Could this be Scotland’s Watergate, Recordgate?

Could this be Scotland’s Watergate, Recordgate?

Deary me, the Daily Record is at sixes and sevens over their World exclusive VOW story published on the 16th of September 2014.

We have reported this outrage of the process for over 4 weeks now and since then Ed the shread and Ming the Ding has since said the VOW is a mocked up job thought up by the DR and it seems Recordgate has been born!

Now the Rev. Stu is on their case aswell asking for email disclosure’s from the three amigos before, during and after the most now despised daily in Scotland amoungst yes voters and now no voters to who feel they have been betrayed and cheated by the daily Slab publication.

Rev. Stu has also been bravely asking the PM an FOI about his actions and that of the other two stodges, FOI’s are a complete waste of time having sent hundreds in our time, you really need to ask 100 questions at the same time so there is no wriggle reply room and with this three they will riggle more than most, just wait and see.

Here is the problem no-one fron the BTG campaign ever though the Scott’s would rise up this quick and demand answers, so the fix guys are well and truely panicing and the normal procedure would be for Editor Foote falling on his sword as any thing other than a made up story would create a re-vote, of-course Foote has put it in his gob by stating it was not their story, really that means it must have been a cunning plan by the three amigos thus breaking the Purduh which meant Westminster or Scottish Government could not offer anything new for 28 days prior to the vote on the 18th!

Oh well if the dont deliver anything new then the purduh was never brought into play and on that they never broke any rules of course they said they did on the VOW but if no one can prove who said what and when the Westminster politicians win again, thats two up and counting.

This only leaves the Daily Recordgate to admit they made it all up themselves which is what will happen and yet again the Tory party will be rejoicing in the fact they blew labours puppet masters out of the water for zero effort.

The only thing left to explain is why they said nothing about before the vote, easy hoodwink the voters first then wait for the backlash later (if it comes at all) and say nothing.

One thing is for sure the next indy vote will produce better journalism or else payback will be just as swift and they know it now like never before.

The YES Campaign is coming under increasing presure internally to do something other than we except everything my lord, in fact get a steamroller and roll over us all just for good measure there’s a good old boy!

Could this be Scotland’s Watergate, Recordgate, it perhaps will be unless Foote gets the rabit out of the bag instead of pushing it in front of the headlights.

I bet this is one story that should have been ignored and left out of the front page.

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