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Blank Ballot Papers – Scottish Referendum

Blank Ballot Papers – Scottish Referendum

We have had an amazing response from our readers and website visitors for information on Blank Ballot Papers used in the Scottish Referendum.

Did your ballot box paper look anything like this?

Did your ballot box paper look anything like this?

The instructions on one of them says the polling stations officers will check you have the correct identifiers or barcodes will be present before you enter your ballot paper into the Ballot Box, I could assure you that never happened to me in Aberdeen, I even asked why there was nothing on the back of my ballot paper to be told all ballot papers were the same in all other Aberdeen City polling stations.

Has any of our readers experienced the same thing durring the Scottish Referendum?

For more information on these matters please refer to this page in the first instance.

If any of our readers wishes to give us their stories to publish on this site please send by email to:



We have kept the links in so others can share with family and friends on other social media and facebook networks, this is the story all of Westminster will be shaking in their boots this is not meant to happen after any political defeat but perhaps it was really a victory after all, we just were not told the truth of the real result, it matters not now as Scotland is on a new March of Nationalism that will be very hard to stop now in round 2 or 3!

As the graph shows below what other UK party has ever done the same after any defeat, this shows the people of Scotland Trusts the SNP to one day deliver our dream and not just us but for generations to come.

Perhaps this is the real reason main stream media is terrified to report the biggest political success story for generations?


Peter Murrell retweeted

. So how does my membership growth chart look like now? Beautiful! That’s what! Beautiful!

Welcome aboard . Proud to have you in

We can’t leave Scotland’s future in the hands of the politicians

We can’t leave Scotland’s future in the hands of the politicians


Iain Macwhirter
Sunday 28 September 2014
THEY thought it was all over, but it isn’t.
The Scottish independence referendum, it turns out, wasn’t a finishing tape but a starting gun. The national question may have been resolved for a generation, but Scotland is now in a race for home rule. History has been speeded up.

A last-minute electoral expedient, the historic “vow”from the three unionist parties to deliver devo max, has turned into something of immense constitutional significance. Political parties and civic groups will have to come together to write Scotland’s future on the legislation that has to be before Parliament by next March.

That’s a hell of a timetable, of course, and fraught with problems and pitfalls. It may seem absurd to try to write a new constitution for not just Scotland but by implication the entire UK in a matter of months. But sometimes these things happen. History throws up circumstances that force rapid change.

Think of Magna Carta – the 800th anniversary of which falls in June next year – which challenged absolutist monarchy and introduced the rule of law. Or the Declaration of Arbroath. Or the Glorious Revolution of 1688, which entrenched parliamentary democracy. We are fortunate in this country that our revolutions tend not to be bloody affairs that leave bitter divisions and enduring enmities. Perhaps, just perhaps, we can pull this off once again.

So, where exactly do we stand? Well, we have to start with…read the rest of the story

Postal Votes and the Royal Mail?

Postal Votes and the Royal Mail?

Scottish Social Media is reporting strange occurrences with Scottish postal votes being put into special RM sorting bins and shipped south of the border to be verified is this true?

Scottish royal mail workers are now claiming the first batches of completed postal ballots were not sent to local authorities but may perhaps sent to somewhere in England first before being sent back for the official count, if this is in fact true no postal votes should have been used in the official count period!

Has Election Scotland been made aware of these illegal allegations if so how many ballots have been tainted?

How many different complaints has now been received by election Scotland since the 18th and how many has already been passed on to the police service of Scotland and then over to the crown office thus far.

The biggest problem with the above is the fact most are all government agencies already investigating themselves.

Perhaps the Royal Mail would like to comment, they can use the email below as well?

This website would like to know if there is any more merit to this report please email us in the strictest confidence to

3 rounds and we’re out the Union

3 rounds and we’re out the Union

Round 1 saw the loss of Scottish political power. That will become evident when  Lord Smith produces his package based on  the constitutional ramblings of Gordon ‘fag packet Brown’. Then what?   Scotland  cannot ‘take’  more  powers, they have to be ‘given’ by Westminster to which we transferred our sovereignty  on Thursday 18th. September.  It is now  in the hands of English MPs,  to give or not to give.

In England, there had been no discussion prior to  the promise made by  Cameron, Milliband and Clegg.  That is why now, in England,  more powers to Scotland is subjected to the kind of scrutiny missing when the Scottish media punted ‘the Vow’ .  The English interest is now in play, and it has political power.  The ‘more powers’  leg of ‘the best of both worlds’ will  soon be seen to be broken. The other leg, the claim that we can shelter inside the economically powerful UK economy, will break as well. The austerity experienced so far will soon look in hindsight as a benign deliverance. No wonder Milliband left the deficit out of  his speech.

Against that reality, we have to rebuild Scotland’s political power.  The Westminster election next May offers the opportunity to do so.   Far from fleeing the political field,  plunging Scotland into the despair that overwhelmed us for a decade after 1979, there is a political army now engaged, drawn from Yes voters, who are determined there shall be a Round 2, to advance towards Round 3, to get independence.  The soaring membership of the SNP, Greens and SSP, shows that whoever believed it was over for a generation didn’t know the calibre of the Yes people who have emerged in the recent campaign.

Next May is too soon after the referendum result to go for independence. We can all regroup around Devo Max – that is all the powers in Schedule 5 of the 1998 Scotland Act, except foreign affairs and defence. If the SNP, SSP and Greens can agree an allocation of seats to enable a single ‘Devo Max Now’ candidate to run in each constituency, while Labour, Tory and Libdems split the No vote, Scottish political power can be re-established, and we could even hold the balance of power at Westminster.   That would be Round 2.

The Holyrood elections of 2016, by which time many who voted No will bitterly regret it as the economic axes fall,  will be Round 3.  Yes will have been conclusively proved right. No referendum  will be required.   A majority of votes and a majority of seats on a manifesto call for a mandate for independence will suffice.  Unionists who thought it was all over – you now have tiger by the tail.

Jim Sillars



Peter Murrell @PeterMurrell  ·  8h

There`s a murmur in the air. There`s a magic atmosphere. Oh yes you know it`s true. is 70,000 strong!! Join:***  ***

Here we are yet again having to do the BBC’s work for them after failing to report one of the biggest political stories of the year, that ten days after the historic referendum vote the Nationalists of Scotland the SNP now have over 70,000 party members.

This proves they are biased in their reporting as this event happened over 8 hours ago, its obvious Westminster tells them what to report and when and the last thing that needs reported to the wider UK public is this news of SNP membership surpassing 70,000 strong and that of crown office investigations about alleged postal vote tampering before the Tory conference is quite shameful and will not be forgotten.

The SNP will be singing in the streets tomorrow as independence votes go, the nationalists are usually the big losers if its a no vote at least Westminster will be glad about that outcome but fighting future battles is all about boots on the ground and 70,000 members may have extended family members eager to help out or join as well which won’t go down well with the unionist parties who could be in line for being wiped out altogether and they only have themselves to blame.

At the current growth of SNP join-ups 100,000 members in a few weeks time looks very likely indeed and sends out the message to everyone that nationalism in Scotland is not dead after all.

If you want to join the SNP please follow the red links above, remember it’s only £5 and £12 depending on your situation.

Latest update at 1900 on the 29/09;

The SNP retweeted

Monday, Monday, so good to me. 46,806 new members, it was all I hoped it would be. Total now 72,448. Join us

Blank Ballot Papers

Blank Ballot Papers?

Blank Ballot Papers is an issue that’s really taking the new Scottish media groups by storm it seems our 18th of never vote had so many inconsistencies that no-one really knows the truth any more!

Now us bloggers don’t know much about voting rules but there are lots of council workers that do and many are now speaking out ten days on from the 18th and its amazing what they are saying about the issue of blank ballot papers.

Some are saying counters asked officials about what they should do if no barcodes were on the ballot papers and told to count them anyway.

Debra Storr’s blog stated all Aberdeenshire Ballots had barcodes on the back yet Aberdeen City had none (well my one was blank for sure) on the same blog other counters claimed some had and some never in Glasgow if all these accounts are true how can the count be truly trusted, there’s five weeks to go before complaints about the vote must come to an end by that time Social Media will have done all the ground and leg work for the politicians in the YES Campaign to take over the real fight and if they don’t they may also lose the trust of some of the people as lots of folk are now asking how they have been so silent on these issues as well?

Election Scotland is going to be very busy this week first they need to tell us about blank ballot papers and why there are so many without them being counted and not rejected and what the counters were instructed on before the said counts were started?

How many votes was counted that had no barcodes how many were that did and if they don’t know, why not?

This is getting very disturbing and kind of proves this vote was indeed a shambles and perhaps should either be recounted or given a full revote to gain confidence in our Scottish voting system.

The promises of extra powers will never be agreed upon

Another letter from a concerned citizen;

The promises of extra powers will never be agreed upon and enacted by the major parties in the proposed time frame which has already been breached, and time is of the essence before the 2015 general election. If the Scottish government does not act now to oblige Westminster to fulfil this one promise, Scots will get nothing, and could lose everything.

On the other hand, if this promise is fulfilled, however grudgingly on the part of Westminster, Scotland will hold its constitutional future in its own hands.

At present, only the Westminster Parliament is permanent; Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland have devolved parliaments. Power devolved is power retained, so the powers the Scottish parliament currently enjoys are ‘on loan’ from Westminster. The Scottish Parliament and any of its powers can be abolished at any time by statute.

While many discount the possibility of Westminster abolishing the Holyrood Parliament, holding that is impracticable and unworkable, there is precedent. The Stormont Parliament in Northern Ireland was abolished in 1973 during the troubles, and there is no reason to think that a Prime Minister Nigel Farage would not abolish the Holyrood Parliament if he found Scots too nettlesome.

That is why the promise to make the Scottish parliament permanent is so crucial, even though it is obvious the unionist parties have not thought through the constitutional implications. If the Holyrood parliament were to be made permanent, it would no longer be devolved, and could not be abolished.

This entirely changes the nature of the parliament, and would not need to seek Westminster’s permission to define its own powers and status within the UK through a written constitution, and could never have powers revoked.

A permanent parliament would also be a sovereign parliament, because they would no longer live under the threat of abolition. Traditionally, full sovereignty has been held solely by the Crown and Parliament, but has been dying a slow death for centuries. In this day and age, it is anachronistic to maintain that a hereditary Monarch should be the sole sovereign at the expense of the people who live there. It’s as if the enlightenment never happened in the UK state.

I have therefore written this simple draught legislation that the Scottish government may use as it pleases.

The Scottish Parliament Permanence and Sovereignty Act of 2014

Whereas: The leaders of the three main Westminster parties David William Donald Cameron of the Conservative and Unionist Party, Nicholas William Peter Clegg of the Liberal Democratic Party, and Edward Samuel Miliband of the Labour Party did sign a joint solemn promise printed in the Daily Record on September 16, 2014 to legally entrench the permanent status to the Scottish Parliament in the event of a ‘no’ vote in the referendum for Scottish Independence held on September 18, 2014.

Whereas: The process of legally entrenching the Scottish Parliament was to begin on September 19, 2014, though no legislative action in the Westminster parliament has yet taken place to this effect.

Whereas: The solemn promise to legally entrench a Scottish Parliament will be rendered moot after the United Kingdom general election in May 2015. Therefore, in order to fulfil this promise, the Scottish Parliament must act before circumstances make it impossible.

Hereby Enacted: The Scottish Parliament based in Edinburgh Scotland shall be permanent. Only the Scottish people acting through the democratic process may change the status of the parliament and its powers.

While passing such a law may not fall under the competences stipulated in the Scotland Act of 1998, and could be subject to some form of judicial review, it would merely be giving effect to a promise made by all three major Westminster parties, so there should be no objection. If there is, the Scottish government can legally deal with it accordingly.

While there was a ‘no’ vote, it was a conditional ‘no’ vote. A vast majority of Scots want devo plus or devo max or whatever, but it has yet to be defined in any meaningful way.

The adoption of The Scottish Parliament Permanence and Sovereignty Act will be a simple way for the Scottish Parliament to enact its legal right to become permanent and sovereign, and may the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune fly. After this referendum campaign, with the unrelenting propaganda of Westminster and the mainstream media, what are Scots afraid of?

That’s what I thought. Move before the window of full autonomy and sovereignty slams shut forever.

Yes Scotland or The Yes Movement are so much more positive and flexible

International Scotland considered this good enough to pass on and thanks to Gordon Mackinnon’s ideas we hope this passes on gently but firmly to the Scottish voters.

Gordon Mackinnon writes;

Dear all,
I’d like you to read this.
I am a member of several pro-independence groups and communities on Facebook. My timeline feed has been filled with posts almost constantly as a result, sometimes with very similar or identical debates, pictures or trending threads. I wondered if there was a way of streamlining these groups.

So I have done some research on Facebook and have discovered AT LEAST 9 MAJOR ‘community/cause’ groups and 4 ‘public’ (forum-style) groups that are currently active even after the referendum. These are the following “causes/communities”: Yes Scotland (361, 235 members), We Are The 45% (175,346 members), We Are The 45 (3,278 members), The 45% (23,191 members), Vote Yes For Scottish Independence (7,353 members), and another one with the exact same name Vote Yes For Scottish Independence (3,262 members), another two communities with identical names: Yes To An Independent Scotland (one with 2,428 members another with 73,245 members), and Scottish Independence – Vote Yes (70,020 members).

On top of these we have several ‘public groups’: We Are The 45% (2,052 members), The Yes Movement (3,527 members) and The Forty Five Percent (4,027 members). This excludes all the smaller, more specific groups, e.g. Disabled People For Yes, Women For Independence, Scottish Asians For Independence, etc etc.

A lot huh? More than we need I think. And I can only assume that these figures include many duplicates due to some people (like me) being in several of these groups simultaneously.
So my idea is to assimilate ALL of these groups. And the reason I feel this is necessary is 1) there is too much activity to keep up with, a lot of it pointless and without direction, 2) I am seeing increasing internal squabbling because a lot of us are at a loss for what to do and are not sure how to channel their anger or frustration. So if I were a Westminster politician I would happily sit back and laugh as I watch us disintegrate, divide and fracture into an ineffectual force not worth worrying about….and I want to prove them wrong. 3) if there are activities like rallies or demos to take part in these are posted in the one group and people don’t have to trawl the web endlessly wondering if there’s a rally they’ve missed or a new policy that’s passed them by. 4) since there’s no denying people like to debate (and sometimes rant) therefore minimising time-wasting and repetition would be best done can be done by using just one ‘public group’ as a debating hub meaning activity is more easily monitored and lastly 5) many of them members of some of these groups are completely unaware that there are other similar groups around. It would make sense that they too have access to the stream of information that many of us are sharing.
So, what I would like to propose is that ALL ADMINS of these groups and communities could please contact one another and amalgamate your groups under one umbrella. And I think the way to do this would be to maintain ONE ‘community’ or ’cause’ Page and ONE ‘public group’, the former for posting news, updates, pictures, information, the latter for members to debate on and chat on. The primary Page should be for admins to post on only and I propose that ALL admins of the above groups become admins of the larger umbrella group.
If you are an admin and reading this, or if you personally know any of the admins of the above groups, please forward this request on to them as I suspect this will be swallowed up in the chaos like everything else. It is precisely this void of information I would like to see become formed and with direction. And I hope that you admins can see the benefit of this too. It will lessen each of your workloads and mean that responsibility is shared. So I will be posting this comment on all of the above pages (provided I have permission).

Finally, the name. It has been discussed in so many treads that it has become tedious but my friend the journalist Simon Stuart put it this way: “I am unconvinced by this “45” idea: why look backwards? We lost. No matter. Try again. (And fail better, if that’s what it takes!) On our feet. Let’s use the wonderful energy that we harnessed to move forwards together, not to dig ourselves into existing divisions (and, please, not to use Lord Aschcroft’s poll — based on an as-yet-unclear sample — to make sweeping statements about demographics and create even more divides)”

I must say, I very much agree. Yes Scotland or The Yes Movement are so much more positive and flexible. So, forward as one and ready to open ranks to new blood?

Onward for social change in Scotland and an independent country, whenever that may come.


Scottish Vote Shambles

Scottish Vote Shambles

We keep saying Social Media is very powerful and hard for the truth not to get out in the end.

Here is what we have learned 9 days on from the Scottish vote from Social Media Sources;

Blank voting cards where we put our crosses on, no barcodes or stamps (open to abuse)


If boxes of ballot papers were switched who would know and moreover how can it be verified later on???

No seals put on ballot boxes? (open to abuse)

Ballot boxes un numbered. (open to abuse)

No police escorts or very little for delivery of said ballot boxes to counting centres? (open to abuse if true!)

Bags of only Yes voting papers found but not counted shown on this website here!

Postal votes fully opened up and counted {tallied up) confirmed by Ruth Davidson and one other No Campaigner on BBC TV (open to abuse)

Fire alarms going off in Dundee yet officials seen on TV moving ballot papers and no explanation given on why the alarms went off? (very strange)

Voters feeling they were lied to (nothing new there)

95,000 Petition asking for a Scottish revote so far and counting?

Election Scotland claims nothing happened out of the ordinary, really?

If this is what we know after a week what will it be like before the end of a month of Social media frenzy, its going to be very interesting times indeed.





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