Labour Party Attacks Press Bias

Labour Party Attacks Press Bias.

Lets all laugh at labour, the Westminster bubble has burst and the very thing that killed Scotland’s dream, for just now has struck at the heart of Labour Head Office.

Would you credit it that Labour is bemoaning that the press has been negetive towards their glorious leader Ed the Shread over the last few days and blaming the estabslishment for doing the dirty on them.

It’s not very surprising the tactics they used on the people of Scotland would be turned on them after all the practice they got only a few months ago!

We say to labour, haha now you know what its like living in a state that is almost total media controlled and we dont want to hear it, you created this yourselves, you saw it in action in Scotland and used it to your advantage without a care and now when it happens to you you scream like little babies, man up, admit your previous failings and corrupt ideas and join us in the real world.

Attacking the BBC for getting at their glourious leader is rich indeed, so here we are one week on that they told us to vote for the red Torries (them) and the country would be saved, em to coin a phrase, NO THANKS!