Was BBC Aware Of Sampling Of Postal Votes

Was BBC Aware Of Sampling Of Postal Votes?

No Campaign Caught Again Sampling Postal Votes.

Yet again we find not only Ruth Davidson and others talking about getting access to secret information but passing it across the country, she said “we are not allowed to talk about it, really?

No one bothered to tell Tony Blairs EX advisor;

Speaking on the Politics Show on Sunday 14th September 2014, John McTernan claimed to know that postal votes were favouring the No campaign.

McTernan, who was a former advisor to Tony Blair, told BBC presenter Andrew Neil:

“It’s important to remember that around a fifth of the electorate, a quarter of the total turnout, have voted already by postal vote and those postal votes are running very strongly towards No,

“So there’s a whole bank of votes in.”

The No Campaign had a huge advantage knowing this information which must now question the legallity of the whole vote now?

How many people was connected to this Postal Vote Scandal?

Were the BBC fully aware of these reports before the vote and if so why did they not report this to the police 4 days before official polling opened, they must have as the BBC was responsible for the show above, don’t they have a duty to report criminal activities to the police?

No much wonder this has been passed to the Crown Office this has the makings of a re-vote for sure!