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Superman Gordon Brown

Superman Gordon Brown.

Super Man Gordon Brown image

Gordon Brown the man who saved the union and Dave Cameron’s frazzled bacon will need more than kryptonite to get a second reading of the Scotland Bill by March 27th.

It seems the writing is on the wall for Scottish Labour and the No Campaigners pledge to get the second reading through the corridors of Westminster as the conservatives have worked out it was Superman Brown and Ed that will get the blame if the Scotland Bill’s timetable slides.

Our Tory insiders tell us they cant wait for the Scots to stick the boot into Scottish labour for breaking their election promises pre independence vote on the Vow of greater devolved power to the Scottish parliament.

Many commenter’s south of the border thinks the Libdems are back sliding not that really matters as they will be lucky to hold on to more than ten seats if they are really lucky, the real power brokers will be UKIP as they were not part of any pledge made to Scotland they wont need to offer any deals therefore this whole process cannot be guaranteed and could be the biggest red herring ever!

The only way to guarantee more powers is to vote SNP next May because whoever takes control having 50 MP’s killing every bill for the next five years will be hell and getting rid of them no matter what may be a price worth paying.

Labour Offers New Vow

Labour Offers New Vow!

Vote Labour at GE 2015 and I promise to deliver the pre-independent Vow that my London HQ office stated was not real in the first place?

Yet again Ed the Shred comes up with silly talk about how he will implement the Smith Commissions report, first its only a report, when the GE 2015 election takes place not only will New English MP’s not agree with it but their Glorious leader Ed might find he’s no longer leader of the red Tory party.

Of course the SNP might also be sending over 50 MP’s who will be demanding a lot more than is currently been offered therefore its crazy for the unionists to claim we are only going to get what’s currently on offer!

SNP would then have a renewed mandate to seek another referendum on independence whether the UK Government likes it or not, which means they would be under intense pressure to do whatever we as a Scottish nation wanted or the SNP more to the point.

The BBC stated that leaked documents showed Smith was going to recommend full benefit control before it went to the UK cabinet office yet two days later it was removed from his draft report how can anyone trust this commissions findings, Westminster said no you are not on and folks that was that, Smith buckled and remember none of this matters untill after the next election where if no-one votes for the Yasser’s then the NO’s will have it, The No’s will certainly shaft the Scottish people all over again have no doubts about that one? or if you really want to see exactly how the labour party works then watch the Ed Miliband video further down the page from RichPlanet which shows Miliband being manipulated like a puppet.

Ben Fellows on YouTube

Ben Fellows on YouTube

After our desturbing story on possible abuse we have been snowed under
with this youtube links to a guy called Ben Fellows who it seems is no stranger 
to Police investigations regarding these disturbing allegations of child abuse.

Its up to our readers to makeup their own minds but it does seem that perhaps 
certain dots are starting to join up, if this guy is making it all up how come
Mr Clarke one of the top QC's in the country has not taken legal action 
yet again beggars belief.

This guy got into all this while working for the Cook report when he was around 18 
years old pretending to be only 15.

If any member of the public has any information they wish to share with us 
please leave comment below marked PRIVATE.

Ben Fellows can be followed on his own website at

The Vow Has Been Honoured

The Vow Has Been Honoured.

Says the BBC, really, don’t they know the labour party and Libdem leaders have stated the VOW was something hashed up by the Daily Record.

This is further proof that BBC Scotland is so biased towards the unionist cause that most Scots don’t believe a word they say.

As many websites have stated no documents exist regarding this so-called vow by the parties which means no official paper trails.

Besides which these are only proposals and wont come into being till after the GE2015 so might not even happen.

International Scotland welcomes the idea we look after our own sick and disabled because the Westminster mob has totally failed them over the past several years.

Fracking The Answer To Cheap Crude Oil

Fracking The Answer To Cheap Crude Oil.

Fracking Companies are coming under increasing pressure to quit the market as they need at least $70 a barrel to justify Fracking production.

In the UK its much higher as production costs are much increased as our reserves are harder to extract, which just shows how stupid the UK Government has been in over selling this new technology.

You can’t threaten OPEC members with alternative oil and gas supplies without some sort of kickback and if Governments are going to encourage fracking its going to cost a fortune and will push frackers into receivership as they simply can’t compete against OPEC producers.

At the end of the day they are only protecting their produce although many oil nations needs over $100 per barrel just for their own countries to break even.

For OPEC to cut production its just not worth it for them they want to see a reduction in fracking period, to get the most out of the ground needs investment and a return if oil is priced under $70 fracking cant compete, so expect UK frackers to get huge tax breaks soon or its tatties for that industry in the short term.

The UK Government needs to work out if giving fracking contracts to their unionist friends is more beneficial than having a strong pound and north-sea oil and gas revenues to the benefit of all rather than the few, this may be perhaps an over simplistic view of the subject but unless there’s a rethink on policy oil prices will plummet to all time lows causing a run on the pound and a national balance of payments disaster for the UK just before a general election kind of shows they are clueless and void of all moral worth and to think how they are paid so much to not see this coming when general jo-public can see it a mile off is really scary indeed!

They need to lay off attacking the weakest in our country and get to grips with what’s really important to the country perhaps it’s just another excuse for them to say we can’t afford a welfare state let’s just get rid of it all together, thank god the Smith commission reports today, that could be another laugh in the making, but there’s all the earmarks of a public shafting already.

Paedophilia cover-up by the government – dated 26-11-2014

prime minister

Prime Minister





Ken Clarke

Ken Clarke



Paedophile Savile


Paedophilia cover-up by the government – dated 26-11-2014


Prime Minister David Cameron Personally Implicated In Scandal!
David Cameron disappears Kengate Tapes whilst Head of Corporate Communications for Carlton Television during the “Cash for Questions” scandal back in 1994. Will he be above the law as well?
The Metropolitan Police Paedophile Unit confirmed this week to me personally that there was indeed a government and Carlton Television conspiracy over the Kengate Tapes.

The police confirmed that Ian Greer along with Carlton Television conspired to cover up the “Cash for Questions” scandal for John Major’s government back in 1994.

So the Prime Minster David Cameron covered up a scandal of paedophilia in 1994 as a corporate “sleaze fixer” for Carlton Television, on behalf of John Major’s Conservative Government, through Ian Greer.

Now as Prime Minister, David Cameron is preventing the Metropolitan Police from investigating my case against Kenneth Clarke MP, who was involved in the scandal of sexually assaulting me in Ian Greer’s office, which Cameron helped cover up!

Okay, let’s just take a breath…
A number of political scandals in the 1980s and 1990s created the impression of what was described in the British press as “sleaze”: a perception that the then Conservative Government was associated with political corruption and hypocrisy.

In particular, the successful entrapment of Graham Riddick and David Tredinnick in the “Cash for Questions” scandal of 1994, the contemporaneous misconduct as ministers by Neil Hamilton, Tim Smith, and the convictions of former Cabinet Member Jonathan Aitken and former party deputy chairman Jeffrey Archer for perjury in two separate cases leading to custodial sentences damaged the Conservatives’ public reputation.

Persistent rumours about the activities of the party treasurer Michael Ashcroft furthered this impression.

At the same time, a series of revelations about the private lives of various Conservative politicians such as Hague, Portillo, etc, etc., made the headlines.

Scallywag Magazine even accused Lord McAlpine of being a paedophile. However the investigation was stopped but McAlpine didn’t sue Scallywag Magazine as they had photographic evidence apparently which then subsequently disappeared.

See the pattern? Paedophile rings all operate in the same way.
Detective Constable Ben Lambskin of the Met Police’s Paedophile Unit told me that Central Television had been bought by Carlton Television in order to shut down the Cook Report and control the now infamous Kengate Tapes.

DC Lambskin said, “The possible location for the tapes is that it was taken away by a Carlton Television lawyer who was dealing with the Cook Report and that was the last time it was seen” However I have discovered that the lawyer who took the tapes was indeed operating under the direct orders of our now Prime Minister David Cameron.

Is it possible that in order to protect the Major Government from a scandal of both parliamentary corruption and paedophilia at the heart of government David Cameron, then working at Carlton Television, conspired to mislead the British public, hide evidence that is in the public interest and pervert the course of justice in order to protect paedophiles by disappearing the Kengate Tapes.

David Cameron was rewarded by being made Prime Minister nominated at Bilderberg by, now Minister Without Portfolio and Chairman of the Bilderberg Steering Committee – Kenneth Clarke MP.

In fact this year Kenneth Clarke MP is taking Prime Minister David Cameron to Bilderberg.

We know that Kenneth Clarke MP was in Ian Greer’s office because of the Kengate Tapes.

Clarke joked that he was there so often Greer should put a parliamentary bell in his office, so he’d know when it was time to go and vote.
So now it starts to become clear how far reaching the Kengate scandal goes.

It appears that the paedophile ring in Westminster is now also connected to the monarchy by Prince Charles, who had a close and intimate relationship with Jimmy Savile.

Of course, if Kenneth Clarke cannot be spoken to by the Police then Prince Charles isn’t going to be spoken to about what exactly his relationship with Savile was.

We know now that – “your lovely ladies in Scotland” in a note Prince Charles wrote to Jimmy Savile was actually referring to children.

The Palace is speeding up plans for the Queen to abdicate within the next few months in order to make Charles King to protect him against the Savile scandal.

Originally it was planned for the Queen to abdicate before the unveiling of the Ministry of Defence’s release of the World War 2 records of the Royal’s connection to the Nazis.

However, the Queen has to allow the Police to question Prince Charles now in order to keep up the pretence of democracy.

On an even more serious note; there is no separation of government and monarch if the Prime Minster is a direct relation to HRH Queen Elizabeth II, which David Cameron is.

The fact that the Queen sat in on a cabinet meeting last year was indication enough of the lack of separation.

So we’re not living in the democracy we thought, if the Queen can pick up the telephone to the Prime Minister and have her wishes enacted by her relative, the Prime Minister David Cameron.
We know that HRH Prince Charles was friends with known paedophile Jimmy Savile.

In fact Jimmy Savile was the Prince’s unofficial social secretary.

We also know that last year for the Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations the Royals invited a known convicted paedophile onto their Thames Barge.

We know that Kenneth Clarke allowed Jimmy Savile access to Broadmoor, by literally giving him a set of keys to enter the maximum security prison, in order for Savile to abuse patients and associate with imprisoned paedophiles and serial killers.

Kenneth Clarke and David Cameron are obviously connected to Ian Greer as Ian Greer Associates had Carlton Television, where David Cameron was Head of Communications, as a major client in the 1990s.

So for the circle to be complete how is Prime Minister David Cameron connected to Prince Charles?

Well, it’s very simple if we understand who David Cameron is. David Cameron, is related to the Queen.

He is the first Eton-educated Conservative leader since Sir Alec Douglas-Home in the early 1960s. David Cameron, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry are all members of ‘Whites’ a private members gentlemen’s club in Mayfair – they get a family discount I guess!
David Cameron’s headmaster at Eton was Eric Anderson, who had also been Tony Blair’s house-master at Fettes Public School, which is dubbed the Scottish Eton.

After University Cameron’s first job was in the Conservative Research Department.

He progressed quickly through the ranks and was soon briefing ministers such as Kenneth Clarke etc. for their media appearances.

He worked with David Davis on the team briefing John Major for Prime Minister’s Questions, and also hooked up with George Osborne, who would go on to be shadow chancellor and his leadership campaign manager.

Cameron spent seven years at Carlton, as Head of Corporate Communications, travelling the world with the firm’s boss Michael Green.

But Mr Cameron’s period at Carlton is not remembered so fondly by some of the journalists who had to deal with him.

Jeff Randall, writing in The Daily Telegraph where he is a senior executive, said he would not trust Mr Cameron “with my daughter’s pocket money”. “To describe Cameron’s approach to corporate PR as unhelpful and evasive overstates by a widish margin the clarity and plain-speaking that he brought to the job of being Michael Green’s mouthpiece,” wrote the ex-BBC business editor.

“In my experience, Cameron never gave a straight answer when dissemblance was a plausible alternative, which probably makes him perfectly suited for the role he now seeks: the next Tony Blair,” Mr Randall wrote.

The Sun newspaper’s Business Editor Ian King, recalling the same era, described Mr Cameron as a “poisonous, slippery individual”.

Prime Minster David Cameron needs to answer questions regarding his direct involvement in the Kengate Tapes disappearance, the purchasing of Central Television by Carlton which he oversaw and why is he protecting what appears to be the lead players in an elite paedophile circle.
So all we need to do now is take bets on which “Clarkian” response he will give to these allegations.

A) I have no recollection of those events, what tapes? Etc, etc,.


B) It wasn’t me. They made me do it. I’ve signed a confidentiality agreement. It’s not my fault. I’ll have to look in to it. It a case of mistaken identity.

What is clear is that the Kengate scandal, whilst perhaps having a small seemingly insignificant start, is set to rock the very foundations of our society as the breakdown of this corrupt civilisation goes to the heart of government. To say what’s happening is biblical is an understatement!

What will the Police do now? Will they be investigating and talking to Prime Minister David Cameron about his involvement in hiding the truth from the British public which was in their interest to know? What will Parliament do now?

There needs to be a General Election.

Prime Minister David Cameron’s position is untenable.

He needs to do the honourable thing and resign his post in order for an investigation into his personal involvement with the disappearances of the Kengate tapes and the obvious paedophile ring involving politicians and members of the Royal Family to be investigated.
It is clear that Prince Charles, Jimmy Savile, Kenneth Clarke MP and Prime Minister David Cameron are simply the Heads of Department for the paedophile ring and it obviously involves many more people.

We now know for a fact that it involves Parliament, the Royal Family, the entertainment industry and the Metropolitan Police who are all involved in protecting paedophiles, procuring children for paedophiles or being paedophiles.

When is enough, enough?

This whole situation can easily be resolved.

It’s just about the Kengate tapes and there whereabouts? Find the tapes and this matter will be cleared up once and for all.

The very fact that the tapes have been disappeared and the person in Carlton Television who did it just so happens to be now Prime Minister David Cameron who conducted a billion pound corporate takeover of Central Television in order to get hold of the tapes in the first place, speaks for itself.

It appears that David Cameron becoming Prime Minister was a reward by the Bilderberg elite for covering up the paedophile and “Cash for Questions” scandal in the 1990′s.

If once you’ve read this and you still think you live in a democracy…wake up and welcome to the real world.

I’ll leave you with a final word from Detective Constable Ben Lambskin of the Metropolitan Police Paedophile Unit, in attempting to explain the disappearance of the Kengate Tapes, he said “You wouldn’t want that kind of thing out there” .
This is the disturbing story as it appears in;

International Scotland felt this story needed airspace as the allegations are very disturbing and need to be answered or denied by the government. We are all aware the awful bias shown by the BBC and stories like this can only be shared by social media and blogs.


The National

The National – Scotland’s new newspaper



Today is the first day of the NEW Scottish newspaper called THE NATIONAL, which we are advised is not an SNP mouthpiece but it does represent those who’s interests are for an Independent Scotland – it is expected to run for only five days, so grab your copy and see if it will fill that void – it’s cost is fifty pence!



This is one of the most disturbing video’s I have seen in a long time, warning!! if you are a labour supporter you are in for a shock.

This video courtesy of exposes Ed Miliband as nothing more than a robot who gathers his wages with nothing more in his mind but learning script lines before any serious interviews.

International Scotland challenge anyone out there if this video does not disturb them nothing will, or they could be already brainwashed!

After watching this video you begin to realise that all politicians are robots irrespective of which political party they belong to – you may think this is a joke although it is very funny but it brings home the serious situation we are all living with in all political parties!

How can anyone be expected to vote in future, especially the realisation that they are telling whoppers every time they open their mouths – I would suggest;;


We Told You Voting No Was Not Good Option

We Told You Voting No Was Not Good Option.
The people who voted No must be kicking themselves right now, not only will they not be in the union after May they will also be out of Europe.
The YES Campaign went to great lengths as this website also warned of the immense danger of voting NO in that the inherent risk of listening too much to the three amigos and taking the eye off the ball with UKIP.
UKIP is a TORY mark 2 political party they were started by euro-bashers who wanted the Tory party to leave Europe and go-it alone but when they started making ground conservative HQ got cold feet slagged off their leader and now payback is a bitch.
Problem now for these three stupid amigos is we all saw it coming so how come they never, the country is screwed leaving Europe our biggest trading partner is a no brainer, UK PLC won’t survive without them and our Westminster lackies, but now they are too scared to say it in case UKIP wins by a landslide.
SNP is hoping this actually happens and either gets a straight home rule or forces a new referendum on the basis Scotland stays in the European Union.
We then have a strange thing indeed if we voted yes the three amigos said we would get kicked out of Europe, well apart from the alleged vote rigging result we voted no and six months later Scotland still gets kicked out no matter what we wanted and Brussels will be desperate to change their minds on our membership status.
One good thing though UKIP wants Scotland to be free and if we get enough MP’s in Parliament that might happen without another vote whether the NO’s like it or not…
Another thing is certain 40-50 SNP members in Westminster will be very powerful kingmakers and they won’t miss this chance for freedom for our nation and the no-voters have only one chance to stay in the EU and that’s voting for the SNP


NHS interests

NHS will never be safe in any of these hands

NHS in Scotland is under threat from our neighbours South of the border. Although in Scotland we have a robust Scottish Government run by the SNP party we must not let down our guard against those who would wish to see Scotland further involved with private companies who are coming in “in stealth”, with certain departments within our Scottish NHS.

Our neighbours South of the border are having an awful time at present trying to separate one band of rogues from another band of rogues – they simply want “privatisation”, as soon as possible one way or another – whatever direction they intend to go, the patients are the ones who will suffer.

The argument supporting MPs who have no outside interests, either financially directly or indirectly is gathering momentum with regards to personal interest or via private donations to their various political parties.

The list below is an example of MPs who have direct and indirect connection with NHS privatisation plans, or the American planned TTIP – perhaps one of these represents your home area?


Full list of MPs with links to private healthcare firms
Nov 17, 2014 22:52 By Jack Blanchard
and here is the full rundown. Is your MP on there?

‘Dossier of shame’: Clegg, Cameron, Hague, Hunt, Duncan Smith and Lansley are named
1. David Cameron – Prime Minister
Handed a peerage to nursing and care home tycoon Dolar Popat, who has given the Tories more than £200,000 in donations.

2. Andrew Lansley – Former Health Secretary & architect of privatisation
Received a £21,000 donation in Nov 2009 from John Nash, the former chairman of Care UK.

3. Harriet Baldwin – Tory whip
Former executive at JP Morgan, a major player in private healthcare.

4. Greg Barker – former Energy Minister
Held shares in Quester VCT 5 plc ,a venture capital firm with multiple investments in healthcare companies.

5. Henry Bellingham
Former director of Lansdowne Advisory Ltd, which has shares in private healthcare company Circle.

6. Jake Berry
Has registered interests in legal firm Squire Patton Boggs, which workd with multiple NHS trusts on PFI and PPP programs.

7. Graham Brady
Former advisor to PA Consulting, a management consultancy company which has worked with the NHS’s new Clinical Commissioning Groups.

8. Simon Burns – former Health Minister
Attended an oncology conference paid for by Aventis Pharma – a five-day trip to the US funded by a leading drug firm.

9. Nick de Bois
Was the majority shareholder in Rapier Design Group, an events management company heavily involved with the private medical and pharmaceutical industries.

10. Steve Brine
Received almost £15,000 in donations from James Lupton, the chairman of investment bankers, Greenhill Europe which has a global network of corporate relationships in the healthcare sector.

11. Aidan Burley
Received six bottles of wine from Hitachi consultants for a speech in 2011. Hitachi Consulting UK built an online ‘portal’ for NHS commissioners to help them monitor performance.

12. Damian Collins
Spent almost a decade working for marketing agency M&C Saatchi, whose clients include PPP healthcare, AXA insurance, Astrazeneca, Pfizer and Merck

13. David Davis – former shadow home secretary
Received a payment of £4,250 for a six-hour speaking engagement for private health insurance company Aviva.

14. Jonathan Djanogly
Received £1,900 from Huntleigh Healthcare Ltd, which manufactures medical and orthopaedic equipment and instruments.

15. Richard Drax
Received £14,000 in a series of donations from Derek Luckhurst, chief executive and owner of care home group Agincare.

16. Iain Duncan-Smith – Work and Pensions Secretary
Has shares in hygiene technology company Byotrol plc, which sells products to the NHS.

17. Philip Dunne
Was a non-executive director for investment firm Baronsmead VCT 4 plc, which had multiple investments in private healthcare companies.

18. Michael Fallon – Defence Secretary
Former director of Attendo AB, – a Swedish private health company.

19. Mark Field
Was a board advisor to Ellwood and Atfield; a recruitment firm which recruit for NHS positions and private healthcare.

20. Liam Fox – former Defence Secretary
Received £5,000 from investment company IPGL Ltd, who purchased healthcare pharma company Cyprotex.

21. George Freeman
Has shares in Hill House Assets Ltd, formally private health firm 4D Biomedical Ltd.

22. Mike Freer
Provided marketing advice to Care Matters, a financial planning company for care homes.

23. Richard Fuller
Worked for L.E.K consulting, which has six ‘partners’ in European healthcare.

24. Richard Graham
Received £3,000 from asset manager Crispin Odey, a major investor in Circle.

25. William Hague – Leader of the Commons
Received a £20,000 donation from MMC Ventures, which parts owns The Practice plc which runs 60 GP surgeries.

26. Philip Hammond – Foreign Secretary
Beneficiary of a trust which owns a controlling interest in healthcare and nursing home developer Castlemead Ltd.

27. Mark Harper
Received £5,000 from asset manager Crispin Odey, a major investor in Circle.

28. Nick Herbert
Received £15,000 in donations from Caroline Nash, wife of former Care UK chairman John Nash.

29. Jeremy HuntHealth Secretary
Received £32,920 from hedge fund baron Andrew Law, a major investor in healthcare firms.

30. Margot James
Had a key role at marketing giant WPP Group, which had a long list of healthcare clients.

31. Sajid Javid – Culture Secretary
Received £11,000 from Moundsley Healthcare Ltd last year.

32. Jo Johnson – Downing Street policy adviser
Received £6,000 from asset manager Crispin Odey, a major investor in Circle.

33. Kwarsi Kwateng
Worked as an analyst for for Crispin Odey’s hedge fund Odey Asset Management.

34. Mark Lancaster
Former adviser to property venture capital firm Company Palmer Capital Partners Ltd, a funder of Danescroft Commercial Developments, which has worked in the healthcare sector.

35. Dr Phillip Lee
Has worked as a freelance or Medical Solutions Ltd, which provided medical cover for events.

36. Oliver Letwin – former shadow chancellor
Was a non-executive director of N.M. Rothschild Corporate Finance Ltd, which invests heavily in healthcare.

37. Peter Lilley
Non-Executive director of management software firm Idox plc, which provides services to the NHS Health Libraries Group and NHS Education for Scotland.

38. Tim Loughton
Received £350 for training sessions with Cumberlege Connections, a political networking firm that works “extensively” with the pharmaceutical industry.

39. Mary Macleod
Was a senior executive at Andersen Consulting/Accenture, which has profited from big PFI deals.

40. Francis Maude – Cabinet Office Secretary
Was a director of PR firm Huntsworth plc, which was part of lobbying group Healthcare Communications Association.

41. Maria Miller – former Culture Secretary
Former director of Grey’s Advertising Ltd, an advertising and brand company which worked extensively with clients in the healthcare sector.

42. Andrew Mitchell – former International Development Secretary
Was a strategy adviser to global management firm Accenture, which has worked extensively with private healthcare companies and the NHS.

43. Penny Mordaunt – Communities Minister
Worked for lobbying firm Hanover, where she had a range of healthcare clients.

44. Brooks Newmark – former Charities Minister
Partner in the Allele Fund, which invests in healthcare startups.

45. Jesse Norman
Received £5,000 from asset manager Crispin Odey, a major investor in Circle.

46. Stephen O’Brien
Received payments totalling £40,000 from Julian Schild, whose family made £184million in 2006 by selling hospital bed-makers Huntleigh Technology.

47. George Osborne – Chancellor
Received donation through Conservative Campaign Headquarters from Julian Schild – see above.

48. Priti Patel – Treasury Minister
Worked for lobbying firm Weber Shandwick, which does PR for big healthcare and pharmaceutical firms.

49. John Redwood – former Cabinet Minister
Advised the private equity company which runs Pharmacy2u, the UK’s largest dedicated internet and mail order pharmacy.

50. Jacob Rees-Mogg
Partner of Somerset Capital Management LLP, which has healthcare investor Redwood Emerging Markets Dividend Income Fund as a client.

51. Sir Malcolm Rifkind – former Foreign Secretary
Chairman of advisory board at L.E.K. Consulting LLP, which helps private healthcare firms identify “new business development” and “opportunities with the Government”.

52. Amber Rudd – Energy Minister
Received £3,000 from hedge fund baron Andrew Law, a major investor in healthcare firms.

53. David Ruffley
Received £10,000 in donations from Caroline Nash, wife of former Care UK chairman John Nash.

54. Mark Simmonds – former Foreign Minister
Was paid £50,000 a year as a “strategic adviser” to Circle Health.

55. Chris Skidmore
Received £3,500 for speeches to STAC Consultancy, which specialises in the launch of pharmaceutical products.

56. Julian Smith
Received a £2,500 donation from Principle Healthcare Ltd in September 2014.

57. Nicholas Soames
Received £2,000 from asset manager Crispin Odey, a major investor in Circle.

58. John Stanley
Consultant on financial services to FIL Investment Management Ltd, which invests in healthcare.

59. Andrew Tyrie – select committee chairman
Attended the Ryder Cup as Secretary of the Parliamentary Golf Society, with travel and accommodation paid for by U.S. healthcare services company Humana Europe.

60. Robin Walker:
His office received a £2,000 donation from Redwood Care Homes, which owns multiple care homes.

61. David Willetts – former Universities Minister
Has shares in Sensortec, a company that owns Vantix which was working on a contract for a new product to detect MRSI.

62. Rob Wilson
Had registered shares in Vital Imaging, a private screening company.

63. Tim Yeo
Also attended the 2008 Ryder Cup, courtesy of Humana Europe.

64. Nadhim Zahawi
Non-executive director of recruitment company SThree, which specialises in the Ppharmaceutical and biotechnology sector.

65. Menzies Campbell – former leader
Non-executive director of Scottish American Investment Company plc, which took over one of the care homes when Southern Cross collapsed.

66. Vince Cable – Business Secretary
Received a donation of £2,000 from Chartwell Care Services, which is 100% owned by Chartwell Health & Care PLC. It also owns Chartwell Private Hospitals plc, which provide day case surgery to NHS patients.

67. Nick Clegg – Deputy Prime Minister
Received a donation to his constituency office for £5,000 from Alpha Medical Consultancy.

68. Simon Hughes – Justice Minister
Received £60,000 donation to his constituency party from the founder of Alpha Hospitals, a private hospital firm.

69. Stephen Lloyd
MP for Eastbourne. Received £544.92 aggregated over time for office equipment from Platon Medical Ltd – who provides Ear, Nose and throat devices.

70. Robert Smith
Has shares in pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline.

71. Jo Swinson – Business Minister
Received a donation of £2,000 September 2013 from private optician firm, Peter Ivins Eye Care.

Story line list courtesy of the Mirror

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