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Salmond pension to benefit North East charities

Salmond pension to benefit North East charities

Outgoing First Minister and Aberdeenshire East MSP, Alex Salmond, has today (Monday) announced that his First Ministerial pension will be paid to the charitable trust established by him to assist good causes in the North-east of Scotland.

As reported in today’s Evening Express, the pension – worth £42,501 a year – will be paid to the Mary Salmond Trust. The organisation, which is named after Mr Salmond’s late mother, has a particular focus in helping young people and has already distributed more than £92,000 to 239 youth and community organisations or young people since it was established in 2007.

Mr Salmond has decided that for as long as he serves as an MSP to pay his First Ministerial pension into the trust. This is similar to the arrangement he made when serving previously as a dual-mandate MSP/MP between 2007-2010.

Mr Salmond was the first politician to choose not to personally benefit from two parliamentary salaries and now, in donating his pension to charitable causes, he follows the example of former Scottish Parliament Presiding Officer Alex Fergusson MSP, who has made similar arrangements.

The Mary Salmond Trust is administered by three independent trustees, chaired by Aberdeen solicitor and fishing industry leader, Roddy McColl, who consider applications for support.

Mr Salmond said:

“I have already made it clear that I am not retiring from politics and therefore this is the right thing to do. The Mary Salmond Trust has done a great job supporting young people, community and charitable causes across the North-east and I am delighted that this work can now continue into the future.”

MST Trustee, Roddy McColl, said:

“This is tremendous news and will enable the trust to continue its work supporting good causes and charities across the North-east. The trustees are delighted with the standard of application we have received and a great deal of exceptionally good work is being assisted by the grants we have been able to make.”

International Scotland comments;

How many other political leaders have ever done so much for their constituents – a worthy First Minister indeed – thank you Alex Salmond, lang may your lum reek!

Vote For Murphy Get Something For Something

Vote For Murphy Get Something For Something.
Jim Murphy Labour’s answer for a Scottish Branch Manager for the Tory Party if he gets elected.

Apparently he only wants Scottish benefit claimants to get the lowest amount of pay-outs in the western world if they have contributed over many years.

If you were unlucky to be injured or disabled when you were young just forget it, you’re a slacker according to his ideas, if you’re in an area of high depravation you can get very little in the way of comfort either.

This is the old face of New Scottish Labour reinventing the wheel of misery, the Scottish Unions knows this to be true that’s why they won’t back Murph the Smurph anytime soon.

Labour is so out of touch with the Scottish people it’s really scary to watch, is it any wonder people all over Scotland have had enough of them.
Scotland won’t put up with this, what happened to the red flag flying high mob they used to protect the weak, sick and disabled but not anymore.

If this is what’s left of the Scottish Labour Party and they get true Blue Jim Murphy as your new leader, say bye bye for decades to come within Scotland, very few will vote for you and no-one will trust you lot so best vote for the other two left wingers instead.

SNP Should Stand in North England Seats

SNP Should Stand in North England Seats.,

Its not as daft as it sounds, people in the North of England are screaming for someone to represent them in Westminster.

We think it would be a vote winner and if nothing else it will really scare the establishment into giving Scotland its freedom and giving more power to northern English people.

Right now the choices are limited to UKIP or the tried, tested and failed red and blue politics of the past, we have been told many would jump at the chance of voting for something new and exciting and why can’t a Scottish Nationalist not represent a northerner just as well as a Scottish person?

If your from the north of England would you vote SNP if you had a choice?

Labour Party Attacks Press Bias

Labour Party Attacks Press Bias.

Lets all laugh at labour, the Westminster bubble has burst and the very thing that killed Scotland’s dream, for just now has struck at the heart of Labour Head Office.

Would you credit it that Labour is bemoaning that the press has been negetive towards their glorious leader Ed the Shread over the last few days and blaming the estabslishment for doing the dirty on them.

It’s not very surprising the tactics they used on the people of Scotland would be turned on them after all the practice they got only a few months ago!

We say to labour, haha now you know what its like living in a state that is almost total media controlled and we dont want to hear it, you created this yourselves, you saw it in action in Scotland and used it to your advantage without a care and now when it happens to you you scream like little babies, man up, admit your previous failings and corrupt ideas and join us in the real world.

Attacking the BBC for getting at their glourious leader is rich indeed, so here we are one week on that they told us to vote for the red Torries (them) and the country would be saved, em to coin a phrase, NO THANKS!





Breaking news – vote rigging just won’t go away!? Threads from around the social media;

A video is at present doing the rounds – which shows an MP with the Lady at the Police Station, which is on You Tube.

I’m absolutely gutted to hear the news that a friend and organiser of a the massively successful Holyrood Voice of the People rally and Facebook pages just after the referendum has been arrested. “Melissa SNP Moore” was arrested yesterday and charges after being handed ballet papers that were recklessly left by a council bin. Melissa received the papers in front of tens of thousands of campaigners at the rally and posted video evidence on her You tube channel and Facebook pages.
Nervous that the paperwork identifies gaping holes in the state’s case that the referendum wasn’t rigged, the police moved in and arrested the very person who reported the find.
I hope you share my disgust with this. Please share.

Yes campaigners organise a rally at the court case of innocent fellow campaigner Melissa Moore’s in protest at the state bullying campaign attempting to silence the YES voice in Scotland.
Organiser of the massively successful Holyrood Voice of the People rally and Facebook pages, Melissa SNP Moore was arrested yesterday and charges after being handed ballet papers that were recklessly left by a council bin. Melissa received the papers in front of tens of thousands of campaigners at the rally and posted video evidence on her You tube channel and Facebook pages.
Nervous that the paperwork identifies gaping holes in the state’s case that the referendum wasn’t rigged, the police moved in and arrested the very person who reported the find.

Watch this space…:)

UK Government in New EU Shambles

UK Government in New EU Shambles.


We the general public and tax payers of this land are left wondering time after time, what do our politicians get so well paid for?

Last night saw the government at sixes and sevens yet again all over Europe, the Tories well most of them love the EU, no one gives them more freebies and holidays then their opposite numbers in other European governments they have no reason to want to leave that very private gentleman’s club.


Offering you the chance to vote on leaving the EU union is not an option but good PR in face of UKIP pressure.


So we had the mighty Teresa May getting into so much trouble over European Arrest Warrants and fearing a back bench revolt failed to push a vote on it then decided to go on to the regulations part and just scraped through with only 9 votes from defeat shows just how bad both sides of debate is in utter shambles.


If an election was held now and was fair (no vote rigging) UKIP would walk it in England, Scotland would then NOT be in Europe whether it wanted or not and we would still be part of the union who would not give a dam about the north Branch of the UNITED KINGDOM.


Anyone will notice nothing of substance coming out of the smith commission,  is it the calm before the storm?

EU talks snub makes mockery of pledges to Scotland

EU talks snub makes mockery of pledges to Scotland

Please find below the text of a letter from First Minister Alex Salmond to Prime Minister David Cameron, issued late yesterday evening, on the UK Government confirming its refusal to allow Scotland’s Rural Affairs Secretary Richard Lochhead to lead negotiations on behalf of the Scottish fishing industry at key talks today at an EU fisheries council meeting in Brussels.


Dear David,

This afternoon (Sun Nov 9th) I received confirmation via your officials that you are continuing in your refusal to allow Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs, Richard Lochhead, to speak at the meeting of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council tomorrow in Brussels.

It is simply absurd that you are placing the interests of this vital Scottish industry in the hands of an unelected peer, allowing him to make representations on areas in which he has absolutely no experience or prior involvement, rather than the Cabinet Secretary who has over 7 years of experience.

Not only does this break your personal undertakings given in 2010, it makes a total mockery of your more recent pledges to Scotland during the Referendum campaign.

Richard Lochhead will be in Brussels for the Council meeting and remains ready to take on leadership of the delegation in the fisheries talks and only for the fisheries talks.

Your government has already demonstrated why it cannot be relied upon in EU negotiations. I again ask you to redeem your previous undertakings on an area of key importance to Scotland.

Yours sincerely,


Scotland once again being treated like the non democratic Country Westminster MPs and establishment engineered us to remain!

MPs expenses and wages!

MPs expenses and wages!


It’s a must we get rid of those MPs who continually fleece our public purse, check this out;
The basic annual salary for an MP from 1 April 2014 is £67,060. MPs also receive expenses to cover the costs of running an office, employing staff, having somewhere to live in London and in their constituency, and travelling between Parliament and their constituency.
Here is an example of the things an MP can claim for;;

a. utility bills (gas, electricity, other fuel and water);

b. council tax;

c. ground rent and service charges;

d. home contents insurance;

f. purchase, installation and maintenance of routine security measures;

g. installation of a land-line telephone line, line rental and usage charges;

h. installation of a broadband connection and usage charges;

i. connection to a basic, free to air television broadcast package; and

j. the purchase of a television licence

This does not include the majority of their expenses which in some cases inflate their expenses claims to around a quarter of a million pounds!

Flood Westminster with SNP and destroy the Red Tories

Flood Westminster with SNP and destroy the Red Tories

There’s going to be a lot of disinformation from sources all over the world which will try to destabilise and demonise SNP and make Alex and Nicola out to be Tartan Tories who are only interested in their own careers and doing secret deals with Westminster.

They know we plan to flood Westminster with SNP and destroy the Red Tories and they know this will accelerate the will and desire for full independence and the chance to declare a UDI in 2016. They will try to divide us and fragment the vote amongst pro-indy parties rather than us focussing solely on the SNP. This will allow Labour to hold onto many more seats than is currently forecast and it will be our own fault.

Don’t fall for it folks. Remember, the press in the UK, US, etc. are totally controlled and against us. They will use all the usual dirty tricks to divide and conquer. Please keep your wits about you – suss out and don’t believe the lies – don’t start fighting amongst ourselves and simply keep focussed on the end goal.

There are many groups and parties and we can retain our identity while uniting under the Yes banner.

Many of us may have to set aside personal beliefs, political leanings etc. for a short time – but this small sacrifice will be worth it when we are declared free and independent and we can then go back to our traditional views and get a government in place that the majority have voted for – a government that will be accountable and who will deliver the society we have dreamed of for generations.

Keep the faith people, keep united and let’s do this! If they can’t divide us, they can’t beat us. Status from Tony M

Murph the Smurph Next Scotttish Labour Leader

Murph the Smurph Next Scottish Labour Leader.

It shows just how desperate the Labour party north and south that Murphy is the only candidate worth considering.

Of course he’s not the best by a long shot but as no-one else wants to be a leader of a party that can’t even guarantee winning their own seat.

Polling has shown labour voters are so fed up with their lot they have very little idea themselves who should take over the reins.

Gordon the liar Brown seems to be their best bet but he’s done his bit for queen and Westminster that he won’t want to be reminded every day of the deeds he has done for the next five years so he’s out of the running as well besides the SNP would love to have him to focus Scott’s voters minds on.



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