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There seem to be a variety of legal ways of obtaining Independence without putting the media to the trouble of again trying to frighten the old folk to death by printing and broadcasting the pessimistic predictions of gloom from the vested interests in Westminster and from the banks, financial institutions and other multi-nationals which allowed themselves to be persuaded to help Westminster.  The soonest and surest way will occur next May when the Westminster General Election allows Scots the opportunity of providing a majority of “Yes Alliance” MPs amongst the Scottish contingent. Little change of the recent voting strength is needed because of the antiquated Westminster system for election. If that should fail then we have, in 2016, an opportunity to elect another SNP Government in Holyrood, with a larger majority and with another mandate for a Referendum. The legal opinion in the video provides a third way of doing it. I would prefer to do it next May if the Court of Session is not allowed to order a rerun of the Referendum.
“The only True, Natural Route to Independence is by the way of a Unilateral Declaration of Independence. It is your Birth Right as Sovereign Scots to Exercise your Constitutional Rights to not be Governed be England. Our Constitution, The Arbroath Declaration of Independence Declares there need be but 100 of us to remain free of English Rule. We are 2,000,000+ Christine Grahame Msp said we must declare Independence on the street and online.
So, the magic words are:

I hereby declare, as is my Constitutional Right as a Sovereign Scot, that Scotland is an Independent Sovereign Nation, and that We, as a Nation, no longer consent to Westminster Governance.

We liked the above two letters of guidance to those who feel our Country has been stripped of all it’s pride and independent thoughts…


Votes Were Never Counted

Votes Were Never Counted.

Four weeks on the only thing we know for sure is there was at least 100,000 Scottish votes that was never counted.

We know this because Election Scotland has stated there was only 3500 rejected ballot papers and we know over 1200 people has come forward and registered their concerns that they were issued with a blank ballot paper and as each blank ballot was issued there would have had to be another 99 blanks issued as there was 100 ballot papers in each bail.

The SNP leadership has confIrmed to us all ballot papers should have been blank and election Scotland says in its rules that if they were blank which the deny all ballots would have been rejected so that would mean 2.8 million polling station ballots should have been rejected if we take what the SNP has told us is true! Of course we know there was only 3500 approx. that was rejected but interestingly none was rejected because they were blank that means none of the blank ballots ever got to the counting stations therefore over 100,000 ballots are perhaps missing.

Lets take Aberdeen for example so far 4 people going to Northfield Community Centre 2 of them between 7-8am and two others at different times reporting they were issued blank ballots on the day so that’s at least 300 ballots that should have been rejected for being the wrong type yet election Scotland says none were and the SNP says all were.



Was you given a blank ballot if you were the chances are your vote was not counted and if it was it should have been rejected without fail so what happened?

Please report your story to this website NOW!

No Police Present At Polling Stations.

No Police Present At Polling Stations?

There has been widespread reports of the lack of a police presence at any of the Scottish polling stations and this has baffled many witnesses but let’s think this through.

At every vote I have ever took part in Police Officers have been in attendance yet the most important vote in our last 300 years of history most are pulled off the job in hand, perhaps if something like BLANK BALLOTS were being issued savvy members of the public may have asked the police if they were aware of this practice taking place and knowing the regulations themselves would have to take a witness statement there would perhaps have been many paper trails of election fraud taking place all over “yes heartlands”, of Scotland.

Just think back as your reading this now were the police at your voting station were you given a blank ballot and if the police were there would you have reported this fact to them?

There was no police at my Aberdeen Voting Station and I did think it was a bit strange!

Perhaps that’s why you never saw them there who knows its all over now, or is it?




Over 1200 people have come forward so far and are willing to give evidence to a court of law describing how they cast their votes whether that be in favour of a yes or no vote it does not matter what matters is we now know most if not all 32 areas had at least some if not many blank papers.


We know this because reports are coming in on the after the indy vote campaign group website based in Inverness says so and we know they are publishing whatever witnesses are telling them word for word.


What we also know is all bails of voting papers came in batches of 100 on each pad and the SNP says all ballots were correctly blank ones but this flies in the face of comments by election Scotland who says none were and no ballots were rejected at the count for being blank yet we now know 100’s of thousands were issued blank but no-one knows where they are right now and it seems all our politicians could not care less, and everyone should be asking them why?




We also know most presiding officers never asked voters to see their ballots before entering the ballot box so it was open to as much fraud as anyone wanted, this votes result was unsafe and cannot be trusted as fact, yet no-one in power says a word, just pure silence!


SNP now has over 100,000 foot soldiers who signed up for nationalism but getting federalism by the back door instead many new and old members left very disappointed at developments and asking why no-one has challenged why so many blank ballots issued yet none of them has turned up at the counting stations and they are right to be angry.




ELECTION SCOTLAND SAYS NONE WERE BLANK BUT NOT ONE HAS SO FAR BEEN COUNTED OR EVEN BEEN REJECTED AS SUCH, SO AT LEAST 100,000+ VOTES CAST EITHER AS A YES OR NO VOTE AND NO-ONE KNOWS WHERE THEY HAVE WENT TO, it could only happen here in Scotland we hear our readers say and all our local politicians and media says nothing, now that’s a real good job in any ones book, what was the point of going to the polls at all we here you ask?



In Scotland ask yourself; who has the power and influence to pull this off without question and who has the power to pull this off with no recourse – what we can tell you is there are one and half million known voters who will influence the next vote in a positive way as long as they keep the faith and reject all waffle and false promises likely to be spewed out.


Blank Ballots Latest news.

So far on the brilliant after the referendum website over 1300 brave Scottish voters have went on-line and put their names forward as potential witnesses to say they were given illegal and counterfeit blank ballot papers and even postal votes too.


So far it looks pretty bad for Edinburgh, Glasgow, Oban, Falkirk, Borders, Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire with witnesses coming forward and voting at the same venues at different times of the day and all allegedly being issued with blank ballot papers to vote on.


Some of these voters were perhaps no voters as well shows they are committed in finding out the truth of what really happened on the 18th?


As this and other sites are saying we want all politicians to understand they have a duty of care to their constituents more than their parties and if they believe in democracy they need to stand up and be counted and ask their local councils for a review of why so many Scott’s are willing to come forward and speak out, if elected members don’t then the cries of anger will only get louder throughout Scotland that our all politicians are useless and cannot be trusted to defend any form of democracy.



Saying nothing of 1300 willing to go to court so far and testify and if they are lying could result in prudery charges shows their commitment to the truth then why are all politicians silent right at this time, do they know something the Scottish voters were never meant to find out or even have the gall to question!

Is it not amazing that not one Scottish politician is willing to even inquire about all that the people of Scotland from all walks of life have since found out 1 month on from the said vote, if all these things happened somewhere else they would be jumping on top of each other and shouting FIX but not even a whisper, just silence, one must just ask themselves why?

Has there been any gagging orders placed on any party workers to stay silent of what they know, we know people have raised concerns to party troops outside polling stations on the 18th all over Scotland about being issued with blank ballots, how is it possible that these concerns were not put to the counting stations before ballot boxes started to arrive at counting venues and raised with the counting officers and why then was nothing said when the rejected ballots were not rejected because they were indeed blank and no-one said a thing to any returning officer about the fact if blanks were being issued throughout the day why have your counting staff not found any of them where are all the blank ballot papers gone too?

Even more Shocking is the fact over 1000 voters so far have said “my ballot was blank” yet the results show no ballot papers were rejected for being blank so where did they all go to why were these not spotted at 32 counts and if they were in the count how can any of the counts to be trusted as being correct?

For every person served a blank ballot paper there would have been 99 other ballots in that bail that was also blank so thats 100,000+ blank ballots with potential yes votes kicking about that no-one has found at the counting venues so far, so where are they now?

It should be recognised that if voting slips are blank then they must be either fraudulent or simply counterfeit – the rules state that if your voting slip has no bar-code or recognition number it is stopped or should be stopped AFTER the Marshall checks it and has either a number or bar-code on the back of it, which should be visible once folded – it is stopped by the Marshall by her/him putting their hand over the voting box entry slot – there are no directives on the ruling for voting papers which are blank, so therefore that particular vote which has a blank paper is directed as void!

This is not rocket science its common sense yet why is no politician defending democracy in these obvious dubious actions of others? 


Ruth Davidson Police Enquiry Latest

Ruth Davidson Police Enquiry Latest.

Ruth Davidson through her Westminster chums has stated she did nothing wrong, we presume she is saying she was not at any of these alleged postal verifications, we accept this on the face of it but there is still many unanswered questions?

1/ Where did these alleged unofficial counts take place and when?

2/ How many party agents were present at each venue?

3/ Who allowed them in to count all or most of the postal votes, was it ever reported by staff as being a security breach?

4/ Was Election Scotland aware of this prior to the vote of the 18th?

5/ If they were aware why did they not report it to anyone, or did they?

6/ Were any postal votes sent to England first and if so why?

7/ If any of the above is true not only will the information have been passed to one leader of the no campaign but to others too, how deep does this alleged postal votes scandal go?

8/ Ruth was not the only person to have alleged she had full inside intended voter information at least she waited till after the polls closed before telling the world of this alleged data protected information theft which was being leaked out to some if not all no campaigning groups?

9/ Will others that appeared on the BBC politics show 3/4 days before the vote, where someone stated the same like for like information as Ruth disclosed live on TV, will he be interviewed as well or has he already been?

10/ The no campaign leadership has given no indication whether they were or are aware of this alleged data protected information or if it was being leaked out to any of them and its only fair we ask them now what they knew at the time?

The problem here is the fact hundreds (100s) of thousands (1000s) of votes might have or perhaps were counted and the people who are alleged to have done this perhaps have sent it up the line of control so the question must be how far and to whom and what strategy got changed if any after it became known how the people of Scotland were voting prior to the 18th and if true the vote would have to be re-run would it not because the other side would have had a massive unfair advantage over the other?

It must be a fine-line as well as to what you would do if information came to a member of the public would they be required to report this to the police if they knew it was perhaps a criminal matter or would they stay silent and god forgive what a sitting MSP would do given the seriousness of the offence to say nothing and report it to no-one and then to wait 45 minutes after the polls closed to basically tell the world their side had won the vote over all, ***how can anyone say that when they banned all exit polling and counts had not even started in earnest***.

YOU SEE SHE SAID ON TV: “We are not allowed to talk about it as this is illegal to do so” really so who passed on this information on to her in the first place then? So that was OK then? If what she said was true then she must have already told the police who or others that may have communicated this highly secretive information and if she then told others where does that leave her position now?

So in conclusion if the above has any substance to it, who told Ruth this information, by whom, when and knowing it was wrong to do it and might perhaps be of a criminal nature what did she do with the said alleged assumed data protected information???

***The only place in the world that had no exit polling carried out makes many to now ask why?***



FAMILIES in the North of Scotland are having hundreds of pounds a year added to their electric bills because of a hidden surcharge, it was revealed today.

Households in the Highlands, islands, Moray, Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire are paying 2p more per unit of power than consumers in other parts of Scotland because of differences in transmission costs across the country.

Power giant Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) said it wanted to scrap the regional price differences – but was unable to do so because they were set by regulator Ofgem.

It was revealed in June that almost 60 per cent of people aged over 60 in rural parts of Scotland were living in fuel poverty, compared with 45 per cent of over-60s in urban areas.

The attack on the pricing regime was led by the Western Isles Poverty Action Group.
Story in the Scotsman

Law Firm Celebrates No Win one Day Early

Law Firm Celebrates No Win One Day Early.


We have been tipped off from several readers of this blog over the last few days that a famous law firm with offices in certain Scottish Cities including Aberdeen held NO Campaign victory celebrations with magnum champers no-less, one whole day early and before the vote even took place!


This is what we call in Scotland “taking the P*SS far to far”.

If that’s not bad enough one famous bookmaker was paying out the punters betting on a NO vote a whole two days early to punters in the south of England which has alleged very close links to the NO Campaign in England, where have you ever heard of that before on what the general UK media was hyping as too close to call!

Was this the reason no exit polls were allowed to take place anywhere in Scotland as the yes campaign would have walked the vote after polling stations closed and the end result could have been over 20% out of sink and they could not answer why they were well off the mark as exit polls are never more than 1% wrong in any recent elections around the entire world?

We are getting lots of reports of similar party events either well before or just after the polls closed, when you look at the body language of the No campaigners at their party they held in Scotland after the vote closed everyone saw they all knew the scale of the result before a single vote was counted and many behavioral experts have stated this since.


With growing evidence by the day their was some sort of fix in place calls for an urgent inquiry into possible vote rigging will only grow louder, all parties should be very worried by everything and all evidences of rules and regulations being fully investigated as it seems certain government insiders knew no matter what Scottish Voters did, the Yes Campaign was never going to win, its high time the the Yes Campaign stood up for the people of Scotland and demand inquiries take place or perhaps they were on in this cosy fix as well?


Had this vote taken place anywhere else the UK Government would be shouting from the rafters proclaiming it was a banana republic fix yet here we are less than a month old and most Scott’s think we have been conned out of self government and perhaps even from the sides that said they wanted to win most bottled it and perhaps took the offer from others of federalism rather than take the risk of losing everything of course if this was the case they knew at the time this was a win, win, win, for them as Westminster would never deliver on their pledges which we are seeing now and the next referendum would be a walk over as it will turn out to be.


Of course if we and other bloggers are wrong about this idea you would have expected at least the SNP leadership to shout from the rafters about all this injustices but what have we heard, not a sound, oh except one, Jim Sillars on twitter JUST 2 DAYS after the count “we need an inquiry into possible vote rigging and not a squeak since, makes us wonder about things how about you our loyal readers?

No Formal Training Before Vote

No Formal Training before Vote

Yes folks yet again another horror story is unfolding before our very eyes most if not all presiding officers or counting officers were given any formal instructions on the day or night of the 18th of September.

If they were then they would have known issuing BLANK BALLOT PAPERS to voters was not allowed and counting officers finding Blank Ballot Papers should have been rejected makes everyone cringe with horror that something that was in the planning for two years can be this badly run, school kids of 12 could have run a better show than this!

The reason most never got training is the fact every council asks its employees to volunteer for either the day shift or nights one cannot do both!

Most council staff have been doing this job for many years and don’t appreciate they may require instructions?

Most we have talked did not know ballot papers were meant to be marked on the reverse side – WHAT?

So far 110,000+ ballots according to the blank ballot survey has be cast that should have been rejected at the counts from all over Scotland, this is because for every person who reports this means the voters pads comes in 100 bails if one report is blank it must follow all 100 ballots must also be blank, think about this please?


The SNP leadership have told this website; “to be clear all ballot papers were indeed blank“. So here we are not even the SNP knew what the rules were before the vote took place or did they even care?




The SNP can’t have it both ways but are trying hard to.



Election Scotland says NO BALLOTS WERE BLANK period so who is telling the truth here!




Election Scotland is saying NO Blanks, SNP say YES they all were, Greens say a bit of both yet rules says no blanks allowed to be counted so the party that wanted to win the most says,







Perhaps the yes campaign were too quick to offer those assurances and now they are just plain stuck with the result no matter what they have learned over the last few weeks?




Perhaps they know this was an error on their parts and cant admit they were suckered into it.

 Insanity springs to mind here?

You would think professional journalists would be all over these kinds of massive gaffs but its left to hobby bloggers, some close to death to do their work for them and we won’t fail our readers without seeking out the truth no matter what colour it turns out to be!

The biggest problem in Scotland is keeping a secret no matter what, its people always finds out.


We then have to wonder when, not if these little secrets are released on any alleged pre-deals or POLITICAL inducements to somehow comply, there will be surely hell to pay at the next ballot box games in May 2015 and beyond for years to come.

It seems the voters of Scotland knew more than the elected MSP’s
Blank Ballot Papers are a massive issue for thousands of voters of our country and if politicians ignore calls for genuine inquiries then 100,000 SNP members will get and elect new people that will stand up and be counted have no fear about that.

It seems the politicians are happy for the people of Scotland to shout the loudest while they wait for Westminster to shoot themselves in the foot every day but they can’t leave it for too long or people might just think they knew more than they are letting on even most no-voters the genuine ones are starting to think if their no-vote was actually counted or not?

If our elected MSP’s don’t care about alleged vote rigging then what is the point of voting for them at all?

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