BBC BIAS AGAINST SCOTLAND is alive and kicking in 2014.

Scotland has been educated in the politics and policies of the BBC controllers especially after the Sept 18th 2014 independence vote.

Two years before the independence vote Scots watching political programmes or the many political discussions on any of the BBC channels couldn’t miss the bias displayed by both the interviewers and the coverage. Many of the interviewers displayed downright rudeness towards anything in favour of the Scottish independence vote or those different MPs who attempted to suggest independence.

It’s bad enough watching “Question Time”, which is pre-directed towards certain selected questions which in most cases can only get pre-set answers irrespective of who or whom asks them, with the chair getting twisted pleasure from cutting them off half way through their pre-selected answer.

At no time during the two years before the Scottish independence did I ever witness an interview or political programme which discussed Scotland’s future be fair or untouched with bios against Scotland’s independence.

We are informed that the BBC receives over £300million from Scotland each year, so lets take a little look at what is being paid for;
We pay for over inflated eggos who are nothing more than glorified interviewers, or awful daytime programming about housebuilding or house sales, in between cooking contests or loose women, with eternal outdated American junk which is on it’s 99th re-run – just remember we are paying an astronomical amount of money for this garbage – I wonder exactly how many viewers would truly request this rubbish day in day out – who are these unknown viewers who make up our gut wrenching programming for us, are they related to those working in the BBC or are they imaginary viewers who fit an imaginary slot.

The amazing thing is that the BBC programmes like comedy, films, nature stand head and shoulders above most other channels, and I think most would agree.

Lets now look at the BBC radio, BBC radio 1, BBC radio 2, BBC radio 3, BBC radio 4, BBC radio 5 – yes! we also pay our contribution for this lot as well.
An example of what goes on; before the Scottish referendum I listened on the radio 4 afternoon programme about how much it was expected to cost the Scottish government to set up an independent Country – the news quoted; X amount of millions – straight after the news that day we had a college professor very angry about the X amount which was quoted on the news – it turned out that this actual professor had been commissioned by the Westminster government to find out exactly how much it was going to cost to set up the independent Scottish government – what had happened was the Westminster Government had been given the figure by the professor and his team, and the Westminster government then multiplied it by twelve fold – ie; twelve times the actual costing quoted by the professor and his team.
The BBC national news, which goes out Worldwide on BBC World at six o’clock about an hour after the BBC Radio 4 interview quoted to everybody the original figure inflated twelve times, so many millions must have heard these blatant lies all over the World.
I believe these lies influenced many voters in the independence vote as newspapers and media covered the lies time and time again for days until the professors truth came out and then both the BBC and the newspaper media dropped the whole story, although many were quoting these lies for the whole of the time leading up to the independence vote.
I wrote to the BBC complaining about the lies and how I thought that many millions heard the lies – the BBC made no attempt to correct their blatant lies or withdraw the story, they did not answer my complaint either or acknowledge my letter to them.

The BBC need a complete overhaul; we are paying many millions of pounds to an organisation who care only about their own image – the BBC is outdated and needs an overhaul – it is broken and needs fixing before any other elections come up.
BBC Radio 3 has to be the lowest listeners and caters for practically nobody.

BBC Radio Scotland is supposed to be about Scotland and it’s people – when is someone going to inform Radio Scotland this?
It’s amazing when Scotland’s first minister phoned up a Radio Scotland morning show straightening out an Aberdeen Councillor after the Aberdeen Councillor told the people listening a pack of lies, they couldn’t get rid of the First Minister quick enough – yet on the other hand we got on the morning slot another morning the virtues of eating something which one of them had brought into their studio, they spent more time talking about this unseen and unheard of food than they did reporting the news – to suggest the figure of the £300 million plus going to the BBC is a disgrace, then here is an example of where your money is going.
I have only scratched the surface of the media bios we in Scotland have been forced to endure – I haven’t mentioned the BBC Radio Scotland bios, but as we all now know self preservation is a powerful influence on those working for the BBC in all it’s guises.