Scottish Ballot Paper Survey.

Scottish Ballot Paper Survey.

At last action is now been taken to ask for a judical review and voters who witnessed at first hand blank voting papers to come forward and report their findings in black and white.

Over 1500 replies so far and it seems this issue was widespread practice all over Scotland and given their was only few thousand spoilt papers it seems crazy that any blank ballot paper would not have been rejected leaves one to suspect ballot boxes must have been switched on route as a lot more ballot papers would have been rejected and rightly so!

When you voted just remember back when you folded your ballot paper in half if it was all white and nothing writen on it you were served a blank ballot paper, you were perhaps cheated out of your vote and required to report as that is a criminal offense.

With so many reports of blank ballots now surfacing this entire result is unsafe and our politicians have to stand up and be counted, its not a case of asking for a revote but a recount or verifcation of the blank ballot issues need to be addressed and the only way that will happen is if a Scottish Sherrif deems it to be so.

The SNP has stated all ballot papers were indeed blank, Election Scotland says none were, the greens says some were, some were not, the point is the regulations are clear NO BLANK BALLOT PAPER CAN EVER BE COUNTED, PERIOD!

One thing is for sure millions of Scottish voters wont ever mark a x again without first checking the back of the ballot paper!

If you are 100% certain you were given a blank ballot paper on the 18th of September please do the right thing and report your findings to here;