Labour Offers New Vow

Labour Offers New Vow!

Vote Labour at GE 2015 and I promise to deliver the pre-independent Vow that my London HQ office stated was not real in the first place?

Yet again Ed the Shred comes up with silly talk about how he will implement the Smith Commissions report, first its only a report, when the GE 2015 election takes place not only will New English MP’s not agree with it but their Glorious leader Ed might find he’s no longer leader of the red Tory party.

Of course the SNP might also be sending over 50 MP’s who will be demanding a lot more than is currently been offered therefore its crazy for the unionists to claim we are only going to get what’s currently on offer!

SNP would then have a renewed mandate to seek another referendum on independence whether the UK Government likes it or not, which means they would be under intense pressure to do whatever we as a Scottish nation wanted or the SNP more to the point.

The BBC stated that leaked documents showed Smith was going to recommend full benefit control before it went to the UK cabinet office yet two days later it was removed from his draft report how can anyone trust this commissions findings, Westminster said no you are not on and folks that was that, Smith buckled and remember none of this matters untill after the next election where if no-one votes for the Yasser’s then the NO’s will have it, The No’s will certainly shaft the Scottish people all over again have no doubts about that one? or if you really want to see exactly how the labour party works then watch the Ed Miliband video further down the page from RichPlanet which shows Miliband being manipulated like a puppet.