One of the most shocking Scottish Independence alleged post-vote rigging films on Youtube post the Scottish Vote 2014.

Very disturbing to watch but with great care and strong evidence that will put politicians to the sword and Election Scotland on the back foot and this comes only 2 weeks after the vote what is it going to be like in two months?

Scottish political parties will either have to rubbish these claims or back them, sticking heads in the sand this time around wont wash, Scottish Yes and now No Voters are now demanding answers and rightly so and because we are all Scottish at heart we dont know the word for just giving up on anything or anything like this if only a fraction of this report has any merit to it.

Here is the problem for our home grown political parties if they ignore all these claims new parties will spring up from the ashes of this vote as they have educated new activists how to engage in the process and how to use the power of social and other forms of web media, the secret is working with your members or risk losing what was so hard to gain and then keeping them engaged for generations to come.

We will say this again one of our Admin had a blank ballot in Aberdeen and complained about it in the polling station and was told all ballot papers in Aberdeen City was also blank this means they should have all been rejected at the City of Aberdeen count according to the rules and regs yet very few were, was this because they got switched later with correct non-blank ballot papers?

Why is it the case more and more reports in social media of postal votes being sent to England when Election Scotland was quite happy for counting officers carrying any postal counts into the following day after the 18th?

These votes should have stayed in Scotland all the time but Election Scotland wont answer any questions from the public or as far as we are aware release a simple statement to say these social media reports are untrue and or bogus?

Not only that but we still have not been told which Scottish council’s allowed no campaigners into which councils sampling of votes took place, how many ballots were counted, who let them see it and how many observers took part not to mention if any council staff members who were present even complained to their bosses at the time or even if this sampling was even suppervised.

We the Scottish people have been told nothing and yet politicians have not said one word on any of this they have not even raised an eyebrow what Ruth Davidson said on BBC TV on the night of the 18th, WHY NOT, what are they not telling us?

Why is it UK media is almost silent on these issues yet the rest of the word is happy to have a great laugh at our expense something does not add up here and we the Scottish people are nobodys fools.

For something that should be easy to answer why is it being met with a wall of complete silence?

Please copy and paste this into your twitter or your facebook pages to spread the word on this possible injustice to the Scottish people through out the world.