No Police Present At Polling Stations.

No Police Present At Polling Stations?

There has been widespread reports of the lack of a police presence at any of the Scottish polling stations and this has baffled many witnesses but let’s think this through.

At every vote I have ever took part in Police Officers have been in attendance yet the most important vote in our last 300 years of history most are pulled off the job in hand, perhaps if something like BLANK BALLOTS were being issued savvy members of the public may have asked the police if they were aware of this practice taking place and knowing the regulations themselves would have to take a witness statement there would perhaps have been many paper trails of election fraud taking place all over “yes heartlands”, of Scotland.

Just think back as your reading this now were the police at your voting station were you given a blank ballot and if the police were there would you have reported this fact to them?

There was no police at my Aberdeen Voting Station and I did think it was a bit strange!

Perhaps that’s why you never saw them there who knows its all over now, or is it?