After researching nearly all of the reports on this particular heading I am at a loss why nobody seems to consider the most important things, so I will post them as an open letter instead – if the result is no independence in Sept 18th 2014, what will happen to the hundreds and thousands of our children who no fault of their own are being FORCED to eat from food banks, food banks in 2014 in what is supposed to be one of the richest Countries in the World?


– it’s no use blaming the Scottish government as they only get a derisory pittance to look after our Country from Westminster controlling the Barnet formula, next on the list is our superb NHS, if after the no vote we continue to see the private fiasco being FORCED onto England and Wales, it is obvious Scotland will also be forced to do likewise, all very well until someone is in desperate need of emergency treatment – the point here is when the whole NHS is privatised we will be back to the exact same situation as we are at present except the caring society most of us have implanted in us will have left the building and the delays will also be back.


– who is going to benefit from this, Answer; the 220 known parliamentarians who have financial vested interest in seeing this happen. These parasites are getting rich from the back of your children and grandchildren. Remember also you will need private health insurance, and as we all know insurance companies love paying out – NOT!


Next is the austerity which we all know by this time is another word for severe hardship, which has been promised for another six years – this in reality will make many of these millions of citizens realise that if they break the law, get put in prison, then they don’t need to worry about being fed until the year 2020.


By voting no the no voters are telling the Country overseers they have Carte Blanche, so if you think now is difficult then wait until they really get their boots on – worse will come, so it is obvious to a blind bat that our children will suffer worse, NHS patients will suffer worse and austerity will take on a new meaning because the existing regime will turn Treasure Island and the particular district called Scotland into a third World Country.


I am voting yes for my children and grandchildren and won’t feel in the future that I did not try or attempt to give them better and I won’t have the backward thought I may have damaged my offspring.


The future of Scotland is our children and not Alex Salmond or Alistaire Darling and it is NOT POLITICAL as far as the result is concerned, we should forget the TV debates, the politicians, the newspapers, etc, etc…you the voter have the final decision SO DON’T WASTE IT! VOTE “YES”.