Scottish Labour Party Branch

Scottish Labour Party Branch, Clueless.

Our regular readers will have remembered what we said many times about Scottish Labour in England telling its Scottish Branch of its national party what to do and if it did what the result would be, a wipeout in Scottish labour heartlands!

Well here we are and this is just about to happen to the worst political party in the world you see if they had backed a yes vote they would have been crowned the victorious instead of being the villians for generations to come not because they did it for the best interests of the people of Scotland or even the future of saving their skins in 2015 or 2016 elections they did it to save both David Cameron and their English based and controled labour party leadership as without Scottish labour MP’s it would be game over for ever getting into power ever again.

Any one voting for the Torries with true conviction deserves everything they then get, taxed beyond belief!

Now we are hearing Scottish Labour was told three years ago no-one from England could tell their Scottish branch what to do, oh no here comes Falkirk all over again what a shambles!

SNP at 100,000 foot soldiers versus next to nothing wont be fun on the doorsteps if they even turn up for the political drubbing of a lifetime will see labour implode from within so now we have to ask ourselves why they never saw this coming proves they cannot govern period not in the UK and certiningly not here in Bonnie Scotland, not ever!

So in 2015 general election barring blank ballots and yet another alleged vote rigging mess will return mostly SNP members of parliment which means without the SNP labour wont get in which in turn means yet another indy vote in 2-3 years time where labour wont dare find themselves on the wrong side again?

In effect we were right all along the Scottish Labour Party Branch were as clueless then as they are now and right now looks like they will always be?