Statement Required On Sampling Postal Votes??

Statement Required On Sampling Postal Votes?
Chief counting officer Mary Pitcaithly said all counts “were properly conducted and scrutinised”
Picture of Mary Pitcaithly OBE - Elections Scotland.

In the statement over 5 days ago, a spokesman responded: “The chief counting officer is satisfied that all counts throughout Scotland were properly conducted and scrutinised by thousands of people representing both the Yes Scotland and the Better Together campaigns, as well as international election observers, media and police.

Its all very well what happened on the night of the 18th when the votes were starting to be counted from polling stations but the question is now of inside information up to 4 weeks before with postal ballots aleggedly been opened and tallied up and used bu the No Campaign in order to perhaps alter the over all result.

Mary Pitcaithly or her officials needs to tell the Scottish people who was present at these so-called sampling events, who gave them permission to examine these secret ballots, how many were seen and for what purpose, was Ruth Davidson at any of these unofficial counts and how many councils allowed this process?

Were any of Election Scotland officials even aware these councils were allowing the No Campaign access to any of these secret postal votes and taking tallies (counting them up as they go along)?

If they were not aware of it how can any organisation claim it was indeed properly conducted and scrutinised”

Any of these postal vote returning offices could have been open to abuse, banana republics have better controls and perhaps the Russians were spot on as they said it was rigged from the very start?

One thing is very strange did anyone notice there was many local returning officers not the normal election guys but local authority CEO’s why was that the case?

UPDATE; Some Scottish Social Media sites are claiming which has not yet been confirmed by the Tories (their Scottish website bandwidth has been exceeded…in this day and age, very convenient we all say, what does Mr Boyd have to say?) one of their own may get tugged on Monday under police caution?

Who can that be, although the list of potential witnesses is now growing by the hour!