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Daily Record admits vow document is fake.










Now the Daily Record editor is claiming “so what its not their actual signatures.”

Does this not show that not only show the Daily Record cant be trusted neither can any of the three stooges of Mileband, Clegg and Cameron who stated they signed it on the 16th which we now know was a whopper of a lie and was just the game changer the NO Campaign were looking for means whatever anyone says in the future can positively be taken with a pinch of the white stuff……

DR failed to supply readers with a disclaimer pointing out the truth and proves our story yesterday that the DR just made it up as they went along….and all the rest of the media including our BBC just reported it without checking the FACTS, or attempting schoolchild research. Now we learn that even the lie has no substance – what a Government!


LABOUR AND THE DAILY RECORD have made a mockery and a laughing stock of the people of Scotland.

The biggest and most important vote ever in Scottish history on the 18th sept 2014 and Scotland and Scotland’s people have been well and truly shafted by the Labour Party in collussion with the Tories, the Liberal Democrats, the English Labour Party and to cap it all; Scotlands so called working man’s newspaper the Daily Record, I am ashamed to admit for many years I contributed to putting food on the table of these so called professional reporters connected to the Daily Record – it was bad enough leading up to the 18th of Sept 2014 that all the Scottish Newspapers took the stance against their own people with no attempt to remain balanced and undecided – the “YES” campaign had one solitary newspaper which was the Sunday Herald who backed them and supported them.

Those who actually own the Daily Record made it obvious they want nothing more to do with the Scots and Scotland simply by their antics over the last year – was it a last gasp attack on the people of Scotland before their newspaper goes to the wall? or was money the guiding light to this eternal and everlasting Scottish damage? We in Scotland will remember this and we in Scotland will simply boycot this newspaper for all time – perhaps they should pack up and get out of town now, before we get every lie under the Sun (pardon the pun) making excuses for their unprofessional behaviour.

The axe should fall on the Daily Record editor for allowing this, no excuse can be given for doing this dirty underhanded confidence trick on the people of Scotland.



Below is an account from the website wings over Scotland which reports on leaked emails that seems to put the daily record of making the whole vow pledge an editorial mock up which had no basis in fact of any kind and was backed up by the three political leaders as a good idea to hoodwink the people of Scotland into voting no, surely not, how could they,


The labour party says no official document is available as it was all made up by the Daily Record and this is the reason the labour party can’t hold the tory party to deliver on a pledge written on less than a fag packet?

This deserves a revote as the people of Scotland were sold on a lie to beat all others, if true the so called professional reporters of the Daily Record should be ashamed of themselves and hang their heads in utter shame!, after all it’s Scotland’s people who have been putting food on their tables since they joined the supposed Scottish newspaper. I wonder how many more Daily Record readers intend to boycot this rag?

Its impossible for the Labour party to do anything these days that can be in the public interest good job it came from a non-political source.

When confirmed if accurate, and there is no doubt it looks genuine research from the source then the SNP can ask for a new indy vote anytime they like and it will be a landslide in favour of a YES!


Scottish websites and political blogs are going nuts today and demanding answers, this site has sent email to sky news desk asking for them to do the right thing, watch this space?

(Real) email correspondence forwarded by an alert reader:

From: HARTY, Sam
Sent: 21 October 2014 16:58
Subject: Official Copy of Vow;

Dear Ed

Mr Clarke has a constituent who would like a formal copy of the Vow that was made prior to the Scottish Referendum.

Is it possible for your office to provide Tom with a copy for his constituent?

Thanking you in anticipation of your co-operation.



On behalf of


DAILY RECORD SCOTTISH VOW LIE CaptureAnd here’s the response:

From: WILLIAMS, Angie
Sent: 28 October 2014 11:19
To: HARTY, Sam
Subject: RE: Official Copy of Vow

Hi Sam,

There is no official document, it was something that the Daily Record mocked up. My best suggestion would be to send them the attached. We won’t be producing anything more official.



BBC Scot Squad was on BBC Scotland on Monday night and it was one of the funniest piss takes ever and some viewers may have been forgiven it was not real life given some of the sketches looked like real life instances, (we are kidding).

Just how our real Scottish police force is going to take it is another matter all together as its very close to the bone indeed?

Scot Squad has superb writers that may have been former police insiders that will compete at Christmas with the likes of “chewing the fat”

Hopefully Scot Squad’ can tell us how the alleged vote rigging enquiry is going before the next episode is released, now that would be a funny sketch?

Here’s a real review from the one of the few trusted papers in Scotland.


No One Wants To Lead Scottish Labour

No One Wants To Lead Scottish Labour.

Five weeks after it was all smiles in the now discredited no-campaign till today no new labour pretender wants the task to lead the labour party north of the border.

Its amazing to think they managed to convince 2 million Scott’s that they had all the answers when they joined forces with the Tories when they all knew their party was about to shatter into bits.

Gordon Brown has said “don’t look at me I have lied more than enough in the last three months to last a life time” so I am very sorry I cant save you guys from political annihilation in Scotland even though I may have caused it, somewhat!

Plus I cant even get even get 1000 of the 100,000 votes, even from English labour voters that I needed to get the Tories to honour the VOW promise we said we would honour and deliver!

Yet another reason ex no voters cant trust labour to do right thing for Scotland or its people means Scotland will send the most amount of SNP members of parliament ever in all its history thanks to the Scottish Labour Party.

David Cameron Attacked in Leeds

David Cameron Attacked in Leeds

Nothing like the best secret services in the world allowing what looks like an innocent kid running into the prime minister which you can see comes from at least 30 feet away and got so close to the PM he could have done anything he wanted.

Press reports says there is no motive or whether it was even meant at this stage.

Questions on close security is bound to be asked now within Westminster circles.

Lets hope the lad is not of Scottish birth or this young looking lad (28) may never be seen again.

Latest news;

Jogger runs into PM on way to gym, perhaps the young lad should take his security detail with him as he’s faster than them to react…..I bet they never even checked on his gym membership but at least there is no mention he could be Scottish, well not yet!

When you see the footage it seems by the camera angle the jogger went for him as he does look like he took three steps to the left and bundled into him, good excuse though just to brush it off as an accident rather than real intent on the PM.

Yet more latest news;

Mr Cameron wishes to thank his security team, for what making him like look a right plonker? Any self respecting bar bouncer could have done a better job perhaps he does not want an enquiry in case they replace this A team with the worse B team, its just a thought!

Mr Cameron does this all the time he thanks everyone that does a crap job like the chancellor of the exchequer for example he thanks him almost every day for attacking the poor and disabled while still allowing the richest 1% by not collecting billions in tax evasion schemes!

Scottish Labour Party Branch

Scottish Labour Party Branch, Clueless.

Our regular readers will have remembered what we said many times about Scottish Labour in England telling its Scottish Branch of its national party what to do and if it did what the result would be, a wipeout in Scottish labour heartlands!

Well here we are and this is just about to happen to the worst political party in the world you see if they had backed a yes vote they would have been crowned the victorious instead of being the villians for generations to come not because they did it for the best interests of the people of Scotland or even the future of saving their skins in 2015 or 2016 elections they did it to save both David Cameron and their English based and controled labour party leadership as without Scottish labour MP’s it would be game over for ever getting into power ever again.

Any one voting for the Torries with true conviction deserves everything they then get, taxed beyond belief!

Now we are hearing Scottish Labour was told three years ago no-one from England could tell their Scottish branch what to do, oh no here comes Falkirk all over again what a shambles!

SNP at 100,000 foot soldiers versus next to nothing wont be fun on the doorsteps if they even turn up for the political drubbing of a lifetime will see labour implode from within so now we have to ask ourselves why they never saw this coming proves they cannot govern period not in the UK and certiningly not here in Bonnie Scotland, not ever!

So in 2015 general election barring blank ballots and yet another alleged vote rigging mess will return mostly SNP members of parliment which means without the SNP labour wont get in which in turn means yet another indy vote in 2-3 years time where labour wont dare find themselves on the wrong side again?

In effect we were right all along the Scottish Labour Party Branch were as clueless then as they are now and right now looks like they will always be?

Scottish Labour Party Paying The Price.

Scottish Labour Party Paying The Price.

Scottish Labour Party paying the price of getting into bed with Clegg and Cameron.

Labour is in total disaray, leaderless and without a clue, they thought saving the union would kill the nationalists and its had the oposite effect with the SNP heading for 100,000 members and ground troups for the next two elections its game over for the labour party in Scotland.

Next general election where no ballots will be blank this time around most MP’s from Scotland will be from a nationalist party demanding yet another indy vote as yet again Westminster fails to honour said vows and promises before May 2015.

The out-going leaded has been kicked in the teeth and the last place she should have been hit but will she let slip what deals and offers were made in the last days of our indy vote?

Bet she loves the idea of spilling the beans on the greatest lie ever to be told to Scottish labour heartlands who will never forgive them getting betrayed by their westminster masters.

Did Mr Wood Know About This New Oil Find

Did Mr Wood Know About This New Oil Find?

A new oil field has been discovered in the North Sea, but Scottish independence campaigners are bitterly unimpressed with the news.

BP and GDF Suez E&P UK said they had discovered the field, which spans two areas where the companies have separate licenses to explore, in the central North Sea. The field could supply a maximum of 5,350 barrels of oil a day, according to estimates, making it worth around £157 million a year.

The question must now be put the Mr Wood whether he was aware of this find or was his assumption completely one sided that is in fact loads of oil still to be discovered in the North Sea after all.

Pro-union BP kept this little gem of news telling us all there’s no new fields out there worth exploring as oil in the Northsea is running out, no votes were cast on that lie, they should hang their heads in shame.

When the next indy vote comes around we all know what to say about that subject don’t we!



Constitutional Rights form

Scotland’s citizens have already got;
Constitutional Rights


Shortly after the final region’s result came in Alex Salmond resigned.


On resigning he said; “We lost the referendum but Scotland can still carry the political initiative.” Later that day he said; “The real guardians of progress are not the politicians at Westminster, or even at Holyrood, but the energetic activism of tens of thousands of people who I predict will refuse meekly to go back into the political shadows.

” In effect what Salmond was commenting on is the sovereignty of the Scottish people.

It is the Scottish people who will gain our country’s independence, who will make our country a place where equality, fraternity and social justice are the principle driving forces; not any political party or political institution.

The sovereignty of the Scottish people is first documented in the famous Declaration of Arbroath 1320.

It states that the King of the Scots (note not the ‘King of Scotland’) and his successors are king by contract with the sovereign people, and if the crown does not serve the people it will be removed by the will of the people.


Neither in public nor in private law was the king above the law, and he could not concede powers of absolute sovereignty to any parliament.


It is important to be clear on what is meant by sovereignty.


It suffices to state that, in the modern political context, a sovereign is the ultimate resting place of legitimate authority.


Sovereignty means the supreme and controlling power of an absolute and independent master.


It is the place where arbitration stops; it is the source of final decisions from which there is no further appeal (James Wilkie, Scotland’s Constitution – Some Fundamental Thoughts).


In effect representatives, rulers, authorities are servants of the Scottish people, and can be legally removed by the Scottish people.


All constituted power is subordinate to the power constituting (that is we, the Scottish people).

***The United Nations recognises our sovereignty.***


On several occasions the UN General Assembly has referred to the Scottish people as having the right to self determination, to the sovereignty of the Scottish people, and our power to decide our own internal and external political status freely and without external interference, and this is unassailable.


However, this has not been honoured by the British State; they constantly interfered during the referendum, thus interfering in our right to decide our own future freely and without interference.


The sovereignty of the Scottish people has since the Acts of the Union been a major constitutional problem for Westminster and the British State.


However, as this was the foundation of democracy in Scotland they have had to accept this constitutional problem.


The statutory role of the Scottish Office is to ensure that no UK Law or Statute conflicts with or affects the core rights of the sovereign Scottish people.


Lord Cooper’s core finding was that the Acts of the Union preserved the rights of the Scottish people as being sovereign, and that this status is an essential part of the Acts, which cannot be changed, for all time.


We the people of Scotland are masters of our own land and this has to be accepted by the British State, as recognised by the Acts of the Union.


For example Michael Forsyth argued that, “the…Scottish Parliament would be empowered by the sovereign Scottish people, in a way Westminster never legitimately was”, in reference to the formation of the Scottish Parliament.


He also said, thus understanding fully the idea of the sovereignty of the Scottish people, that the, “Scottish Parliament could [thus] pass a bill for independence and there would be nothing Westminster could do to stop it.” (How does one read this?)


Another example of the understanding that the British State has regarding this concept was seen a few years ago, when the UK Supreme Court found in favour of the Scottish Government over a minor issue.


However, what was not minor was a statement hidden away in their judgement, saying that the court, “had no power to set aside any bill, statute or act of the Parliament of Scotland where that bill expressed the clear will of the people of Scotland.”


What this statement made clear is that neither the UK Government nor their political state has any legitimacy if opposed by the sovereign Scottish people.


It is with the concept of the Scottish people that is found the distinction between Scotland and England.


In Scotland the state and all its representatives are subject to the community of the people, whereas in England the people are subjects of the monarchy and to a lesser extent the Parliament.


We, the sovereign and conscious people of Scotland, have a right which cannot be undermined by a corrupt and invalid union.


When the Union was signed, it was not through the will of the Scottish people, but decided by a select few individuals, against popular opposition.


***This union was signed with complete disregard to our sovereignty, and on the contrary, went directly against the will of the people of Scotland.***


But this does not mean that sovereignty is gone, it is simply not recognised.


A birth right does not simply diminish.


We can reclaim our sovereignty; we can once again decide what happens to our country.


We are the people who can make a change; and that is what we must do.


If we want to be an independent, fair, and democratic society, it is only we who can make it so.


***The sovereignty of the Scottish people is the very essence of democracy in Scotland and it begins and ends here.***

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