Scottish Polling Stations Rules and Regulations 2014

Scottish Polling Stations Rules and Regulations 2014.
For our blog readers that may perhaps not be aware of the said rules on the day can see if any of these regulations were in fact carried out in their own local stations and whether they should be concerned if their own ballot paper was handled corectly or not as the case be.
The day of the referendum opening and conducting the poll The hours of the poll are from 7am until 10pm.
Opening the polling station
There may be a number of voters waiting for the polling station to open.
Greet them and invite them inside as soon as it is 7am.
Do not issue ballot papers before 7am. Summary of the voting procedure
For the majority of voters who come to the polling station, the voting process will be straightforward.
The following procedure should be followed in those circumstances:
Stage one
checking the voter
Greet the voter ask for their name and address, and make sure that they are eligible to vote
Mark the voter’s entry on the Polling List as instructed by your Counting Officer, in such a way as to show clearly that that person has voter
Call out the number and name of the voter
Stage two
issuing the ballot paper
Do NOT write anything on the ballot
Write the electoral number (including the polling district reference letter(s)if not pre-printed) on the corresponding number list next to the ballot paper number to be issued
Ensure that the ballot paper includes
the correct pre printed official mark on the front and the
unique identifying number on the back
(((All over scotland people are reporting their ballots were blank as was one of our admins in Aberdeen Mastrict where they complained at the time and told all City of Aberdeen ballots were also blank which means all aberdeen ballots should have been rejected at the count!)))
Hand the ballot paper to the voter
Read the instructions on the ballot
paper to the voter
Tell the voter to go to the
ballot booth and mark the paper
If there is more than one polling
station in the room, ensure that the
voter knows which ballot box the
marked paper should be placed in.
Stage three
The voter marks the ballot
paper in the privacy of the polling booth
Before placing the ballot paper in the
ballot box, the voter should show the
number on the back of the ballot
paper to the Presiding Officer
(((All repoprts from social media says they were never asked to show them their blank ballot papers before putting in into the ballot box because its obvious if it was blank to start with how can you show any mark as nothing would be showing and with so many reporting blank backs and very few rejected ballot papers at the count then the only conclusion is the ballots were relaced with genuine ballots before the count took place?)))
You should say ‘goodbye’ and thank
the voter as they leave the polling