Votes Were Never Counted

Votes Were Never Counted.

Four weeks on the only thing we know for sure is there was at least 100,000 Scottish votes that was never counted.

We know this because Election Scotland has stated there was only 3500 rejected ballot papers and we know over 1200 people has come forward and registered their concerns that they were issued with a blank ballot paper and as each blank ballot was issued there would have had to be another 99 blanks issued as there was 100 ballot papers in each bail.

The SNP leadership has confIrmed to us all ballot papers should have been blank and election Scotland says in its rules that if they were blank which the deny all ballots would have been rejected so that would mean 2.8 million polling station ballots should have been rejected if we take what the SNP has told us is true! Of course we know there was only 3500 approx. that was rejected but interestingly none was rejected because they were blank that means none of the blank ballots ever got to the counting stations therefore over 100,000 ballots are perhaps missing.

Lets take Aberdeen for example so far 4 people going to Northfield Community Centre 2 of them between 7-8am and two others at different times reporting they were issued blank ballots on the day so that’s at least 300 ballots that should have been rejected for being the wrong type yet election Scotland says none were and the SNP says all were.



Was you given a blank ballot if you were the chances are your vote was not counted and if it was it should have been rejected without fail so what happened?

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