This was first mentioned 4 days ago that the Labour party in Scotland was controled by an ultra right wing of Scottish Labour.

Scottish left wingers have claimed it was the network that got rid of JoLa as they were unhappy from day one she was ever elected to start with and have done so much to undermine her since left her no choice but to resign as Scottish labour leader.

It has been claimed that Murphy “SMURF” is a member of this right wing NETWORK.’

This Network is highly secretive group our insiders knows it is real but very few know how many members there are?

If Murphy is elected and the right of the party takes over in Scotland would the tartan torries dump the consertives in favour of the labour branch of Westminster to stop the Nats from complete control in Scotland or balance of power at General Election if the vote is not as rigged as before remains to be seen.

If the now discredited VOW from the Daily Ranger on the 16th of September is not honoured in full it does not matter how right wing they are they will get very little support at the Scottish ballot box.