Scott Mccluskey thanks for this gem! it is well presented and well written!!!

I know this won’t sway the NO voters but please just have a wee read if your undecided – Ask yourself this.

In the week leading up to the referendum. If YOU are undecided now and are living in Scotland then you have been terrified by the negativity of the Better Together campaign.

Once YOU understand why you are still hesitant to decide, then this will make it easier.


One day after a Yes vote 95% of the complete future oil reserves currently under the North Sea & New West Coast oilfields, valued at between; 1-3 TRILLION POUNDS will legally transfer from Westminster control to the Scottish government and there is nothing that Westminster can do to stop it under International law.

Future remaining tax receipts to be collected from Scotland’s waters are estimated at between 300-650 Billion pounds.

This is the power that your vote has on the 18th of September. Maybe never before in history have 4 million voters had such potential for massive positive change for THEIR country.

Control of the UK’s greatest ever insurance policy against their debts will transfer to Scotland and the tax receipts remaining in Scotland’s waters will go direct to Edinburgh and not to London after the official legal handover in 2016.

They are the ones that should be worried about currency, not you.

We are well covered; we will have their insurance policy.

If it has kept 65 million peoples currency afloat for 40 years, how long will it support the currency of 5 million?

If you answer these 6 questions by yourself truthfully then you will be better prepared to reach an informed decision.

Ask yourself this, If YOU were going to lose between 1-3 Trillion pounds as the UK currencies insurance policy against their debts, and annual income of between 4-12 billion in oil taxes alone, future tax receipts of up to 650 Billion Pounds and you could lie to protect it, would you? I would, I would lie about everything, Currency, the EU, supermarket prices, mortgages, pensions, border posts, even bleeding X factor if I thought that it would make you vote no.

I would offer any power that you asked for, (without it being legally binding; of course), just to vote no, especially if I already had debts of 1.3 TRILLION pounds and rising daily.

This is THE basis of the NO campaign; provide total negativity to the electorate, frighten them enough to vote no, not because they care about you, but to hold onto these reserves & the revenue that they create.

Westminster refused Devo-Max being put on the ballot paper.

This was what the majority of Scots would have accepted 1 year previously; equal partners, with a shared policy on defence & foreign affairs with total control of our revenues to follow our countries separate political path & aspirations, but still within the UK.

This was the easy option for many back then.

Ask yourself this – If Westminster cared about the people, and not just about the revenues, why then did they not allow this on the ballot? Could it be that people do not matter to them, revenue and power is their only motivation?

Ask yourself this – Have Westminster provided one positive plan to lift almost 1 million Scots out of poverty?

On the contrary, both Labour & the Tories have already stated that deeper and continued austerity will be required to at least 2018.

25 billion of cuts are already approved for 2015, and a further 86 billion to balance the deficit before they even tackle a DEBT of approx. 1.6 Trillion pounds by 2018.

I have a plan, it is to create thousands of jobs in Scotland, and allocate money to invest in our infrastructure at the expense of London & the SE. At NO additional cost to what we are already paying to Westminster, see below.
Ask yourself this – Have BT provided any positive plan to save Scotland money apart from deeper austerity and the removal of services? I have, a Yes vote will remove Trident replacement, 120 billion, Hs2, 4.7 billion, Westminster refurbishment; 500 million, not pay for Westminster or the House of Lords; 100 million per annum, do not pay for the London sewerage system upgrade, cross rail project, new London Airport & many more London & SE projects, another 2 billion at least.

Change our military to a defensive capacity from an offensive capacity, an immediate saving of 1 billion per year.

We currently pay Westminster 3.1 billion for defence but receive only 2 billion spent in Scotland.

A YES vote saves us 130 billion pounds plus without spending one more penny than we are already being or will be charged by Westminster.

Would YOU rather it was spent on frontline services here or sent to Westminster?

Ask yourself this – Have BT provided one positive plan to provide additional quality jobs to Scotland? I have, 12000 direct military defence force jobs will be stationed IN SCOTLAND, with their families.

These will provide thousands of additional procurement, support & logistics jobs at no cost to us as we already pay for them.

200 NEW embassies will be required for some of the world’s richest countries in Edinburgh, generating hundreds of direct jobs and millions to the local economy, boosting airport travel & raising our nations profile at no cost to us.

All of the oil company head offices currently in London will move to the capital city of the country who OWNS the oil, Edinburgh, creating thousands more quality jobs and tax revenue at no cost to us.

All jobs outside Scotland that relate to OUR TAX REVENUES, Income Tax, N.I.C. VAT, Oil revenues, Listed companies & oil company corporation tax, Export tax, betting & gaming, alcohol & tobacco, Inheritance tax, fuel duty, road tax, Capital gains tax, Air passenger duty and even payments towards our so called debt that Westminster have run up on our behalf.

Countless thousands of jobs created by the 35 billion pounds that Westminster spent for us last year will return home, revenues that will then be collected in Scotland, by Scots who live here, sent to Holyrood and will be spent by Holyrood for the benefit of the people of Scotland and not Westminster without any cost to us as we already pay for them.

Ask yourself this – Do YOU believe in HOPE over FEAR? Look around any village or town in Scotland. Have they got better? Have you or your family got more disposable income in your pocket than you had 15 years ago? Do you feel more secure in your job? Do you feel that your services are safe?

Do you believe that Westminster is truly acting in your interests? Do you believe that the widening gap between the very rich and the poorest is fair? Do you believe that the new massive cuts announced up to 2018 will target the very rich or the working people of this country?

BT has offered nothing but deeper austerity and pain, YES has offered hope and a chance for positive change. You may never get this chance again.

Do not let them scare you into what you may lose. Just look at what you have to gain. Yes offers this, no offers nothing.

Lose your fear; believe in yourself, your people and your nation to do it better.

If I can come up with a positive plan like this, without it costing us any more than we already pay then think what plans the greatest minds in Scotland can come up with when planning our Nation’s future.