Flood Westminster with SNP and destroy the Red Tories

Flood Westminster with SNP and destroy the Red Tories

There’s going to be a lot of disinformation from sources all over the world which will try to destabilise and demonise SNP and make Alex and Nicola out to be Tartan Tories who are only interested in their own careers and doing secret deals with Westminster.

They know we plan to flood Westminster with SNP and destroy the Red Tories and they know this will accelerate the will and desire for full independence and the chance to declare a UDI in 2016. They will try to divide us and fragment the vote amongst pro-indy parties rather than us focussing solely on the SNP. This will allow Labour to hold onto many more seats than is currently forecast and it will be our own fault.

Don’t fall for it folks. Remember, the press in the UK, US, etc. are totally controlled and against us. They will use all the usual dirty tricks to divide and conquer. Please keep your wits about you – suss out and don’t believe the lies – don’t start fighting amongst ourselves and simply keep focussed on the end goal.

There are many groups and parties and we can retain our identity while uniting under the Yes banner.

Many of us may have to set aside personal beliefs, political leanings etc. for a short time – but this small sacrifice will be worth it when we are declared free and independent and we can then go back to our traditional views and get a government in place that the majority have voted for – a government that will be accountable and who will deliver the society we have dreamed of for generations.

Keep the faith people, keep united and let’s do this! If they can’t divide us, they can’t beat us. Status from Tony M