish, I am not ashamed to care about the kids who through no fault of their own have to rely on their parents getting food from places they call food banks, and that we should agree is a disgrace in 2014.

I am ashamed of the Scottish people who are condoning this by voting no.

I am also ashamed of the Scottish people who are also condoning hardship to poor families using the fancy and dredged up word call austerity which in reality means severe hardship.

I am also ashamed of the Scottish People who are condoning the destruction of the NHS heading into Scotland because of the tight fisted Westminster government restricting health services for our citizens when no thought whatsoever is considered if buying bullets and weapons.

Many word have been spoken about the Scottish NHS being run by the existing Scottish government – considering the Scottish government get a pittance for doing this, sick people who need medicine are being cared for – the future does not look positive for those who need medicines.

I am proud to be Scottish but I am not proud to be connected with anyone who cannot see the injustice being done to the poor and disabled in the U.K., never mind Scotland.

I pray some of you who have taken a balanced read at this will realise that it is only by the grace of God that you are in either a good financial position today or you have never been involved with the inevitable emergency hospital visit.

I am also ashamed of the Scottish people who say they understand the treatment doled out to those who cannot or are unable to help themselves, as what goes around comes around eventually.