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Statement Required On Sampling Postal Votes??

Statement Required On Sampling Postal Votes?
Chief counting officer Mary Pitcaithly said all counts “were properly conducted and scrutinised”
Picture of Mary Pitcaithly OBE - Elections Scotland.

In the statement over 5 days ago, a spokesman responded: “The chief counting officer is satisfied that all counts throughout Scotland were properly conducted and scrutinised by thousands of people representing both the Yes Scotland and the Better Together campaigns, as well as international election observers, media and police.

Its all very well what happened on the night of the 18th when the votes were starting to be counted from polling stations but the question is now of inside information up to 4 weeks before with postal ballots aleggedly been opened and tallied up and used bu the No Campaign in order to perhaps alter the over all result.

Mary Pitcaithly or her officials needs to tell the Scottish people who was present at these so-called sampling events, who gave them permission to examine these secret ballots, how many were seen and for what purpose, was Ruth Davidson at any of these unofficial counts and how many councils allowed this process?

Were any of Election Scotland officials even aware these councils were allowing the No Campaign access to any of these secret postal votes and taking tallies (counting them up as they go along)?

If they were not aware of it how can any organisation claim it was indeed properly conducted and scrutinised”

Any of these postal vote returning offices could have been open to abuse, banana republics have better controls and perhaps the Russians were spot on as they said it was rigged from the very start?

One thing is very strange did anyone notice there was many local returning officers not the normal election guys but local authority CEO’s why was that the case?

UPDATE; Some Scottish Social Media sites are claiming which has not yet been confirmed by the Tories (their Scottish website bandwidth has been exceeded…in this day and age, very convenient we all say, what does Mr Boyd have to say?) one of their own may get tugged on Monday under police caution?

Who can that be, although the list of potential witnesses is now growing by the hour!

Was BBC Aware Of Sampling Of Postal Votes

Was BBC Aware Of Sampling Of Postal Votes?

No Campaign Caught Again Sampling Postal Votes.

Yet again we find not only Ruth Davidson and others talking about getting access to secret information but passing it across the country, she said “we are not allowed to talk about it, really?

No one bothered to tell Tony Blairs EX advisor;

Speaking on the Politics Show on Sunday 14th September 2014, John McTernan claimed to know that postal votes were favouring the No campaign.

McTernan, who was a former advisor to Tony Blair, told BBC presenter Andrew Neil:

“It’s important to remember that around a fifth of the electorate, a quarter of the total turnout, have voted already by postal vote and those postal votes are running very strongly towards No,

“So there’s a whole bank of votes in.”

The No Campaign had a huge advantage knowing this information which must now question the legallity of the whole vote now?

How many people was connected to this Postal Vote Scandal?

Were the BBC fully aware of these reports before the vote and if so why did they not report this to the police 4 days before official polling opened, they must have as the BBC was responsible for the show above, don’t they have a duty to report criminal activities to the police?

No much wonder this has been passed to the Crown Office this has the makings of a re-vote for sure!

Crown Office Investigates Postal Votes Scandal

Crown Office Investigates Postal Votes Scandal



The Crown Office has been called in to examine allegations that pro-Union campaigners breached electoral secrecy law by examining referendum postal ballot papers to gauge how well the Better Together campaign were doing before the vote on the 18th Sept 2014.



RESULTS INSIGHT: Tory leader Ruth Davidson was encouraged by ballots.
RESULTS INSIGHT: Tory leader Ruth Davidson was encouraged by ballots but was she ever at any of them?.

Complaints were passed to Police Scotland and elections watchdog the Electoral Commission.

These arose following comments made by Ruth Davidson, the Scottish Conservative leader and prominent supporter of the Better Together campaign.



Ruth Davidson said during TV coverage of the referendum, 45 minutes after the ballots closed, that the No camp had been “incredibly encouraged” by the results of a “sample opening” of the postal ballot that she said had taken place around the country over the few weeks prior to the poll closing.



How the Westminster Mob can say this was a fair contest and totally above board proves how out of touch they are with reality and the pressure of sites and other social media sources are now putting them under the microscope like never before.



This is no small matter if Better Together had inside information that proved they were in trouble before the 18th of Sept 2014 and used it for their own ends.



If proven, inside information was used weeks before then a revote would be on the cards as this would be an insult to democracy. Why has Ruth Davidson not been put under temporary suspension while this cloud hangs over her ?



Will our lovely BBC report this latest very troubling developments or will they be told to stay silent on the matter, and for how long?



Latest SNP Membership Figures Soaring.

Yet another Scottish News Media report that the BBC will hate to report on that the SNP is adding over 1000 memberships evey 4 hours!

Here is the details in full;

Everything is awesome, everything is cool when you’re part of team. 41,385 new, 67,027 total members.

To Join please click on this link:

If your working it only costs £12 and if your unwaged only £5 a year.

Nothing like it in the world telling Westminster they thought it was all over well nationalism has only just begun, join the SNP and get rid of the No Campaign parties for a bright new future where our own people govern our own interests and keep our own resources.

UPDATE 23:34;

7 o’clock and I want to rock. New members 42,589, total 68,231. Saturday night’s the night I like. Join now:




Scotland’s New Media

Scotland’s New Media.

Scottish news website Bella Caledonia launches ‘buycott’ plan to redirect BBC licence fee funds amid bias row.

Although International Scotland agree’s there’s lots wrong in the biased reporting of late, encouraging others to break the law is the wrong way to go at this early stage.

Young independent countries have to walk before they can run and if other of Scotlands New Media entities want to survive; this is sending all the right messages to the Westminster ellite in our humble opinions.

We are also the new breed of Scottish News Media and we to are also sickened by all the improper news reporting over the last four weeks.  This shows the BBC and others can not be trusted to report the truth of what’s really happening here in Scotland; only yesterday we reported how they missed 23,000 signatures from a current revote online petiton because their Westminster paymasters would have hated the idea Scots was continuing the fight.

We are all only 18 months away from another history making event here in Scotland where the labour and lib-dem parties in Scotland will all or completely wiped out as an political force.





While the NO Campaign remains tight lipped about possible criminal charges being brought to their doors following the latest postal vote scandal it must be stated that Ruth Davidson has never stated she was present but on the other hand it seems information was indeed communincated to her of such importance and this could answer the big question why all three political leaders rushed to Scotland weeks before the 18th of never!

The No Campaign would have a had huge political advantage and helped them before the vote on the 18th but if Ruth was not there who was, she stated on TV that her mottly crew was at many councils, were they labour/lib-dems or conservative controlled how many party workers were there, did these councils monitor their activities, did they have full access to the voting papers without proper controls given these votes totalled nearly 20% of all votes cast thats over 800,000 ballot papers for Ms Davidson to claim they were in the lead means they must have counted over 500,000 of them which means the whole vote must be thrown out and re-done or no-one in their right minds will ever trust a postal vote ever again.

We the people of Scotland demands to know which councils allowed these actions to take place?



Yesterday saw the BBC giving yet another blatant example of Bias towards the YES campaign, as the Ruth Davidson Vote Counting Scandal rumbles on the campaign to get all votes recounted gathering pace the BBC decided to tell blatant lies by stating that campaign had 70,000 votes when in reality it had over 90,000 votes, thats three times now the BBC has used the same 70,000 figure in the last five days!

Meanwhile back to the Ruth Davidson Vote Counting Scandal, here is the full transcript that the BBC did report correctly for a change and now puts Police Scotland under huge preasure to take action.

The allegations surround comments made to BBC Scotland by Ms Davidson about 45 minutes after polls closed in last Thursday’s Scottish independence referendum.

Ms Davidson told the Scotland Decides programme: “We have had people at every sample opening around the country over the last few weeks… and we have been incredibly encouraged by the results from that.

“Going into today, going by the postal votes that were cast, our side would have had a lead and I think that we have a confidence, I hope a quiet confidence, that the quiet majority of Scots have spoken today.”

‘Taking tallies’

She said postal votes were not counted until after the polls closed, but added: “Different local authorities have had openings around the country. It is illegal to discuss that while any ballot is ongoing, so until ten o’clock tonight no one could talk about it.

“But there is people in the room that have been sampling those ballot boxes as they have been opened and they have been taking tallies and the reports have been very positive for us.”

The Scottish Independence Referendum Act 2013 states that those attending the sample openings must not “attempt to ascertain at the proceedings in connection with the receipt of the ballot papers the outcome for which any vote is given in any particular ballot paper or communicate any information with respect thereto obtained at those proceedings”.

Anyone convicted of breaching the law can be jailed for up to a year, and/or receive a fine of up to £5,000.

The sample postal vote openings, which were attended by agents from both campaigns ahead of polling day, were held to confirm personal identifiers – the date of birth and signature – on the postal ballots matched those held on official records.

The ballot papers are supposed to be kept face down when postal voting packs are opened so postal ballot agents and observers are unable to see how people have voted.


Scotland’s future.

picture of Westminster

Westminster vultures and suck you dry robots!

Scotland’s future.
Scotland has always been a nation of “hard acts to follow”, and that is why we know we must get our house back in order.
Let’s start at the top, Westminster – a hated group of MPs who are at present putting our country through the wringer, love them or hate them we seem to give them red carpet treatment who in reality deserve at present resentment and the sack all rolled into one.
At one time not so very long ago, ALL MPs came from people like us, ie; ordinary people, shopkeepers, teachers, etc… who considered that they could contribute to their local or national area by starting off as local politicians and eventually proving their worth and getting voted into the U.K. parliament.
To help you understand better; these are the percentage of Elitist Britain who are in positions of power with the source coming from Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission;
71% of senior judges
62% of senior armed forces officers
55% of top civil servants
36% of the cabinet
43% of newspaper columnists
Today’s Westminster parliament are in a class of their own! with 28 millionaires, today’s Westminster MPs are as far out of touch with their constituents that they can possibly be – simply look at some of these so called career politicians and then look again at their secure voting areas with austerity, food banks and disabled citizens – all crying out for help while watching how their local medical and hospitals are being dismantled – it is no less a lesson in citizens humility towards their dictatorial betters being financially better off, because it is certainly not intelligence.
Today’s MPs as we are all aware are placing buying arms and bullets before our citizens, and making sure that their own personal financial futures are processed first before the peoples welfare and social justice.

How many of you reading this has financial interest in the NHS being privatised – shame on you if you are one of these individuals! Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong in making bundles of money but placed in priority AFTER the countries social and welfare programs – arms and bullets are not and have never ever been since 1945 a priority, and may I add should never ever be unless in an emergency.
Although history tells us that the Tories have never ever put citizens first before privatising everything once owned by the great British public, it also tells us that unless we get rid of these greedy Westminster money making politicians, you can easily spot them! – these are the ones you see on the news from your local area and you say ” Who???” Scotland in particular will suffer badly, especially after the recent vote if we do not get our house in order – with so many movements going on at present we must all make noises to return a positive future for our nation.
When you are considering those obscenities, such as food banks, austerity (forced hardship) and the pressures on the NHS consider also those families who have shrunk so low in their forced shame by these money making Westminster schemes that in bereavement they cannot afford to bury their loved ones, so to die is another unspoken problem.
My theory is quite simple and straightforward;
1 . Get rid of the existing Westminster government and do not have a short memory for the next choice whoever they may be.
2. Scotland must vote for one party only at the next election, to keep out the contaminated MPs who have the smear of food banks, austerity and NHS closures on their hands – for example’; one prominent MP posed for a photograph while opening another obscene food bank.
3. We must all put our welfare and social needs first and these should be our priority to question our chosen politicians. When we ask our local politicians we need concrete proof they are not telling porkies, especially about welfare and social justice. Our children and grandchildren need a future, at present they do not have a future except in a foreign land.
4. Now that Scotland knows that voting means absolutely nothing in a national vote our energy should be directed at all local elections making sure every single local councillor has welfare and social justice as their priority – if they are not 100% committed to welfare  and social justice, do not vote for them. We must change our habits to include the benefit of those around us as this influences our children’s future, and in turn our grandchildren future.
5. I believe; like millions of others that ALL MPs wages should be frozen, and their wages go up at the cost of living rises the exact same as you and me, and automatically reviewed every ten years. MPs should have no personal interest in anything to do with Government in this Country or any other with respect to shares stocks etc…without exception! The should not be allowed to sit on directors chairs, partners etc either! An MPs wages are huge compared with most employees, they should appreciate this, as it will encourage a closer working relationship with the people whom they represent. I also believe that all MPs whoever they are should spend at least one week each month in local MPs surgeries, they are voted into parliament and local councils to do our bidding, not the other way around. ALL MPs and Councillors should be more answerable to all their constituents so that we as citizens can appreciate what they are doing for us daily.

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