Blank Ballots Latest news.

So far on the brilliant after the referendum website over 1300 brave Scottish voters have went on-line and put their names forward as potential witnesses to say they were given illegal and counterfeit blank ballot papers and even postal votes too.


So far it looks pretty bad for Edinburgh, Glasgow, Oban, Falkirk, Borders, Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire with witnesses coming forward and voting at the same venues at different times of the day and all allegedly being issued with blank ballot papers to vote on.


Some of these voters were perhaps no voters as well shows they are committed in finding out the truth of what really happened on the 18th?


As this and other sites are saying we want all politicians to understand they have a duty of care to their constituents more than their parties and if they believe in democracy they need to stand up and be counted and ask their local councils for a review of why so many Scott’s are willing to come forward and speak out, if elected members don’t then the cries of anger will only get louder throughout Scotland that our all politicians are useless and cannot be trusted to defend any form of democracy.



Saying nothing of 1300 willing to go to court so far and testify and if they are lying could result in prudery charges shows their commitment to the truth then why are all politicians silent right at this time, do they know something the Scottish voters were never meant to find out or even have the gall to question!

Is it not amazing that not one Scottish politician is willing to even inquire about all that the people of Scotland from all walks of life have since found out 1 month on from the said vote, if all these things happened somewhere else they would be jumping on top of each other and shouting FIX but not even a whisper, just silence, one must just ask themselves why?

Has there been any gagging orders placed on any party workers to stay silent of what they know, we know people have raised concerns to party troops outside polling stations on the 18th all over Scotland about being issued with blank ballots, how is it possible that these concerns were not put to the counting stations before ballot boxes started to arrive at counting venues and raised with the counting officers and why then was nothing said when the rejected ballots were not rejected because they were indeed blank and no-one said a thing to any returning officer about the fact if blanks were being issued throughout the day why have your counting staff not found any of them where are all the blank ballot papers gone too?

Even more Shocking is the fact over 1000 voters so far have said “my ballot was blank” yet the results show no ballot papers were rejected for being blank so where did they all go to why were these not spotted at 32 counts and if they were in the count how can any of the counts to be trusted as being correct?

For every person served a blank ballot paper there would have been 99 other ballots in that bail that was also blank so thats 100,000+ blank ballots with potential yes votes kicking about that no-one has found at the counting venues so far, so where are they now?

It should be recognised that if voting slips are blank then they must be either fraudulent or simply counterfeit – the rules state that if your voting slip has no bar-code or recognition number it is stopped or should be stopped AFTER the Marshall checks it and has either a number or bar-code on the back of it, which should be visible once folded – it is stopped by the Marshall by her/him putting their hand over the voting box entry slot – there are no directives on the ruling for voting papers which are blank, so therefore that particular vote which has a blank paper is directed as void!

This is not rocket science its common sense yet why is no politician defending democracy in these obvious dubious actions of others?