Westminster stole 6000 miles of our water?

map of Scottish water
Map of stolen Scottish sea-bed

Remember that time Westminster stole 6000 miles of our water?

On April 13th 1999, Westminster stole 6000 sq miles of our ocean before almost one month to the day, the 12th May 1999, our parliament was set up in Holyrood.

This action by Westminster meant that 15% of Scotland’s natural oil and gas revenue was now attributed to England, which in 2008 equated to £2.2 billion as well as the revenue generated from the fisheries in the area.

Over a decade it average just less than £2 billion per annum. A lot could be done with £20 billion in a country with a population of 5 million people.

How anyone can want these people to run our country is beyond me. We can run our own country if we vote YES and nothing like this will ever happen again. Everyone please share!