Latest SNP Membership Figures Soaring.

Yet another Scottish News Media report that the BBC will hate to report on that the SNP is adding over 1000 memberships evey 4 hours!

Here is the details in full;

Everything is awesome, everything is cool when you’re part of team. 41,385 new, 67,027 total members.

To Join please click on this link:

If your working it only costs £12 and if your unwaged only £5 a year.

Nothing like it in the world telling Westminster they thought it was all over well nationalism has only just begun, join the SNP and get rid of the No Campaign parties for a bright new future where our own people govern our own interests and keep our own resources.

UPDATE 23:34;

7 o’clock and I want to rock. New members 42,589, total 68,231. Saturday night’s the night I like. Join now: