No Formal Training Before Vote

No Formal Training before Vote

Yes folks yet again another horror story is unfolding before our very eyes most if not all presiding officers or counting officers were given any formal instructions on the day or night of the 18th of September.

If they were then they would have known issuing BLANK BALLOT PAPERS to voters was not allowed and counting officers finding Blank Ballot Papers should have been rejected makes everyone cringe with horror that something that was in the planning for two years can be this badly run, school kids of 12 could have run a better show than this!

The reason most never got training is the fact every council asks its employees to volunteer for either the day shift or nights one cannot do both!

Most council staff have been doing this job for many years and don’t appreciate they may require instructions?

Most we have talked did not know ballot papers were meant to be marked on the reverse side – WHAT?

So far 110,000+ ballots according to the blank ballot survey has be cast that should have been rejected at the counts from all over Scotland, this is because for every person who reports this means the voters pads comes in 100 bails if one report is blank it must follow all 100 ballots must also be blank, think about this please?


The SNP leadership have told this website; “to be clear all ballot papers were indeed blank“. So here we are not even the SNP knew what the rules were before the vote took place or did they even care?




The SNP can’t have it both ways but are trying hard to.



Election Scotland says NO BALLOTS WERE BLANK period so who is telling the truth here!




Election Scotland is saying NO Blanks, SNP say YES they all were, Greens say a bit of both yet rules says no blanks allowed to be counted so the party that wanted to win the most says,







Perhaps the yes campaign were too quick to offer those assurances and now they are just plain stuck with the result no matter what they have learned over the last few weeks?




Perhaps they know this was an error on their parts and cant admit they were suckered into it.

 Insanity springs to mind here?

You would think professional journalists would be all over these kinds of massive gaffs but its left to hobby bloggers, some close to death to do their work for them and we won’t fail our readers without seeking out the truth no matter what colour it turns out to be!

The biggest problem in Scotland is keeping a secret no matter what, its people always finds out.


We then have to wonder when, not if these little secrets are released on any alleged pre-deals or POLITICAL inducements to somehow comply, there will be surely hell to pay at the next ballot box games in May 2015 and beyond for years to come.

It seems the voters of Scotland knew more than the elected MSP’s
Blank Ballot Papers are a massive issue for thousands of voters of our country and if politicians ignore calls for genuine inquiries then 100,000 SNP members will get and elect new people that will stand up and be counted have no fear about that.

It seems the politicians are happy for the people of Scotland to shout the loudest while they wait for Westminster to shoot themselves in the foot every day but they can’t leave it for too long or people might just think they knew more than they are letting on even most no-voters the genuine ones are starting to think if their no-vote was actually counted or not?

If our elected MSP’s don’t care about alleged vote rigging then what is the point of voting for them at all?