Polling Station Staff Not The Same As Counting Officers

Polling Station Staff Not The Same As Counting Officers.

Just thought we would explain why so many different accounts of what happened on the 18th has now came to light in recent days.

Many Scott’s Voters has said when they went into their local polling booth and marked their Blank Ballot Papers and folded them into the ballot box a number of things happened that was a shambles.

First most ballot papers were blank

Second the officers were meant to check all ballot papers before putting them in the ballot box most reports says this never took place.

Third even if all the ballot boxes did get switched the CO’s (Counting Officers) would not have known they were blank ballots before hand because Polling Station Officers are Not The Same As Counting Officers.
All polling staff only work in voting stations and CO’s only count the votes so this could be one of the reasons for the confusion.
All should be employed by their own councils and most volunteer to be either at the count or polling stations but NOT BOTH!
So anything that happened during the day would not be picked up later on in the night as a different shift comes on.
We also have news from all the yes and no camps who are going nuts at the inaction of mainly the Yes Campaign for not asking for a judicial review with so many complaints we feel for the police because truthfully where would one begin and are the resources there to deal with so many voters complaints.