English Tories stirring up hatred for Scotland

English Tories stirring up hatred for Scotland

English Tory party are deliberately stirring up hatred for Scotland by allowing or promoting the burning of an effigy of the Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond in the East Sussex town of Lewes.

It is not enough for the Tory party to cause hardship with austerity, hardship with food banks, possible vote rigging and now we have to suffer in Scotland the brass neck of the Tory led council from England burning effigy’s of our First Minister.

They will be wondering next why the Scots don’t like the English – perhaps a backward glance at this ridiculous story creeping out of England may just give the half wits an idea. What the Tory party seems to miss is the facts that anyone in the East Sussex area who have voted for them are supporting this utter madness, so in theory these English residents have sanctioned the Tory party in their area to be this bigoted towards the Scottish population with total disrespect for our First Minister who was voted in by the majority of Scottish voters. Every single Tory voter in East Sussex town of Lewes is responsible for allowing this to happen – if this had been someone burning a flag which has happened in many British Cities they would have been flung in jail – what is the excuse this has not happened – it is more than a case of small things amuse small minds – those responsible should be facing criminal charges.

The mindless idiots who made the effigy for this mindless purpose are called;

Waterloo Bonfire Society РLewes Bonfire. Waterloo Bonfire Society Limited UK РLimited Company, Company number: 3257422

Their website address to complain to is at;


You may find it is offline at present considering the number of complaints they have received and are likely to receive it may be a some time before they are back on line.