Ruth Davidson Police Enquiry Latest

Ruth Davidson Police Enquiry Latest.

Ruth Davidson through her Westminster chums has stated she did nothing wrong, we presume she is saying she was not at any of these alleged postal verifications, we accept this on the face of it but there is still many unanswered questions?

1/ Where did these alleged unofficial counts take place and when?

2/ How many party agents were present at each venue?

3/ Who allowed them in to count all or most of the postal votes, was it ever reported by staff as being a security breach?

4/ Was Election Scotland aware of this prior to the vote of the 18th?

5/ If they were aware why did they not report it to anyone, or did they?

6/ Were any postal votes sent to England first and if so why?

7/ If any of the above is true not only will the information have been passed to one leader of the no campaign but to others too, how deep does this alleged postal votes scandal go?

8/ Ruth was not the only person to have alleged she had full inside intended voter information at least she waited till after the polls closed before telling the world of this alleged data protected information theft which was being leaked out to some if not all no campaigning groups?

9/ Will others that appeared on the BBC politics show 3/4 days before the vote, where someone stated the same like for like information as Ruth disclosed live on TV, will he be interviewed as well or has he already been?

10/ The no campaign leadership has given no indication whether they were or are aware of this alleged data protected information or if it was being leaked out to any of them and its only fair we ask them now what they knew at the time?

The problem here is the fact hundreds (100s) of thousands (1000s) of votes might have or perhaps were counted and the people who are alleged to have done this perhaps have sent it up the line of control so the question must be how far and to whom and what strategy got changed if any after it became known how the people of Scotland were voting prior to the 18th and if true the vote would have to be re-run would it not because the other side would have had a massive unfair advantage over the other?

It must be a fine-line as well as to what you would do if information came to a member of the public would they be required to report this to the police if they knew it was perhaps a criminal matter or would they stay silent and god forgive what a sitting MSP would do given the seriousness of the offence to say nothing and report it to no-one and then to wait 45 minutes after the polls closed to basically tell the world their side had won the vote over all, ***how can anyone say that when they banned all exit polling and counts had not even started in earnest***.

YOU SEE SHE SAID ON TV: “We are not allowed to talk about it as this is illegal to do so” really so who passed on this information on to her in the first place then? So that was OK then? If what she said was true then she must have already told the police who or others that may have communicated this highly secretive information and if she then told others where does that leave her position now?

So in conclusion if the above has any substance to it, who told Ruth this information, by whom, when and knowing it was wrong to do it and might perhaps be of a criminal nature what did she do with the said alleged assumed data protected information???

***The only place in the world that had no exit polling carried out makes many to now ask why?***