Nobody seems to speak about the mountain “YES” voters will need to climb – we are up against the most hated Westminster government since the turn of the century – it does not take a genius to work out that they will use every dirty trick and con they can play with to win that “NO” vote, their gravy train will take some stopping and the more “NO” voters they can con the better – it should be noted they are not after “YES” voters – they know they have already lost them.

It’s more important to remember that not so many years ago a Scottish vote lost xxx,xxx number of votes which did not get counted, do you really think that was an accident or an error?
Ever since the BBC started covering this independence it has been bios against the “YES” voters – for example; BBC Radio 4 gave a news bullitin at around 5 -00 pm and in that news it was reported that the government had made a mistake quoting the experts figures by twelve times the figure.

In the BBC news one hour later that exact same night at 6-00 pm on the main TV news they quoted the inflated 12 times figure with no interview or apology that what they were reporting was total hogwash – I wrote to them complaining and have yet to receive any response – millions heard these blatant lies so some must have believed it, enough to vote “NO”.
The welfare state was made Law, not as an act of charity, but to actively protect and support every Woman, Child and Man since after the second World War which ended in 1945.

Our hero’s died for this Law and it was probably the best Law the U.K. ever had – it was all encompassing and our NHS was like no other including being named the “Best in the World”, as recently as 2010 by the World Health Organisation (WHO).
As suggested before Scotland’s people are up against it ; – and why you ask, well this Westminster government has killed that Law which so ably supported us all through thick and thin – it took them only four (4) days to remove a Law which has been going strong for approx. 70 years – what was the hurry? why was this implimented so quickly?.

Todays government, no longer has a legal obligation to provide for the people. In two years time all those people who are voting “NO”, will swear that they never voted “NO”, but if they have any sense they will change that damning vote before the 18th of September 2014.
For “YES” to win we need more and more websites giving their honest opinions – including “YES” Scotland!
We reached this idea and decision because of the Westminster government giving Scotland the worst of times – we need to fight back now before it’s too late!
Thank you for the chance to give my free opinion – free speech is going to be another NO, NO, soon!

Do you like this post? then use it or borrow it – the message needs to get out there.